Matt and Mike’s Favorites from 2022


Matt’s Top 10
Lords of the Trident – The Offering
Soilwork — Övergivenheten
Arch Enemy — Deceivers
The Halo Effect – Days of the Lost
Allegaeon — Damnum
Casket Robbery — Rituals of Death
Wilderun — Epigone
Revocation – Netherheaven
Decapitated — Cancer Culture
Persefone — Metanoia

Matt’s Honorable Mentions
Megadeth – The Sick…The Dying…The Dead
Queensryche – Digital Noise Alliance
Lamb of God – Omens
Obsidious – Iconic
Jungle Rot — A Call To Arms
Psycroptic – Divine Council
Amorphis – Halo
Fit for an Autopsy – Oh What The Future Holds
Dream Widow – Dream Widow EP
Mors Principium Est – The Lust Called Knowledge
Clutch – Sunrise On Slaughter Beach
Exordium Mors – As Legends Fade And Gods Die
Kreator – Hate Über Alles
Misery Index – Complete Control
Epica – The Alchemy Project
Blind Guardian – The God Machine
Soreption – Dod Jord
Darkane – Inhuman Spirits

Mike’s Top 10
Arch Enemy — Deceivers
Decapitated — Cancer Culture
Amorphis – Halo
Allegaeon — Damnum
Belphegor — The Devils
Psycroptic – Divine Council
Revocation – Netherheaven
Queensryche – Digital Noise Alliance
Goatwhore — Angels Hung from the Arches of Heaven
Casket Robbery — Rituals of Death

Mike’s Honorable Mentions
Persefone — Metanoia
Megadeth – The Sick…The Dying…The Dead
Watain — The Agony Ecstasy of Watain
Dark Funeral — We Are The Apocalypse
Werewolves — From the Cave to the Grave
Soilwork — Övergivenheten
Lords of the Trident – The Offering
Sigh — Shiki
Fallujah – Empyrean
Sumerlands — Dreamkiller
The Halo Effect – Days of the Lost
Ripped to Shreds – Jubian
Lamentations — Passion Of Depression
Tallah – The Generation Of Danger
Hyper Mass – Empyrean

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 7/18/22

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 7/18/22

Artist — Album — Label
1) Exocrine — The Hybrid Suns — Unique Leader
2) Besieged — Violence Beyond All Reason — Unspeakable Axe
3) Alestorm — Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum — Napalm
4) Dead By Wednesday — Capital Conspiracy — Mindsnap Music
5) Cage Fight — Cage Fight — Candlelight
6) Corvus Corax — Era Metallum — MNRK
7) Werewolves — From the Cave to the Grave — Prosthetic
8) Darkane — Inhuman Sprits — Massacre
9) Intoxicated — Watch You Burn — Seeing Red
10) Municipal Waste — Electrified Brain — Nuclear Blast
11) Greylotus — Downfall — The Artisan Era
12) Organectomy — Nail Below Nail — Unique Leader
13) Vomit Forth — Seething Malevolence — Century Media
14) Blackwater Drowning — Sonder//Satori — Self Released
15) Sentient Horror — Rites of Gore — Redefining Darkness
16) Inhuman Condition — Fearsick — Listenable Insanity
17) Deathbringer — It — Unique Leader
18) The Machinist — All Is Not Well — Prosthetic
19) Celestial Wizard — Winds of The Cosmos — Self Released
20) Plague Years — All Will Suffer — MNRK

Top 5 Adds
1) Witchery — Nightside — Century Media
2) Imperial Triumphant — Spirit of Ecstasy — Century Media
3) Source of Rage — Witness The Mess — Metalville
4) Graveshadow — The Uncertain Hour — M-Theory Audio
5) Tombs — Ex Oblivion — Season of Mist

Other Adds/Reviewed: Oceans of Slumber, Balls Gone Wild, Villain of the Story, Karl Sanders, Reternity, King’s X (single), Critical Defiance, Excalibur, Steel Cage, Castrato, Disturbed (single), Voyager (single), Teethgrinder, Void Rot, Rotheads, Sedimentum, Ceremonial Worship, Voluntary Mortifcation, Saint Asonia, Eternal Drak, Necro Weasel

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 3/14/2022 (2002 Pledge Drive Theme Show)

Playlist Title / Mosh Pit
DJ Name / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Playlist Start Date / Mar 14, 2022
Playlist Start Time / 11:00:00 PM
Playlist End Time / 2:00:00 AM

