WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 9/29/14

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 9/29/14

Artist — Album — Label
1) The Haunted — Exit Wounds — Century Media
2) Opeth — Pale Communion — Roadrunner
3) Cannibal Corpse — A Skeletal Domain — Metal Blade
4) In Flames — Siren Charms — Epic
5) Accept — Blind Rage — Nuclear Blast
6) King 810 — Memoirs of a Murderer — Roadrunner
7) Lelahell — Al Insane… — Horror Pain Gore Death
8) Xerath — III — Candlelight
9) Monuments — The Amaneunsis — Century Media
10) Crimson Shadows — Kings Among Men — Napalm
11) The Contortionist — Language — eOne
12) Iron Reagan — The Tyranny of Will — Relapse
13) Striker — City of Gold — Napalm
14) Antropomorphia — Rites ov Perversion — Metal Blade
15) Internal Bleeding — Imperium — Unique Leader
16) Noctem — Exilium — Prosthetic
17) Winterfylleth — The Divination of Antiquity — Candlelight
18) White Empress — Rise of the Empress — Peaceville
19) Black Crown Initiate — The Wreckage of Stars — eOne
20) Decapitated — Blood Mantra — Nuclear Blast

Top 5 Adds
1) White Empress — Rise of the Empress — Peaceville
2) Black Crown Initiate — The Wreckage of Stars — eOne
3) Decapitated — Blood Mantra — Nuclear Blast
4) Orange Goblin — Back From The Abyss — Candlelight
5) Flying Colors — Second Nature — Mascot

Other Adds: Devin Townsend Project, At The Gates (Single), Job for a Cowboy (Single), Sick of it All, 1349, Between the Buried and Me, Alunah, Mr. Big, Zodiac, Victims of Contagion, Judas Priest (Single), Laika, Woodtemple, Discord Curse, Temple of Void, Isenblast

New Stuff This Week… 9/29/14

Job for a Cowboy
Sun of Nihilty – Single
Metal Blade Records
Starts off a bit melodic, but then just gets into more proggy technical death stuff.  Can’t wait to hear more!

Back from the Abyss
Big riffy power stoner metal. Cool n catchy with a pinch of doom and Black Sabbath.

Ziltoid 2
Century Media
Proggy catchy kinda poppy hard rockin’ metal like only Devin Townsend can do.   This is the double album follow up to Ziltoid.  Signature Hevy Devy wall of sound.  This will need a bit more time to digest, but fans of Dev will like this.

Second Nature
This supergroup (Portnoy, Neal and Steve Morse, Dave LaRue and Casey Macpherson) had one of my favorite albums of the year for their debut, and now the followup is pretty cool and catchy hard rock.  First track is a bit more proggy then anything they’ve done and some songs are more poppy… but overall, it’s pretty cool and catchy, however, it’s not really “metal”

“At War With Reality” (single)
At War With Reality
Century Media and
Well, here it is… a new song from At The Gates.  While it’s never going to be Slaughter of the Soul, it does have a similar vibe and lives up to being a great follow up to that album, even if it is 19 years later! Can’t wait for more.

White Empress
Rise Of The Empress
Peaceville Records
We already had the EP, well, now we have the full and it’s just as good, just more songs!  Featuring our friend Mary Zimmer formerly of Luna Mortis and Paul Allender formerly of Cradle of Filth.  Musically it’s similar to Cradle of Filth with the guitar tone and epic symphonic metal.  Vocals are a bit like Luna Mortis, however, the harsh vocals are even MORE harsh (in a good way) and the clean vox are great too.

Sick Of It All
Last Act Of Defiance
Century Media Records
Good, quality hardcore metal from one of the bands that helped start this subgenre. More metal and hardcore than some of their old punky beginnings.

Awakening The Forest
Napalm Records
Female fronted doom/stoner band from the UK a bit more doom than stoner.

Black Crown Initiate
The Wreckage Of Stars
eOne Entertainment
Seemingly some proggy blackened death metal. Growls, clean vox, some stuff reminds of the good ol Opeth that we all knew and loved.   This is heavy, catchy, brutal and maybe a pinch of djent too.

Between the Buried and Me
Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium
Metal Blade Records
Audio from their first Live Blu-ray/DVD package.  It’s amazing these guys can pull this off live, and this sounds great!

Blood Mantra
Nuclear Blast USA
These guys have never fucked around and why start now?  Thrashy brutal tech death.

Victims Of Contagion
Parasitic Unborn EP
Self Released (email submission)
Heavy brutal techy death metal.  Some classic death metal stuff but with some proggy tech death stuff going on too.

