Apr 252011

Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand
Metal Blade Records
63:56 – 8 Tracks
A black metal / folk metal band from Ireland.  They’ve been around since 1991, I can’t say I’m familiar with a lot of the back catalog of this band, but they seem to be pioneers in the melodic black metal realm, and later on adding a bit of folk sound.   There’s a good mix of melody and black metal, probably more along the Satyricon vein of black metal, being that it’s not all totally distorted and crappy sounding.  This sounds good, probably is a lot more melodic and more progressive than it is black metal…. it’ll just lull you to a “hey this is kinda like some cool Pink Floydish stuff” then just lay on some all out black metal.   There’s out right brutality too… this is a very diverse album and probably similar enough to Opeth in the way it’s so dynamic.
Opus Mortus VIII
Metal Blade Records
36:24 – 10 Tracks
A good classic death metal thing going on here.  If you like no frills, classic meat and potatoes death metal, this new album is right up your alley.  Great solos, great brutal drumming and cookie monster vocals.  It’s great to have a release like this… So many other bands try to just be different or add some whiney vocals or some weird guitar.  It’s nice to just have a band that will just keep it going and stay true.
The Metamorphosis Melody
Napalm Recods
56:39 – 11 Tracks
Theyse guys have been around a while… It’s a symphonic epic folk metal thing with female vocals.  If you’ve read these reviews… you’ll know that I like to call this stuff “fe-metal”  And typically this is decent metal, usually power/traditional metal with operatic female vocals.  This is pretty much the same.  While they like to call themselves “nordic folk metal”  there’s not a whole lot of folky stuff, just more symphonic type stuff.   It’s not bad, just sounds like a lot of the bands in this sub-genre.
50:29 – 11 Tracks
Seems to be more of the same from these guys… guitar driven electronic type stuff.  A decent crossover band for our setup at WORT… going from Something Wonderful into the Mosh Pit.  Not really all metal, but not really not metal either… Might be worth a spin.
Free Reign
Heavier Than Metal
DC Rightside
28:27 – 8 Tracks
You might recall this is the “metal” band made up of some NFL players.  We got a single a few weeks back.  This album is pretty much commercialized “solid rock”  It’s not bad for what it is, just a few modern day power ballady stuff with other Killswitch Engage style metal.  Nothing really exciting for the average metal fan, but maybe for a hard rock fan?
Candlelight Records
58:05 – 10 Tracks
A bit of a prog, a bit of melodic death… I guess if you progged up Soilwork or lightened up Meshuggah a bit, you’d have something similar to this band.  It’s also cool to have another metal band that starts with the letter X.  There’s a bit of symphonic thing going on too… but it doesn’t make it all “epic metal” sounding either.
Don Jamieson
Live and Hilarious
Metal Blade Records
26:48 – 19 Tracks
You might know this guy from That Metal Show.   Personally, he’s my least favorite guy on the show, he’s just that kinda dopey dope that just seems to speak up to make sure people remember he’s there.  He’s from Jersey, and reminds you that he is… however, this is the first time I’ve actually heard his standup.  It’s pretty good, has some good metal humor and likes to really lean on stereotype type of stuff…. A couple funny songs… not too bad for a first album, although it’s less than a half hour long.    It’s alright.

Legions of Bastards
Century Media
52:32 – 11 Tracks
Been a fan of these guys since I first heard them… a classic metal thing with a lot of Maiden sound going on too.  Just a great modern take on classic metal  (clean vocals, great guitars, straightforward drumming)  It’s also pretty catchy.

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