Artist / Song / Release / Label
Symphony X / Wicked / The Odyssey / Inside Out Music
DIO / Better In The Dark / Killing The Dragon / ?
Primal Fear / Black Sun / Black Sun / ?
Dream Theater / The Glass Prison / Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence / ?
Rush / One Little Victory / Vapor Trails / Atlantic
Porcupine Tree / Blackest Eyes / In Absentia / Lava/Atlantic
Blind Guardian / Battlefield / A Night at the Opera / ?
Between the Buried and Me / Arsonist / Between the Buried and Me / ?
Pain Of Salvation / Rope Ends / Remedy Lane / Inside Out Music
Soilwork / As We Speak / Natural Born Chaos / Nuclear Blast Americ
In Flames / Trigger / Reroute to Remain / Nuclear Blast
Dark Tranquillity / Damage Done / Damage Done / ?
Terror 2000 / Faster Disaster / Faster Disaster / Nuclear Blast
Opeth / Wreath / Deliverance / ?
Amon Amarth / 04 Versus the World / Versus The World / ?
Bolt Thrower / Inside The Wire / Honour Valour Pride / Metal Blade
Behemoth / As Above So Below / 2002 Zos Kia Cultus / ?
Satyricon / Repined Bastard Nation / Volcano / ?
Meshuggah / Rational Gaze / Nothing / Nuclear Blast
The Crown / Crowned In Terror / Crowned In Terror / Metal Blade
Vader / The Nomad / Revelations / ?
Hatebreed / I Will Be Heard / Perseverance / Universal
Shadows Fall / Destroyer of Senses / The Art of Balance / Lifeforce
Killswitch Engage / Life to Lifeless / Alive or Just Breathing (Special Edition) / Roadrunner Records
All That Remains / Follow / Behind Silence And Solitude / ?
Demon Hunter / Turn Your Back And Run / Demon Hunter / ?
Mastodon / March Of The Fire Ants / Remission – Reissue / Relapse
Superjoint Ritual / Fuck Your Enemy / Use Once And Destroy / @2002 Sanctuary Records (USA/UK) [82310-70001-2/MISCD021]
Down / Stained Glass Cross / Down II: A Bustle In Your Hedgerow / Elektra
Black Label Society / Demise of Sanity / 1919 Eternal / ?
Coal Chamber / Fiend / Dark Days / Roadrunner
Otep / Blood Pigs / Sevas Tra / ?
Bongzilla / Greenthumb / Gateway / ?
Brand New Sin / My World / Brand New Sin / ?
Rob Halford / Betrayal / Crucible / ?
Soulfly / Downstroy / 3 / ?
Immortal / 01 One By One / Sons Of Northern Darkness / Nuclear Blast
Cattle Decapitation / I Eat Your Skin / To Serve Man / ?
Cannibal Corpse / Pit Of Zombies / Gore Obsessed [Limited EU Edition] / ?
KATAKLYSM / Chronicles Of The Damned / Shadows & Dust / ?
Nile / Sarcophogus / In Their Darkened Shrines / ?

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 2/28/2022

Playlist Title / Mosh Pit
DJ Name / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Playlist Start Date / Feb 28, 2022
Playlist Start Time / 11:00:00 PM
Playlist End Time / 2:00:00 AM

Artist / Song / Release / Label
Pantera / Fucking Hostile / Vulgar Display Of Power / ATCO Records, Rhino Records (2)
Allegaeon / Vermin / Damnum / Metal Blade
Tralineate / Babylon / Parasites / Self-Released
Vomitory / Rebirth Of The Grotesque / Carnage Euphoria / Metal Blad (SPV)
Torture Killer / Obsessed with Homicide / Swarm! / ?
Kataklysm / It Turns to Rust / In the Arms of Devastation / ?
Dying Fetus / Devout Atrocity / Reign Supreme / Relapse
Fetal Blood Eagle / 02 Hate Fucked Face / Indoctrinate / Listenable
Slob / Squeal Like A Pig / Deepwoods Shack Of Sodomy / Comatose Music
Hath / The Million Violations / All That Was Promised / Willowtip
Immolation / The Age Of No Light / Acts Of God / Nuclear Blast Records
Near Death Condition / Astral Journey / Ascent From The Mundane / Unique Leader Records
Nyr Gata / Himmels Fall / Luna Aeterna / Nahetal Klangschmiede
Shape Of Despair / Dissolution / Return To The Void / Season Of Mist
Napalm Death / People Pie (Slab! Cover) / Resentment Is Always Seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes / Century Media Records
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life / Sickness In Seattle / The Last Ten Seconds Of Life / Unique Leader Records
Embryonic Devourment / Kathy O’brian / Heresy Of The Highest Order / Unique Leader Records
Troglodyte / What’s Eating You / The Hierarchical Ecological Succession: Welcome To The Food Chain / Blood Blast Distribution
Ghost Toast / Leaders / Shade Without Color / Inverse
Guillotine A.d. / Hammer / Hammer (Single) / M-Theory Audio
Embryonic Autopsy / Craving Of The Mutated Fetus / Prophecies Of The Conjoined / Massacre Records
Once Human / Scar Weaver / Scar Weaver / Earmusic
Venom Prison / Pain Of Oizys / Erebos / Century Media Records
Trip Villain / Won / Won / Self Released
Vio-Lence / Screaming Always / Let The World Burn / Metal Blade
Schizophrenia / Cranial Disintegration / Recollections Of The Insane / Redefining Darkness
Pantera / Regular People (Conceit) / Vulgar Display Of Power / ATCO Records, Rhino Records (2)
Generation Kill / Rat King / Mkultra / Blood Blast Records
Coheed And Cambria / The Liars Club / Vaxis Ii: A Window Of The Waking Mind / Roadrunner
Amorphis / A New Land / Halo / Atomic Fire Records
Persefone / Anabasis Pt2 / Metanoia / Napalm Records
Abysmal Dawn / Bewitched / Nightmare Frontier / Season Of Mist
Virgin Idol / Don’t Touch The Flame / Virgin Idol / Self Released
Hammerfall / Hammer Of Dawn / Hammer Of Dawn / Napalm Records
Sabaton / Soldier Of Heaven / The War To End All Wars / Nuclear Blast
Arjen Lucassen’s Star One / Back From The Past / Revel In Time / Insideout
Saxon / Supernova / Carpe Diem / Silver Lining Music
The Flower Kings / World Gone Crazy / By Royal Decree (Dsc 1) / Insideout
Dagoba / Bellflower Drive / By Night / Napalm Records
Voivod / Mind Clock / Synchro Anarchy / Century Media Records
Crowbar / Chemical Godz / Zero And Below / Mnrk Heavy
Midnight / Telepathic Nightmare / Let There Be Witchery / Metal Blade
Gutterfire / This Is Fine / Chill / Wormholedeath
Mystic Circle / Hell Demons Rising / Mystic Circle / Atomic Fire Records
Sanhedrin / Correction / Lights On / Metal Blade
Oh Hiroshima / All Things Pass / Myriad / Napalm Records