Judas Priest
Dragonaut (Single)
Epic Records

Sonic Child
Prosthetic Records
Catchy hard rock with a little bit of a blues thing going on.  Not metal, but still pretty cool stuff.

Massive Cauldron of Chaos
Indie Recordings
True old school black metal, doing it like they’ve always done it.  Good melody, brutal attacks, a bit of a cold, evil feel too.  Frost has some crazy intense drumming going on too.

…The Stories We Could Tell
Frontiers Music srl
The original members of Mr. Big with a follow up to their 2011 album.  Still catchy cool hard rock.  Eric Martin’s vocals are still spot on.

Necroholocaust (Canada)
Holocaustic Goat Metal LP
Iron Bonehead
Holocaustic Goat Metal? Really?  How could this not be cool?  Here’s how.  Once again, since this is a “vinyl release” this is two tracks. “Side 1” and “side 2” each about 22 minutes.  Yeah, it’s brutal frenetic black/death metal.  But really now.

Discord Curse
Burnt Offerings
Intense fast brutal mix of metal, almost reminding me a bit of Strapping Young Lad

Forgotten Pride
Sacrilege Records
A melodic black metal… kind of neat with some more acoustic guitars going along with the screamy and cold black metal guitars going on. A bit doomy in that regard then too.

Filth Regime Records (Asher Media)
Some cool melodic death from Manitoba. Neat catchy guitar riffage and maybe just a tiny tiny pinch of folk metal going on.  But basically some good melodic death that’s worth giving a shot.

Steve Rothery Band
Live In Rome
This is the Guitarist from Marillion’s solo stuff.  Live album, and not all that metal, just some cool rock/proggy rock guitar stuff.

The Great Divide
Inside Out
Prog Hard rock band.  This is the original band of the newer singer from Spock’s Beard.  They’ve actually been around since 1993.  This is your basic proggy hard rock… longer songs, cool melodies, keyboards and harmonies and stuff.  I might have to dig to some back catalog here… but probably not really for the Mosh Pit! (I’ve said it before, i’d like to do a whole show of this kind of stuff though!)

Sludgy doomy death metal

Cold black metal with guitars mixed waaaay out in front.  Guitarist/sound engineer perhaps?  it’s a bit distracting, but still some decent raw black metal.

Why the PACKERS are better than the VIKINGS (2014)

By Chris Lezotte, Twitter @chrislezotte

The Packers were founded in 1921 in tiny Green Bay, Wisconsin.   The Vikings, despite being in a major American metropolis, didn’t start their NFL charter until 1960.

Super Bowls
The Packers have been to 5 Super Bowls and the Vikings have been to 4. Very admirable for each team!   However, the Packers are 4-1 in the Big Game, the Vikings have been goose-egged. They’ve lost all 4.  In fact, the Packers lost a thriller in their lone Super Bowl loss while the Vikings have been embarrassed by the Chiefs (16 pt loss) the Dolphins (17pt loss), Raiders (18pt loss), and Steelers (10pt loss). The Vikings are Losers! Only the Bills share such ineptitude in the Super Bowl. And, that’s where this document could end, but, I shall proceed…

Best Coach
When a team wins the Super Bowl they are handed the Vince Lombardi Trophy to signify greatness in the greatest sport ever.   Vince Lombardi is still considered one of the best coaches across all sports. Lombardi coached the Packers. The Vikings’ best coach is Bud Grant. Grant led his team to 4 Super Bowls. Again, very admirable, but so did Marv Levy. Bud’s best attribute may be that he was born in Wisconsin (Superior).

As a man, let’s say you have a first date. And, you are excited to have this date. It’s time to dress, but, as you look into your closet, all you see is purple shirts and green shirts. What would you wear?  Be honest. Of course, you’d wear a green shirt. Male Viking fans: You are not royalty, put the purple in the garbage. Wear white with the purple trim instead and preserve your dignity. Additionally, October is breast cancer awareness month. Many teams incorporate pink into their team hats/socks/towels. What is the only NFL team where the color pink & it’s femininity matches the team color? You guessed it, the Vikings.

Fans’ headgear
Okay, this may be a push.   Wearing a cheese-wedge on your head makes you look dumb, however, wearing faux cheese beats gender-bending braids.   Men, why would you want to look like Heidi?   There is nothing like being at an NFL game and dudes can’t tell if you’re a man or a woman wearing those dumb braids.

