New stuff this week… 9/21/09

Hey all… here’s what’s new this week…

Protest the Hero
Gallop Meets The Earth (Live CD/DVD)
50:28 – 11 Tracks
With their last album 2008, PTH cemented themselves a great spot all over the metal community with their technical/prog/death/metal/everything/core.   Fortress was really a great album, and drew more attention to their earlier album Kezia and their sound in general.   This is a live album capturing their last tour.  Sounds good, yet still sounds “live”… meaning that it doesn’t really have a “fixed in the studio” sound…

Shadows Fall
46:00 – 10 Tracks
This new album is a step up from their last few… I think most people agree and the band may also thing, they were in a bit of a lull… and knew they had to step things up… the competition is greater now than when the pioneered the metalcore, or melodic deathcore sound.   This new one keeps things catchy, heavy, and still melodic… if you gave up on Shadows Fall a couple albums back, it’s time to give them a new chance.

The Sign of the Southern Cross
…Of Mountains and Moonshine
Season of Mist
68:19 – 13 Tracks
Take some Pantera, throw in some Down and CoC… yeah, you got TSOTSC!   I mean, really… it does sound exactly like those three bands mixed up.   Yup… that’s about it.   Not bad… nothing all that new and exciting, but if you like any or all of these 3 bands, you could probably dig these guys.

Across The Dark
45:45 – 8 Tracks
Kind of a dark/folk metal thing going on here…however, some of the stuff is cool and almost thrashy, a little bit prog, and well, almost like some of the older Amorphis stuff… clean vox, growly vox, melodic metal, death metal… a bit of everything.

Every Time I Die
New Junk Aesthetic
31:54 – 11 Tracks
Another one of these bands that’s all “core”  but yet still not too bad.   This has a bit more of the Dillinger Escape Plan thing going on… oh wait, Greg from DEP is on track 2.. hah.   This has a bit more hardcore/punk element than I remember from these guys… then again, I haven’t been a huge fan and could probably be mistaken too…

The Divinity of Oceans
67:34 – 7 Tracks
Napalm Records calls this “Funeral Nautic Doom Metal”   and once again, they nailed it… kind of sludgey and dark Scandinavian sounding.   But, you put Funeral and Doom along with metal, you know you’re going to get something dark, slow and well, dead.

Riot God
Riot God
Full Belly
59:00 – 14 Tracks
This is a side project from Jim and Bob from Monster Magnet.   It does have a similar sound to Monster Magnet, as in well, it’s hard rock, great guitar work.  Just some good catchy-ish hard rock stuff going on here.

Living Colour
The Chair In The Doorway
46:39 – 13 Tracks
Well, it’s been a while since these guys had a studio album… they did the whole reunion tour(s)… and that must have helped… this new album is pretty cool just like any of their old albums… Catchy, funky, hard rock/metal… Corey Glover’s vocals still sound exactly the same as they did almost 20 years ago.  While not really a metal album, it’s still a great hard rock thing and should probably get a spin or two… at least just to let listeners know this is out there now.

Set Fire To The Hive EP
Sony Music
25:39 – 4 Tracks
A kind of proggy hard rock, well, almost “solid-rock” sounding type of band.  They’re from Australia and were formerly on the Bieler Brothers label and did a tour with Nonpoint and Skindred… on that tour, they sounded a bit more commercial, now they have kind of progged themselves a bit, a little bit more complex and well, more cool in my opinion… still not what I would consider metal, but still not too bad.

Seasons After
Through Tomorrow
47:54 – 11
Another not quite metal band this week.  Catchy melodic hard rock… singy choruses, some growly parts which also do get kind of thrashy/metal-like… but for the most part, it’s fairly commercial sounding stuff.  The singy stuff outweighs the metal stuff…

Austrian Death Machine
Double Brutal
Metal Blade
52:31 – 24 Tracks
Well, wow, that was fast, ANOTHER ADM disk… this one is funny as hell and has the chops just like the first one!  Catchy thrashy songs themed after Schwarzenegger movies again… Amazing how  Tim Lambesis can just churn out an album like this so fast.  Again… he’s got some great guest guitarists, and disc two features covers that could relate to Ahhhnold movies.

Echoes of Eternity
As Shadows Burn
Nuclear Blast
39:55 – 9 Tracks
Some euro-metal!  The prog-thrashy sound of a typical euro fe-metal band… You know, some catchy prog metal with clean female vocals, usually from somewhere in europe… wait, what!?? what’s this?  They’re from L.A.?  In the US!?  Yup… So, clean, singy female vocals, and for the most part, some catchy thrashy metal backin’ it up.  Almost like Luna Mortis with only clean vox.

Despised Icon
Day of Mourning
Century Media
35:08 – 10 Tracks
New album from these Canucks… Brutal-Core.   Duelling vocals… death growls, hardcore screams… brutal drums and some big meaty riffs… Kind of a mix of hardcore and some death metal… you know, which equals “Brutal core!”  The more I get into this CD… the better it gets… a bit more complex and catchy too…

Nuclear Blast
33:26 – 11 Tracks
Whoa… new Vader!   Pretty much a whole new lineup too.   Still fast, brutal, evil, catchy and all around extreme!  You still can’t go wrong with Vader.   Vocals seem to be a bit more raw, but just right!

47:19 – 10 Tracks
A great classic metal sound, and classic metal vocals from UDO himself!   It’s almost like ACDC of metal… albums are all good, songs are decent, and you know what you get… At Udo’s age, it’s cool to see he hasn’t pussed out at all either.   Great heavy catchy songs and almost sounding like Judas Priest in some parts…