New Stuff This Week… 12/6/2021

——————-Dec 6 ———————-
Omega Alive
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 3 December 2021
Live performance of their latest album, of course it sounds crisp and clear, but maybe with a bit more energy… need to see them again!

Cult of Luna
Cold Burn – radio single
Metal Blade Records
11 February 2022
9 minute epic of doomy post metal and melodic death goodness.

fast forward
Arising Empire
Release date: Friday, December 3rd 2021
Hardcore/ metalcore, big meaty sound, makes you want to slam it in the pit.

Artist: Skat Injector
Release title: Bled Under A Burning Sky
Label: Slime City Records
Release Date: 01-12-2021
Industrial noise, a bit too much and too fast on the drum machine… and a bit of an experimental post-something

Genocide Pact
Genocide Pact
Release date: Friday, December 3rd 2021
Meaty and brutal groovin’ death metal. cool stuff !

Death on a Pale Horse
Season of Mist
26 November 2021
Epic proggy power metal with a nice heavy edge to it, while having symphonic epic stuff going on too. neat stuff!

Siren Head (single) (released Nov 8th)
8 November 2021
Brutal death metal, then melodic death, brutal harsh vox, then some super clean female vox, quite dynamic… would like to hear more!

Temple Of Haal
Release date: Friday, December 3rd 2021
Farily classic straightforward metal.

Some basic metal with harsh vox, a melodic groove musically

A little stoner/alternative rock/metal type stuff.

Pretty straightforward black metal, punishing, cold, harsh and brutal.

Fleshborer Soulflayer
10 December 2021
This band is not messing around… I’d say this is blackened death… some of that harsh darkness along with brutal death metal… wall of metal sound! Cool stuff!!!

Hassle Records
10 December 2021
Instrumental stoner metal, cool stuff, laid back in parts, a bit proggy in others. decent stuff.

Rat King
Santa Hipocresi?a
Within The Mind Records
10 December 2021
Brutal death metal, catchy heavy cool stuff!!

Redefining Darkness Records
10 December 2021
Brutal death metal with a pinch of blackened metal, some thrashy catchy grooves too… overall, great stuff!

Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues [remastered]
XENOKORP Kvlt Series
10 December 2021
Old school raw black/death metal, I am assuming this is a remaster from an early release. decent stuff.

You’ll Never Know Pleasure… [25th anniversary remastered reissue]
XENOKORP Kvlt Series
10 December 2021
Same as above, raw old school brutal death metal, and yeah, Brutal!

Brutal in your face death metal… did I mention brutal? YES BRUTAL.

Reveal! (Sweden)
Sepulchral Voice
10 December 2021
This has a primarily black metal feel, but a bit different, a kind of an epic melodic stoner groove going on. cool stuff.

As with most stuff on this label… BRUTAL upon brutal death metal.

Cadaveric Fumes
Echoing Chambers of Soul CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
10 December 2021
Dirty brutal death metal pushing a little into black metal evilness

Nuclear Winter
10 December 2021
Blackeened brutal death metal and as with a lot of stuff lately, a smidge of a black metal coldness

Rope Sect
Proskynesis 10″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
10 December 2021
A bit of an acoustic atmospheric – doom / alt rock thing… probably not for the Mosh Pit

Black Cilice
Tomb Emanations 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
10 December 2021
After hearing this… man, very LOUD. LOUD. Noise, lo-fi, LOUD sounds… this is music?