Hall of Fame
Green Bay: 22 proud members with 2013 inductee Dave Robinson being the latest addition. The Packers also claim 4 others that played briefly in GB. Minnesota has 12 with an additional 7 who played or coached briefly for the Vikings. Enough said. Green Bay’s top Hall QB is Bart Starr while the Vikings’ is Fran Tarkenton.   (Any man named Fran should go to the county courthouse and change his name). Tarkenton won a bunch of games & had great passing marks as a starter, true, but what did he really win in his career (0-3 in Super Bowls).   I’ll wait while you think of something. Bart Starr only won more NFL titles than everyone including Unitas, Bradshaw, Brady, and Montana. Brett Favre will be inducted soon. History will remember him as a Packer, not a Viking.

Most Famous Play
Jim Marshall running the wrong way. How moronic. I mean, was he a 7-year old here playing Pop Warner as his parents laughed with glee from the sideline?   Has a college player ever done this? I’m not sure.

Packers Most Famous Play
Bart Starr sneaking in for the TD against the Cowboys to win the NFL title in the classic Ice Bowl. This is indelible in every football fan’s mind as one of the top plays in NFL history. It showed guts, passion, and won the Packers glory.

Vikes (in)Famous Play 2
In the 1975 NFC playoffs, Roger Staubach hit Drew Pearson with a last-second bomb TD to beat the Vikings sending the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. This play has since become known as the “Hail Mary”. Frozen Viking fans were so dumbfounded that they threw debris onto the field for several minutes afterwards.   In fact, (Wikipedia – source) a whiskey bottle struck a game official, rendering him unconscious. Stay classy, Viking fans.

One aspect that makes the NFL great is revenue-sharing… Essentially, all the richer teams must share revenue for all 32 teams to divvy up and share equally. This ensures competitive balance.

According to Vikings.com, the Vikings receive annual subsidies of approximately $15 million from other NFL teams in order to compete. Also, The Vikings’ NFC North opponents – Chicago, Detroit and Green Bay – all generate approximately $30 million more annually than the Vikings. This is the main reason why the Vikings are building their new stadium. Kind of embarrassing, huh, Vikings?

According to a 2014 Forbes magazine report, The Green Bay Packers are the 13th-most value NFL franchise with a value over 1.3 billion dollars. The Vikings are 20th most valuable, at 1.1 billion dollars. It is what it is.

Lambeau Field is considered one of the best sports venues in the history of man.   Seriously, no debate here! Put Fenway & Wrigley along with Lambeau Field.

The Vikings’ old Metropolitan Stadium had guts and flavor. The Metrodome is gone. In my opinion, Minnesota would have had more success with an outdoor stadium. Do you think the Falcons would have won that January NFC Championship game if it was played outdoors? Even Gary Anderson would agree. Domes allow teams to come into Minnesota and have an equal footing for victory. Lambeau is cold, intimidating, and awe-inspiring.   Winning in Green Bay in November or December has always been more difficult due to Lambeau Field!

Minnesota’s brand-new stadium with a partially retractable roof is set to open in 2016. Thank you, Taxpayers. The State of Minnesota kicked in an estimated $348 million. The city of Minneapolis kicked in an estimated $150 million. This is Minnesota’s second new stadium since the early 1980s. It will be valued at over $975 million dollars. Meanwhile, Lambeau Field is widely considered the holiest of NFL sites, a cathedral to the game. Plus, GB plays outdoors, in the elements.   Who doesn’t think that football should be played outdoors?

Bird-enthusiasts are threatening to sue the Vikings because their new stadium’s big plate of glass. This glass, they claim, will kill many birds. Birds have bird-brains and will kamikaze themselves right into this glass. The Vikings don’t plan on changing their glass-design. But, they may need a lot more Windex to clean bird guts off their glass. Lambeau Field isn’t known to kill aviary.

Jumping into the stands at Lambeau Field is awesome for both the players and fans. This tradition was started by Leroy Butler and made famous by Robert Brooks. It’s a fan-favorite after every score. Vikings tradition: Blowing that incessant horn while Ragnar drives a Wisconsin-made Harley-Davidson on synthetic turf.

According to September, 2014 report by the New York Times, the Vikings led the NFL in arrests, or cited with a crime, from January 2000 to September 2014 with 44. Green Bay? 17 Packers were arrested or cited with a crime; very near the bottom of the league (Rams, 12).   And, the Vikings had another PR nightmare with the arrest of their top player, Adrian Peterson, for switching his child’s backside.

On Sunday, 9/28/14, the Vikings were selling Adrian Peterson jerseys at TCF Bank Stadium. In fact, they were also selling youth-sized Adrian Peterson jerseys. Please never mind that Adrian has been banished from the team, and, that he was arrested for child abuse. Money has to be made, right Minnesota?

