Monday night

Well folks, it’s that time. Monday night is here, and there are no charts to compile, no nothing, just great fun at the Mosh Pit. This time of the year is fun because Mike and I pretty must just play the classics that we want to hear. The rest of the year, we like to bring you the best in what’s new, as new releases come out. Now, since there isn’t anything new coming out, and no charts have to be compiled for the trade magazines, we just have fun!

Anyway, welcome to the new site, I’m aware of some dumb layout problems where the menu on the right will disappear to the bottom of the page. (This happens more in Internet Explorer than it does in Firefox/Mozilla. Therefore, I recommend using Firefox!) Due to the holidays, I won’t be able to work on this a whole lot. Besides, I’ll probably change the site to some all evil black background eventually anyways.

If you want to send in a request or comment or anything, via email, send it to: matt (at) moshpitradio (dot) com. You can also get a hold of Mike at mike (at) moshpitradio (dot) com.