Rökkr (U.S.)
Chaos Records
10 December 2021
Doomy and catchy, harsh cookie monster type vocals, some great grooves… good stuff.

Psilocybe Larvae
Where Silence Dwells
Fono Ltd / Red Rivet Records
10 December 2021
Doomy melodic death… a bit of a goth ish sound, mostly harsh vox

Thirty Fates
Circus Black – Out Dec 10th
Rockshots Records
10 December 2021
Pretty straightforward power metal/classic metal. clean vox, big pipes, cool melodies and a little grit.

Malignant Altar
Realms of Exquisite Morbidity
Dark Descent Records
10 December 2021
Brutal old school death metal, with some technicality to it… pretty cool stuff.

Artist: i Helvete
Release title: Sinisten Puiden Niitty
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 26-11-2021
This fits in a few molds… melodic blackened death, a little goth and prog, overall, pretty decenet.

Artist: Rage Of Light
Release title: Redemption
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 08-12-2021
Melodic death and some extreme stuff, a bunch of prog/power metal too, they say “trance metal” too, I’d say that’s the techno-like keyboard accents… overall pretty cool stuff!

A Trinity of Rage (EP) – Out Dec 10th
10 December 2021
Brutal yet groovin’ and catchy technical and melodic death metal cool stuff.

Artist: Malum Mortuus
Release title: The Unwilling Sacrifice
Label: Imperial Darkness Records
Release Date: 31-10-2020
Old school black metal, dark, cold, evil. a little more on the death metal side since there aren’t a bunch of super cold meedly guitars

Ravens Flight
Dec 17
Female fronted epic power metal with some alternating harsh vox.

Curse of Eibon
Journey Into Madness
Self Released
raw metal, throwback to the say, like Venom of the early 90’s

Artist: Lightchapter
Release title: It All Ends Tonight
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 15-10-2021
Melodic death metal with a mix of prog and groove metal going on… cool stuff!

Title: Teutonic Beat
Release date: November 26th, 2021
They say it’s “Death Metal / Crust Punk” and yeah, I can hear it… primarily classic groovin’ death metal with an overall punky feel.

Artist: Existem
Release title: Searching for Clarity
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 10-09-2021
A kind of melodic death/prog metal, some growls, mostly classic “normal” prog metal stuff. decent!

Artist: Hellfrost
Release title: Dark Ages
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 01-10-2021
Crusty classic metal, some harsh-ish vox, a bit hardcore, melodic, just lots of different stuff going on, and it’s all metal.

Hell Machine
Relentless Aggression
27 November 2021
Classic old school thrash with a heavier edge. cool stuff!

Band: Blacklore
Album: Legend of the Lich Pirate I.
Self Released
Release date: November 15th, 2021
A bit of a classic metal, an old school pirate metal feel, female vox

Release title: ASTRAL BLISS
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 01-10-2021
“Progressive black death metal” Yup, it’s got a great catchy groove, while being harsh and technical too… great stuff!

Nuclear Winter
10 December 2021
Dark brutal death metal, with yeah, some black metal leanings.

Scars Of Solitude
If These Walls Could Talk
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date (CD/Digital): November 26th 2021
Alternative type “metal” rock type stuff. A bit gothy

Release title: Agents of the Wolf Age
Release Date: 22-11-2021
Brutal wall of sound blackened death, all up in your face!

Concrete Winds
Nerve Butcherer
Sepulchral Voice
26 November 2021
Fast and furious blackened death or mega super extreme thrash… not too bad

Laid back doomy rock, very chill – post-metal ish.

New Stuff This Week… 10/25/2021

Well, officially DT is my favorite band and when they have new material, I will always like it… This album is the best since their last one! It’s got all of the crazy overplaying and well, this one is mastered by andy sneap, so everything sounds crisp, clear and probably the best drum sound Mangini has had since joining the band. Thumbs up of course.

Vanishing Point
Riot Records
A bit hardcore with a melodic punky sound

A bit of a classic metal with a bit more of an edge and clean female vox mixed with some harsh brutal vox too… It’s pretty cool how it flips around genres in single songs, some groove metal, to melodic death to Judas Priest-esque riffage.

Metal Blade Records
29 October 2021
Technical, brutal, progressive and dynamic… these guys up their game with every album!

Trip Villain
“The Villain”
Self Released
a kind of tripping grooving almost alternative techno… but with a drony grunge thing going on.

Beast In Black
Dark Connection
Nuclear Blast
29 October 2021
Here’s a modern metal/power metal type thing. A bit of keyboard and electronic base, with a classic power metal sound with an epic sing-a-long thing going on.

A Dying Wish
Napalm Records
Melodic blackend death metal, some great instrumental passages and the vox are pretty low in the mix, I thought it was all instrumental at first… the vox just fit right in, harsh, but not overpowering or weird. just right… technical, progressive musically good stuff!