Brett Favre
Favre is arguably one of the top NFL quarterbacks of all time. He was the ironman in GB, and, led the Packers to Super Bowls, winning one. He’s the only player to win 3-straight AP NFL MVP awards. He is still loved here. Basically, he dicked around with Packers management in 2008. After ending his brief retirement, he was traded to the Jets just so he could burn a year off in hopes of burning the Packers with the Vikings. The Vikes did come close to achieving greatness, but, Favre’s late INT vs. the Saints in the NFC Championship game helped doom Minnesota. Favre’s final season in 2010 season was shameful. A broken down Favre struggled with a bad Viking team. His career ended with a concussion. Bottom-line, the Packers’ Favre was better than the Vikings’ Favre.

Packers are 56-49-2 all-time, including the Playoffs, vs. the Vikings. Enough said.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 9/22/14

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2014-09-22 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Exodus / Salt the Wound (feat. Kirk Hammett) / Blood In Blood Out / Nuclear Blast
Anthrax / Imitation Of Life / Among the Living / Island Records
Party Cannon / Duct Taped to a Flag Pole / Partied in Half – EP / Gore House Productions
Internal Bleeding / Pageantry of Savagery / Imperium / Unique Leader Records
Six String Slaughter / Building the Monuments / Born Unspoiled / Horror Pain Gore Death
Lelahell / Am I In Hell? / The (RE) Birth Of Adberrahmane / Horror Pain Gore Death
Cannibal Corpse / Kill or Become / A Skeletal Domain / Metal Blade Records
Alitor / Eternal Depression / Eternal Depression / Self Released
The Haunted / Trend Killer / Exit Wounds / Century Media
Iron Reagan / Close to Toast / The Tyranny of Will / Relapse Records
English Dogs / The Thing Will Arise / The Thing With Two Heads / Candlelight Records
Anthropomorphia / Temphioth Workings / Rites Ov Perversion / Metal Blade
Krieg / Time / Transient / Candlelight Records
Crimson Shadows / Braving the Storm / Kings Among Men / Napalm Records
Deconstructing Sequence / A Habitable World Is Found / Access Code / Self Released
Fallujah / Allure / The Flesh Prevails / Unique Leader Records
Xerath / 2053 / III / Candlelight Records
Aura Noir / Black Thrash Attack / Black Thrash Attack / Peaceville Records
Gravehill / At Hell’s Command / Death Curse / Dark Descent Records
Summon / And the Blood Runs Black / And the Blood Runs Black / Moribund Records
Necrophobic / For Those Who Stayed Satanic / Death to All / Regain Records
Principality O f Hell / The 9th Seal / Fire & Brimstone / W.T.C. Productions
Abigor / Temptation I – Ego / Leytmotif Luzifer / Avantgarde Music
Wömit Angel / Nailgun Crucified / Holy Goatse / Inverse Records
Noctem / Apsu Dethroned / Exilium / Prosthetic
Winterfylleth / The Divination of Antiquity / The Divination of Antiquity / Candlelight Records
Opeth / Voice of Treason / Pale Communion / Roadrunner Records
Philm / Fire From the Evening Sun / Fire From the Evening Sun / UDR
Electric Wizard / Funeral of Your Mind / Time To Die / Spinefarm Records
Accept / Bloodbath Mastermind / Blind Rage / Nuclear Blast
Hellion / Hell Has No Fury / Karma’s a Bitch – EP / New Renaissance
Striker / Crossroads / City of Gold / Napalm Records
Halcyon Way / Eviscerate the Morning Sun / Conquer / Nightmare
The Contortionist / Integration / Language / eOne Music
Monuments / I, The Creator / The Amanuensis / Century Media
In Flames / Siren Charms / Siren Charms / Epic
KING 810 / Murder Murder Murder / Memoirs of a Murderer / Roadrunner Records

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 9/22/14

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 9/22/14

Artist  —  Album  —  Label
1) The Haunted  —  Exit Wounds  —  Century Media
2) Halcyon Way  —  Conquer  —  Nightmare
3) Accept  —  Blind Rage  —  Nuclear Blast
4) Opeth  —  Pale Communion  —  Roadrunner
5) In Flames  —  Siren Charms  —  Epic
6) Six String Slaughter  —  Born Unspoiled  —  Horror Pain Gore Death
7) Fallujah  —  The Flesh Prevails  —  Unique Leader
8) Principality of Hell  —  Fire & Brimstone  —  WTC
9) King 810  —  Memoirs of a Murderer  —  Roadrunner
10) Cannibal Corpse  —  A Skeletal Domain  —  Metal Blade
11) Crimson Shadows  —  Kings Among Men  —  Napalm
12) Lelahell  —  Al Insane…  —  Horror Pain Gore Death
13) Krieg  —  Transient  —  Candlelight
14) English Dogs  —  Thing With Two Heads  —  Candlelight
15) Striker  —  City of Gold  —  Napalm
16) Monuments  —  The Amaneunsis  —  Century Media
17) Xerath  —  III  —  Candlelight
18) The Contortionist  —  Language  —  eOne
19) Iron Reagan  —  The Tyranny of Will  —  Relapse
20) Antropomorphia  —  Rites ov Perversion  —  Metal Blade

Top 5 Adds
1) Internal Bleeding  —  Imperium  —  Unique Leader
2) Winterfylleth  —  The Divination of Antiquity  —  Candlelight
3) Hellion  —  Karma’s A Bitch  —  New Renaissance
4) Philm  —  Fire From the Evening Sun  —  UDR
5) Electric Wizard  —  Time to Die  —  Spinefarm

Other Adds: Affiance, Noctem, Lords of Mercy, Steak, Party Cannon, Tyrant’s Kall, Panopticon, Dire Peril, Estado Novo, Alitor, Abigor, Will The Thrill, Necropoli, TNT, Womit Angel, Manu Armata, Deconstructing Sequence

New Stuff This Week… 9/22/14

Time to Die
Bit meaty riffy Sabbath-like doomy stoner metal. Seems a bit more down-tempo than their old stuff.  Probably a lot more on the doomy gloomy side of things than the stoner metal side.

The Divination of Antiquity
Some classic black metal stuff, good production and some cool melodic stuff while still staying true to that cold yet laid back black metal sound.

(Unique Leader)
These classic Death metallers are back! First album in 10 years. While not quite the groundbreaking stuff they were many many years ago, this is a solid brutal death metal album.  Sounds pissed off and brutal and heavy as fuck.

Lords Of Mercy
Lords Of Mercy
Mainman Records
Good driving hard rock with a bit of an edge

Slab City
Napalm Records
Doomy Stoner metal with some catchy grooves.

Philm  (Fet. Dave Lombardo Formerly Of Slayer)
Fire From The Evening Sun
UDR Music GmbH
Kind of a grungy punky hardcore with well, Dave Lombardo of course. Lombardo’s distinctive drumming, a bit of a raw stoner metal sound too.

Karma’s A Bitch
New Renaissance Records
Some classic metal with a bit of an Iron Maiden meets Trouble vibe. First new stuff from these guys/Girl in 11 years.  Great

Prosthetic Records
I would have to call this band Spain’s answer to Behemoth.  Blackened thrashy death metal… fast, in your face and no fucking around. awesome stuff.

Partied In Half
Gore House Productions
Probably a death metal version of Psychostick?  At least judging by some of the song titles, this is probably funny if you could understand it.  “Duck Taped to A Flag Pole”  “There’s a Reason You’re Single” Well, if I’m wrong, this is some quality brutal grindy death metal anyway (whatever they’re growling about)

Roads to the North
Bindrune (US)
Melodic ambient black metal

Bullet Tooth
Metalcore, catchy riffs and good clean vocals with a good heavy backup with great guitar work.  A lot of times bands like this will be all brutal then the all whiney autotune chorus comes in. This guy has some great pipes and sings great throughout.

Dire Peril
Queen of the Galaxy
Dead Inside
Some thrashy stuff with a bit of a groove and female vocals… and they do a cover of Boston’s “Something About You” on this 4 song EP.

Estado Novo
Estado Novo
Inverse Records
A stoner throwback groove thing.

30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert
Indie Recordings
30th Anniversary concert with orchestra, these guys were always a bit under my radar, but they always seemed to be one of the more concise hard rockin’ bands from the 80s/90s.

The next batch of stuff were all released earlier this year, but just came into the Mosh Pit inbox …

Death metal from Belgium with a hint of black metal and doom.

Leytmotif Luzifer
Black metal band from Austria, they’ve been around since 1993… have a good cool basic black metal thing going on on this album.  There’s some melody, cold sounding guitars and a general evil tone.

Sorry To Disappoint Ya
Classic metal, some basic hard rocking stuff with a bit of an early 90’s AOR/metal type thing.

Debut album from this Italian band.  Some doom, but also some black/death metal too.  The doom parts tend to go on for a bit.