Ad Infinitum
Chapter II Legacy
Napalm Records
melodic female fronted metal, a bit symphonic, general power metal type stuff.

Lucifer IV
Century Media Records
Melodic doomy female fronted hard rock

Everything Louder Forever
A Motorhead very best of compilation… if you don’t have all of the best of Motorhead already… this is the one! An excuse to play motorhead? sure!

Napalm Records
I’d say this is primarily melodic death, a heavy edge with melodic parts rounding it out.
First Fragment
Gloire Eternelle
Unique Leader Records
Unlike most of the other stuff on this label, this isn’t full on deathcore brutal. It’s got a neoclassical speedy guitar. This is more of an extreme thrash (at least on this first single)

Knocked Loose
A Tear In The Fabric Of Life
Pure Noise Records
Brutal groovin’ death metal. with a bit of a djenty deathcore thing

The 1.21 Gigawatts Club
Scarlet Records
15 October 2021
Big voice, big epic sound of power metal. Cool stuff.

Nuclear Blast
22 October 2021
Brutal death metal… I don’t this band has done anything half ass. Catchy, brutal classic death metal. Great stuff.

Collapse By Design
SharpTone Records
22 October 2021
Deathcore, technical, harsh, brutal, catchy… even a bit of melodic stuff too. cool!!

The Pineapple Thief
Nothing But The Truth
22 October 2021
Classic prog rock. has a bit of a Porcupine Tree sound/style and their drummer as of 2017 is former PTree drummer Gavin Harrison. Cool stuff.

Fairly laid back gothy doom rock.

Majestic Dissolve
Memento Mori / Rotted Life
25 October 2021
Heavy blackened death metal, great technical and brutal, and even a bit thrashy too… cool stuff!

Field of Nightmares
Oct 25
Classic old school thrash/speed metal. Fast and face melting riffs with some groovin’ evilness.

Mind Manipulation
Redefining Darkness Records
29 October 2021
Great stuff here… deathy thrash metal, catchy, kind of brutal, and just overall good headbanging goodness!

Willowtip Records
29 October 2021
Melodic, progressive death / deathcore with a little stoner stuff too

Nuclear Death
Harmony Drinks of Me
Moribund Records
29 October 2021
Kind of a classic rock, maybe doom/laid back stoner rock… clean Robert Plant-esque vox.

Pandimensional Gnosis
Moribund Records
29 October 2021
Classic old school black metal, atmospheric, dark, cold, evil, haunting and yeah, long songs too.

The Mutiny
Release date: Friday, October 29, 2021
Prog metal with catchy and maybe a Faith No More type groove to it… cool stuff.

Inner Gateways To The Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos
Everlasting Spew Records
29 October 2021
Long album name, long song titles… long songs! Doomy death/black metal, dark, sludgey in parts, cold and meaty… not “harsh” like classic black metal.

David Reece
Blacklist Utopia
El Puerto Records
29 October 2021
Classic metal, clean vox, a bit of a 90’s AOR sound. Catchy cool stuff.

Separate Mind From Flesh
Seeing Red Records
29 October 2021
Classic basic death metal. A pinch of a thrashy groove metal going on. Cool stuff.

The Design Abstract
Metemtechnosis – Out Oct 29th
Abstrakted Records
29 October 2021
This has a melodic death sort of metalcore thing happening, but more death and groove too.

Nightmare Lord (CD, LP, TAPE)
29 October 2021
Blackened extreme thrash is about as easy as I can describe this. It’s cold dark and evil, but yet a bit catchy and not quite as bleak as typical black metal.

Cult of Eibon
Black Flame Dominion LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
29 October 2021
Classic metal musically with harsh vox, production kind of ruins it, almost sounds like it’s through a phone in a tunnel.

Thrash La Reine
Bam&Co. Heavy
29 October 2021
Classic metal sounding, with a power metal and almost folk metal sound in parts, but a cool groove overall.

Necronomicon (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
29 October 2021
Here we have some fast extreme thrash… harsh vox, almost blackened thrash in speed… but just fast and heavy… brutal vox.

Dante’s Inferno Part I
Metal Assault Records
22 October 2021
Prog/power metal with epicness

Metal Assault Records
29 October 2021
A kind of stoner/doom throwback sound.

Coffin Creep
Grind to Death
Oct 29
Classic meaty death metal.

Rival Order
Beyond the Ashes
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 27-08-2021
Melodic Death Metal, almost has a heavier Trivium sound. cool stuff!

Album: Tabula Rasa Ultima /// The Morbidoom)))
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: October 26th, 2021
Here’s a sort of blackened death metal, with a bit of a groovin’ old school death metal sound

Haunted Worlds (EP)
Self Released
October 11, 2021
Epic blackened melodic death. just two songs, but pretty cool stuff here!

Band: Fear Connection
Title: Progeny Of A Social Disease
Label: Black Sunset / MDD
Release: 01 October 2021
Good dark and meaty grooving death metal Great stuff!