Holy Goatse
Inverse Records
Extreme thrash/blackened thrash with a bit of a punk vibe.  Fast, Heavy stuff with a little bit of “catchy” and yeah, pissed off sounding.

Classic thrash with some proggy technicality from Serbia!

2 song EP, raw extreme blackened thrashy metal

To React Records
Catchy classic groove metal with thrashy stuff going on.

Anima Sola
Beatdown Hardwear Records
Brutalcore, decent heavy stuff on this 4-song ep.

Der Nacht
This Winter Will Last Forever / Paige
Well, this is some black metal with production that is more on the treble side of a phone call, crappy production just takes so much away from what could be something that is actually pretty good. Classic black metal stuff, but it’s so compressed into a tiny frequency range, who knows.

Where Pale Winds Take Them High…
Undercover Records
Some raw thrashy black metal

Surpass the Master
Beatdown Hardwear Records
Thrashy hardcore metal, good punchy sound.

Access Code
Proggy black metal with some doomy stuff here and there, otherwise, pretty crazy out there stuff for a 2 song EP.

Energumen (Switzerland)
Void Spiritualism 7″ EP
Blood Harvest
Raw old school blackened death metal.  (kind of “meh” production) a bit TOO raw if you get what I’m sayin’.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 9/15/14

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2014-09-15 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Sepultura / Refuse/Resist (Live) / Metal Veins – Alive At Rock In Rio / Eagle Rock
Machine Head / Davidian (Live 2012) / Machine F**king Head (Live) [Special Edition] / Roadrunner Records
Cannibal Corpse / High Velocity Impact Spatter / A Skeletal Domain / Metal Blade Records
Spawn of Possession / A Presence Inexplicable / Cabinet / Unique Leader Records
Anthropomorphia / Gospel Ov Perversion / Rites Ov Perversion / Metal Blade
Dictated / Dispossession / The Deceived / Metal Blade Records
Lelahell / Hypnose / The (RE) Birth Of Adberrahmane / Horror Pain Gore Death
Matyrvore / Crush The Seals / Malevolent Desolation 12″ MLP / Iron Bonehead
Krieg / Winter / Transient / Candlelight Records
Stryvigor / Wherever the Stars… / Forgotten By Ages / Svarga Music
Six String Slaughter / Virulent Narcissism / Born Unspoiled / Horror Pain Gore Death
The Haunted / Psychonaut / Exit Wounds / Century Media
English Dogs / Ghost Note / The Thing With Two Heads / Candlelight Records
Xerath / Death Defiant / III / Candlelight Records
Xentrix / For Whose Advantage / For Whose Advantage / Roadrunner
Whiplash / Walk The Plank / Ticket to Mayhem / Roadrunner Records
Kruller / Necromancer of Death / Grounds for Termination – EP / Horror Pain Gore Death
Principality Of Hell / The Witches’ Coven / Fire & Brimstone / W.T.C. Productions
Legion of the Damned / Undead Stillborn / Sons of the Jackal / Massacre Records
The Contortionist / Language II: Conspire / Language / eOne Music
Opeth / River / Pale Communion / Roadrunner Records
Mahavishnu Orchestra / Vital Transformation / The Inner Mounting Flame / Columbia
Fallujah / Levitation / The Flesh Prevails / Unique Leader Records
The Body Politic / Swing For The Fences / Egressor – EP / The Body Politic
Upon A Burning Body / The New Breed / The World Is My Enemy Now / Sumerian Records
Incite / Rise To Greatness / Up In Hell / Minus Head
KING 810 / Killem All / Memoirs of a Murderer / Roadrunner Records
Monuments / Atlas / The Amanuensis / Century Media
Striker / Start Again / City of Gold / Vertigo/Capitol
Hellspeak / My Annihilation / The Slaughter Rule of Agony – EP / Winterfall
Dragonforce / City Of Gold / Maximum Overload (Deluxe Edition) / Metal Blade Records
Unisonic / Throne of the Dawn / Light of Dawn (Deluxe Edition) / Eagle Rock
Accept / 200 Years / Blind Rage / Nuclear Blast
Halcyon Way / King of Ruin / Conquer / Nightmare
Crimson Shadows / Maidens Call / Kings Among Men / Napalm Records
In Flames / Parallyzed / Siren Charms / Epic
The Scintilla Project / Permanence / The Hybrid / UDR