Remain Untamed
New World Order
Big Bad Wolf
Classic death metal, more of a thrashy music sound, death vox. Cool stuff.

Part 0: The Queen With Golden Hair
Progressive, symphonic, epic, folk, classic metal, a lot of different things going on.

20 Buck Spin
Release date: Friday, October 22nd 2021
Brutal doomy and epic blackend death, moments of post-metal and then full on black metal too.

Profound Lore
Release date: Friday, October 22nd 2021
Groovin’ and doomy death metal with a guttural deep vocal. Bruuutal

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 7/5/2021

Playlist Title / Mosh Pit
DJ Name / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Playlist Start Date / Jul 5, 2021
Playlist Start Time / 11:00:00 PM
Playlist End Time / 2:00:00 AM

Artist / Song / Release / Label
The Absence / Future Terminal / Coffinized / M-Theory Audio
Alustrium / Hunted / A Monument To Silence / Unique Leader Records
Vhf (Vinciguerra Hoekstra Franklin) / Shattered Insomnia / Very High Frequency / Golden Robot Records
Acid Bath – 01 – Paegan Love Song / Paegan Love Song / Paegan Terrorism Tactics / ?
Machine Head / Old / Burn My Eyes / Roadrunner
Toxic Holocaust / Bitch / Conjure And Command / Relapse
Goatwhore / Apocalyptic Havoc / Carving Out The Eyes Of God / Metal Blade Records
Vhf (Vinciguerra Hoekstra Franklin) / Whispers Of The Soul / Very High Frequency / Golden Robot Records
Flotsam And Jetsam / Walls / Blood In The Water / Afm
Space Chaser / Juggernaut / Give Us Life / Metal Blade
Slayer / Postmortem / Reign In Blood / Universal
Slayer / Raining Blood / Reign In Blood / Universal
White Wizzard / White Wizzard – Flight Of Icarus / Flight Of Icarus (Single) / M-Theory Audio
Vhf (Vinciguerra Hoekstra Franklin) / Suspended Animation / Very High Frequency / Golden Robot Records
Fear Factory / Aggression Continuum / Aggression Continuum / Nuclear Blast Records
Stuck Mojo / Walk the Line / Declaration of a Headhunter / Century Media Records
Devin Townsend / Love / Devolution Series #2 – Galactic Quarantine / Insideout
Atreyu / Catastrophe (Explicit) / Baptize / Spinefarm Records
Vhf (Vinciguerra Hoekstra Franklin) / Conception To Death / Very High Frequency / Golden Robot Records
Go Ahead And Die / Isolated/desecrated / Go Ahead And Die / Nuclear Blast Usa
Gorgon / Let Me See Behind / Traditio Satanae / Osmose Productions
Mother Of All / Age Of The Solipsist / Age Of The Solipsist / Black Lion Records
Empire Of Disease / To Be Reborn Among Ruins / With All My Hate / Wormholedeath
Vhf (Vinciguerra Hoekstra Franklin) / Invisible Thread / Very High Frequency / Golden Robot Records
At The Gates / The Paradox / The Nightmare Of Being / Century Media Records
Hiraes / Grain Of Sand / Solitary / Napalm
In Flames / Colony / Colony / ?
Noctambulist / Infinitesimal / The Barren Form / Willowtip Records
Fractal Universe / Symmetrical Masquerade / The Impassable Horizon / Metal Blade Records
Vhf (Vinciguerra Hoekstra Franklin) / Backside Of Your Eyes / Very High Frequency / Golden Robot Records
Seventh Dimension / Bad Blood / Black Sky / Corrupted Records
Helloween / Angels / Helloween / Nuclear Blast
Hammer King / Hammerschlag / Hammer King / Napalm Records
Queensryche / Walk In The Shadows / Rage For Order [EMI, CDP 7 46330 2, USA] / ?
Demiaura / Pleiadian / The Ascendant / Pavement Entertainment
Within Temptation / Shed My Skin / Shed My Skin (Single) / Force Music Recordings
Vhf (Vinciguerra Hoekstra Franklin) / All Is Within / Very High Frequency / Golden Robot Records
The Day Of The Beast / Indisputably Carnivorous / Indisputably Carnivorous / Prosthetic
Crypta / Shadow Within / Echoes Of The Soul / Napalm Records
Distant / Cryogenesis / Aeons Of Oblivion / Unique Leader Records
Domination Campaign / Death Before Dishonour / Onward To Glory / Prosthetic
Elderblood / The Great Fire Of Sacrifice / Achrony / Drakkar Productions
Scattered Storm / Aeon / Oblivion (Ep) / Blood Blast Distribution
Reverend Jack / Crimson Seed (Feat. Alex Skolnick) / A Mile From Home / Resurgence America
Hammers Of Misfortune / The Dragon Is Summoned / The Bastard (Remaster) / Cruz Del Sur Music
Nocturnal Hollow / Baphomet Crown / Triumphantly Evil / Immortal Souls
Darkthrone / His Masters Voice / Eternal Hails / Peaceville Records

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/28/21

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 6/28/21

Artist — Album — Label
1) Flotsam and Jetsam — Blood In The Water — AFM
2) Desaster — Churches Without Saints — Metal Blade
3) Sorizon — Thanatos Rising — Starscape
4) Go Ahead and Die — Go Ahead and Die — Nuclear Blast
5) Crypta — Echoes of the Soul — Napalm
6) Fear Factory — Aggression Continuum — Nuclear Blast
7) Distant — Aeons of Oblivion — Unique Leader
8) Hammer King — Hammer King — Napalm
9) Atreyu — Baptize — Spinefarm
10) Red Fang — Arrows — Relapse
11) Alustrium — Monument to Silence — Unique Leader
12) Helloween — Helloween — Nuclear Blast
13) Demon Incarnate — Leaves of Zaqqum — Metalville
14) Gorgon — Traditio Satanae — Osmose
15) Mother of All — Age Of The Solipsist — Black Lion
16) Fractal Universe — The Impassable Horizon — Metal Blade
17) The Absence — Choirs of Sickness — M-Theory Audio
18) Hiraes — Solitary — Napalm
19) Bloodbeat — Process of Extinction — Inverse
20) The Day of the Beast — Indisputably Carnivorous — Prosthetic

Top 5 Adds
1) At The Gates — A Nightmare of Being — Century Media
2) Space Chaser — Give Us Life — Metal Blade
3) Nanowar of Steel — Italian Folk Metal — Napalm
4) Lord of the Lost — Judas — Napalm
5) Abstracted — Wither to Dust (single) — M-Theory Audio

Other Adds/Reviewed: Noctambulist, Empire of Disease, Prayers of Sanity, Between the Buried and Me (single), Amenra, Fargo, Heavy Metal Addicted, Virtual Symmetry, Euthanized, Evil In, Mannveira, Drawn and Quartered, Anthropophagus Depravity, Hnagash, Diabolizer, Burning Darkness, Ruach Raah, Rocking Corpses, Gore Dimension, Wanderer, Grey Skies Fallen, Hellgrim, Apogean, Kova Rasvaa, Eisenkult, Godhead Machinery, Vesicarum, Seventh Dimension, Macabre Decay, Heavy Temple, Prayers of Sanity, Witch Vomit, Dying Whale, Cerebral Rot, Inner Missing, Bong-Ra

Mosh Pit 2020 Favorites from Matt & Mike

Matt’s Top of 2020 (in no particular order)
Sons of Apollo — MMXX – InsideOut
Testament — Titans of Creation — Nuclear Blast
Mr. Bungle — Raging Wrath of Easter Bunny — Ipecac
John Petrucci – Terminal Velocity – Sound Mind
Judicator — Let There Be Nothing — Prosthetic
Fates Warning — Long Day Good Night — Metal Blade
Haken — Virus — InsideOut
Mors Principium Est — Seven — AFM
Carcass — Despicable — Nuclear Blast

Matt’s Just Missed top 10
Wilderun — Veil of Imagination — Century Media
Sepultura — — Quadra — Nuclear Blast
Lamb of God — Lamb of God — Epic
Genus Ordinis Dei — Glare of Deliverance — Eclipse
Dark Tranquillity – Moment – Century Media

Next batch of great stuff
Neaera — Neaera — Metal Blade
Heaven Shall Burn — Of Truth and Sacrifice — Century Media
Black Dahlia Murder — Verminous — Metal Blade
Abysmal Dawn — Phylogenesis — Season of Mist
Warbringer — Weapons of Tomorrow — Napalm
Hyperion — Into the Maelstrom — Fighter
Havok — V — Century Media
Vader — Solitude In Madness — Nuclear Blast
Protosequence — A Blunt Description of Something Obscene — Lacerated Enemy
Deathing — All Hail The Decay — Inverse.
BPMD — American Made — Napalm

Matt;’s Honorable mentions
Carrion Vael — God Killer — Horror Pain Gore Death
Falconer — From a Dying Ember — Metal Blade
Ensiferum — Thalassic — Metal Blade
Let Us Prey — Virtues of the Vicious — M-Theory Audio
Onslaught — Generation Antichrist — AFM
Black Crown Initiate — Violent Portraits/ Doomed Escape — Century
Unleash the Archers — Abyss — Napalm
Vicious Rumors — Celebration Decay — SPV
Skeletal Remains — The Entombment of Chaos — Century Media
Katalepsy — Terra Mortuus Est — Unique Leader
Ingested — Where Only Gods May Tread — Unique Leader
Lik — Misanthropic Breed — Metal Blade
Ossuary Anex — Obscurantism Apogee — Xtreem
Darkened — Kingdom of Decay — Edged Circle
Helion Prime — Question Everything — Saibot Reigns —
Necrophobic — Dawn of the Damned — Century Media
Armored Saint — Punching the Sky — Metal Blade
Sodom — Genesis XIX — eOne
Hatebreed — Weight of The False Self — Nuclear Blast