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 9/15/14

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 9/15/14

Artist — Album — Label
1) Fallujah — The Flesh Prevails — Unique Leader
2) Halcyon Way — Conquer — Nightmare
3) Accept — Blind Rage — Nuclear Blast
4) Dragonforce — Maxiumum Overload — Metal Blade
5) The Haunted — Exit Wounds — Century Media
6) Six String Slaughter — Born Unspoiled — Horror Pain Gore Death
7) Upon A Burning Body — The World Is My Enemy Now — Sumerian
8) Principality of Hell — Fire & Brimstone — WTC
9) Opeth — Pale Communion — Roadrunner
10) King 810 — Memoirs of a Murderer — Roadrunner
11) Dictated — The Deceived — Metal Blade
12) Unisonic — Light of Dawn — Eagle Rock
13) Incite — Up In Hell — Minus Head
14) English Dogs — Thing With Two Heads — Candlelight
15) Lelahell — Al Insane… — Horror Pain Gore Death
16) In Flames — Siren Charms — Epic
17) Crimson Shadows — Kings Among Men — Napalm
18) Krieg — Transient — Candlelight
19) Striker — City of Gold — Napalm
20) Monuments — The Amaneunsis — Century Media

Top 5 Adds
1) Cannibal Corpse — A Skeletal Domain — Metal Blade
2) Xerath — III — — Candlelight
3) The Contortionist — Language — eOne
4) The Scintilla Project — The Hybrid — UDR
5) Sepultura — Metal Veins — Eagle Rock

Other Adds: Antropomorphia, Hellspeak, In This Moment, Lonely Kamel, Obey the Brave, Stryvigor, Matyrvore, Otherwise, Krullur, The Body Politic

New Stuff This Week… 9/15/14

A proggy symphonic type of black metal thing that really just sounds more or less like something Devin Townsend would do. They have the wall of sound of production, the dymanics that Devin Townsend would have, and yeah, a bit like Strapping Young Lad meets just Devin Townesend solo stuff… maybe throw in some Opeth and Dimmu Borgir too.

“Sick Like Me” (single)
As “Commercial” as these guys always have seem to been (probably because of the vocals) the music is typically pretty heavy… and this is the case with this single.  PRetty cool catchy guitar works, but there’s the vocals which are good and melodic and fit well. The music could easily back up some melodic death vocals too…

Cannibal Corpse
A Skeletal Domain
Metal Blade Records
Is it possible that these guys can get better?  Yeah, there’s a reason these guys have been around as long as they have… they know what they are doing.  Heavy brutal classic death metal and yeah, even technical too.  Great new stuff!

The Scintilla Project (Fet. Biff Buford Of Saxon)
The Hybrid
UDR Music GmbH
A side project with Biff of Saxon and Andy Sneap (producing and playing guitar) mixes some classic metal with a pinch of power metal and some good band work and the familiar voice of Biff.  Great epic feeling guitar work, melodic stuff.  It’s a concept album based on a movie of the same name

The Slaughter Rule Of Agony
Winterfall Music
Cool heavier thrash stuff, almost a technical melodic death

Lonely Kamel
Shit City
Napalm Records,
A bit of a throwback hard rock type thing with a stoner metal sound with catchy cool riffs

Obey The Brave
Epitaph Records
Classic hardcore stuff going on here, then getting a little bit into some post-hardcore with some more melodic vocals in the chorus, with a pinch of a twostep type of beat type thing going on, but otherwise, at its “core” haha, or it’s base, it’s classic old school hardcore.

Lles Tambuors Du Bronx Metal Veins Alive At Rock In Rio
Eagle Rock Entertainment
Live album from Rock in Rio with French industrial percussion group LES TAMBOURS DU BRONX. Pretty decent slab of tracks from their career with even more percussion and in front of a hometown crowd… Production isn’t quite as crisp as I’d like to hear, but it’s a bit more raw and live, so I guess that’s cool too.

The Contortionist
eOne Entertainment
Crazy out there proggy hard rock metal.  Ambient hard rock type stuff, which will then just get all crazy and death metal vocals on you with crazy proggy music.  Proggy like maybe a Porcupine Tree

Rites ov Perversion
Metal Blade
Some classic death metal with a little bit of a black metal

Albez Duz
The Coming of Mictlan LP
Iron Bonehead
Doomy throwback goth metal, more on the doomy side than throwback with a little bit of Goth in there.

Malevolent Desolation 12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
Old school raw black metal. There actually seems to be some bass on this record though, so there’s a bit of a more fullness to it, as it’s not just some shrieking over cold sounding guitars…. it’s got some cold guitars, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a low end and some evil shit going on too.

Forgotten by Ages
Svarga Music
Classic black metal with good production.  Cold, dark evil, nothing really ground breaking, but it’s cool to hear this black metal stuff with a bit of a groove and where the production is good to where you can actually hear what’s going on.