Mike’s Picks Top 10
Necrophobic — Dawn of the Damned — Century Media
Mr. Bungle — Raging Wrath of Easter Bunny — Ipecac
Lik — Misanthropic Breed — Metal Blade
Black Crown Initiate — Violent Portraits/ Doomed Escape — Century
Benighted – Obscene Replressed – Season of Mist
Descend – The Deviant — Aftermath
Carach Angren — Frankensteina Strataemontanus – Season of MIst
Testament — Titans of Creation — Nuclear Blast
Lamb of God — Lamb of God — Epic
Haken — Virus — InsideOut

Mike’s Honorable Mentions
Benediction – Scriptures – Nuclear Blast
Heaven Shall Burn — Of Truth and Sacrifice — Century Media
Igorr – Spirituality and Distortion – Metal Blade
Perdition Temple — Sacraments Of Descension — Hells Headbangers
Vader — Solitude In Madness — Nuclear Blast
Tallah – Matriphagy — Earache Records
Theotoxin — Obscure Divinations — Fragment : Erhabenheit — Aop Records
Iron Savior – Skycrest — AFM
Vicious Rumors — Celebration Decay — SPV
Lord Vigo – Danse De Noir – High Roller
Carnation — Where Death Lies — Season of mist
Sodom — Genesis XIX — eOne
Paradise Lost – Obsidian – Nuclear Blast
Armored Saint — Punching the Sky — Metal Blade

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 10/26/2020

Playlist Title / Mosh Pit
DJ Name / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Playlist Start Date / Oct 26, 2020
Playlist Start Time / 11:00:00 PM
Playlist End Time / 2:00:00 AM

Artist / Song / Release / Label
Carcass / The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue / Despicable / Nuclear Blast
Undeath / Suitably Hacked To Gore / Lesions Of A Different Kind / Prosthetic
tourniquet / viento borrascoso (devastating wind) / psychosurgery (2001) / ?
Toxik / Technical Arrogance / Think This / ?
Powermad / Nice Dreams / Absolute Power / ?
Meliah Rage / The Pack / Kill To Survive (Reissue 2000) / ?
Derek Sherinian / Empyrean Sky / The Phoenix / Insideout
Raven / Battlescarred / Metal City / Spv
Armored Saint / Bubble / Punching The Sky / Metal Blade Records
Helion Prime / Photo 51 / Question Everything / Saibot Reigns
Scardust / Tantibus Ii / Strangers / M-Theory Audio
Devildriver / Iona / Dealing With Demons 1 / Napalm Records
Tallah / L.e.d. / Matriphagy / Earache Records
Melted Bodies / The Rat / Enjoy Yourself / Self Released
Slayer / War Ensemble / Seasons In The Abyss / American
Motorhead / Ace Of Spades (Live At Whitla Hall Belfast 23-12-1981) / Ace Of Spades 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Singles) / Bmg
Solitary / The Dark…the Resilient / The Truth Behind The Lies / Metalville
Freaks And Clowns / Welcome To The Freakshow / Justice Elite / Metalville Records
Pantera / Death Rattle 2020 (Terry Date Mix) / Reinventing The Steel 20th Anniversary (Singles) / Rhino Entertainment
Stalker / Of Steel And Fire / Black Majic Terror / Napalm Records
Witchtrap / Dealing With Satan / Evil Strikes Again / Hells Headbangers
Kataklysm / The Way Back Home / Unconquered / Nuclear Blast Records
Necrot / Malevolent Intentions / Mortal / Tankcrimes
Six Feet Under / Death Will Follow / Nightmares Of The Decomposed / Metal Blade
Goratory / Bottom Feeder / Sour Grapes / Everlasting Spew
Lik / Female Fatal To The Flesh / Misanthropic Breed / Metal Blade
Necrophobic / Tartarian Winds / Dawn Of The Damned / Century Media Records
Mors Principium Est / Lost In A Starless Aeon / Seven / Afm Records
Salem’s Childe / The Dream Is Dead / The Sin That Saves You / Pavement
Anaal Nathrakh / Libidinous (A Pig With Cocks In Its Eyes) / Endarkenment / Metal Blade
Benediction / The Crooked Man / Scriptures / Nuclear Blast Records
Eye Of The Destroyer / Colder (Explicit) / The Wolf You Feed / Nocturnal Audio
Infera Bruo / The Breath Of Chaos / Rites Of The Nameless / Prosthetic Records
Derek Sherinian / Octopus Pedigree / The Phoenix / Insideout
Sarcator / Abyssal Angel / Sarcator / Redefining Darkness
Insidious Disease / Soul Excavation / After Death / Nuclear Blast
Atheos / Morte Sumus / Words Of Eroding Worlds / Niflhel Records
Pallbearer / Riverbed / Forgotten Days / Nuclear Blast Records
The Flower Kings / Black Swan / Islands (Disc 1) / Insideout