Obscure Burial
Invictus Productions
Crazy fast punky blackened thrashy stuff that sounds like it was recorded two doors away on a micro-cassette recorder.  Ugh.  You can tell that it COULD have been recorded well if they wanted it to be, but it wasn’t.  Meh.

Peace At All Costs
Century Media
Catchy more commercial hard rock type stuff.  Cathy riffs and vocals and stuff, but probably a bit too much on the “solid rock” side of things for us to really get into it too much.

Grounds For Termination
Horror Pain Gore Death
A raw basic pretty cool thrash thing with a bit of grind thrown in for good measure.

Round II
A wall of sound melodic hard rock type thing with some proggy/fusion elements

The Body Politic
Self-Release (Asher Media)
A proggy melodic metalcore thing, a bit like Periphery or Protest the Hero… but with a bit of djent, more singy melodic parts. Extreme vocals are pretty cool, so is the music… I wish they’d just skip some of the real emo singy parts.

Mortuus (Sweden)
Grape of the Vine
The Ajna Offensive
Funeral doomy post metal black metal type stuff.  Songs seem to take a long time to go nowhere.

Decent melodic death a bit like classic Opeth… but the digital download is just in three tracks, one for each “side”  C’mon people, make it a digital download and split up the tracks properly!  ugh.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 9/8/14

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2014-09-08 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Obituary / Visions In My Head / Visions In My Head – Single / Relapse Records
Gorguts / Rottenatomy / Considered Dead / Roadrunner Records
The Haunted / 317 / Exit Wounds / Century Media
The Haunted / Cutting Teeth / Exit Wounds / Century Media
Chris Violence / American Ripper / American Ripper / Self Released
Iron Reagan / I Won’t Go / The Tyranny of Will (Deluxe Version) / Relapse Records
English Dogs / Hate Song / The Thing With Two Heads / Candlelight Records
S.O.D.: Stormtroopers Of Death / March of the S.O.D. / Speak English or Die / Megaforce Records
S.O.D.: Stormtroopers Of Death / Sargent “D” and the S.O.D. / Speak English or Die / Megaforce Records
Principality Of Hell / We Ride At Night / Fire & Brimstone / W.T.C. Productions
Funereus / Below The Horns Of Blasphemy / Return Of The Old Goat / Forever Plagued
Krieg / To Speak With Ghosts / Transient / Candlelight Records
Nachtmystium / On The Other Side / The World We Left Behind / Century Media
Myrkur / Må Du Brænde I Helvede / Myrkur / Relapse Records
Belphegor / Flesh, Bones and Blood / Conjuring the Dead (Bonus Track Version) / Nuclear Blast Records
Six String Slaughter / Nothing but Death in the End / Born Unspoiled / Horror Pain Gore Death
Lelahell / Kalimet Essir / Al Insane… The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane / Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Bleeding Utopia / Your Kingdom Will Fall / Darkest Potency / Independent
Columns / Drifter Aftermath / Please Explode / Relapse Records
Incite / Fallen / Up In Hell / Minus Head
Dictated / No Mercy for Cowards / The Deceived / Metal Blade Records
Upon A Burning Body / Pledge Your Allegiance / The World Is My Enemy Now / Sumerian Records
Within The Ruins / Clockwork / Phenomena / eOne Music
Cries Of The Captive / The Muay Thai Body Obliterator / Imperialist / Imminence
Mirrelia / Nurse December / The Actor / Self Released
Monuments / Origin of Escape / The Amanuensis / Century Media
In Flames / Everything’s Gone / Siren Charms / Epic
Fallujah / The Flesh Prevails / The Flesh Prevails / Unique Leader Records
Opeth / Moon Above, Sun Below / Pale Communion / Roadrunner Records
Striker / City Of Gold / City of Gold / Vertigo/Capitol
Accept / Trail Of Tears / Blind Rage (Bonus Version) / Nuclear Blast
Metal Church / Method To My Madness / The Dark / Elektra
Dio / Straight Through the Heart / Holy Diver / Rhino/Warner Bros.
Overkill / Elimination / The Years of Decay / Atlantic
Crimson Shadows / Heroes Among Us / Kings Among Men / Napalm Records
Halcyon Way / The Poisoned Apple / Conquer / Nightmare
Unisonic / Find Shelter / Light of Dawn (Deluxe Edition) / Eagle Rock
Dragonforce / Extraction Zone / Maximum Overload (Deluxe Edition) / Metal Blade Records
The Sabbathian / Nightshade Eternal / Ritual Rites / Svart