New stuff this week (1/23/06)

Hail Horror
Prosthetic Records
46:16 – 10 Tracks

This album is damn near death metal. I thought I remembered Himsa crossing more into metalcore. While it still has a metalcore sound, it seems to be more dark. Nice growling, aggressive in your face sound. Take Lamb of God, throw in some Devildriver and mix it up with some Kataklysm or Krisiun and maybe you have Himsa… I dunno, I like it and you’ll hear it on the “Pit” in the upcoming weeks!

Metal Blade
We’ve had a 3 song EP for a little while and those three songs are pretty impressive. Very “Slayeresque” there’s a lot of “Reign in Blood” on this cd, mix in some Pantera and melodic scandanavian death metal and you have this band. Good solid production

“The Garden of Uneartly Delights”
Nuclear Blast
Yes! They are back and on a new label. These doom icons do not mess around, some scary intro tracks to some other songs. Great catchy pouding songs. There’s not much more you can say about this album, but it’s a great classic sounding Cathdral CD. You’ll hear this on the Pit in the upcoming weeks!

“Chimaira” Re-Issue
2 cds
The first disk is just “Chimaira.” The 2nd disk is really what this release is all about. Two unreleased tracks from the “Chimaira” sessions and audio from “The Dehumanizing Process” DVD recorded in Holland in 2003. It comes in a neat all black jewel case. The live tracks really stand out on this one, crystal clear sound and it sounds like they were “on”

“La Muerte”
Nuclear Blast
64:43 – 12 Tracks
If you like Entombed or Napalm Death, you’ll probably enjoy Gorefest. This is their first album in 6 years. They have the classic death grind core sound. Nothing too complicated, just straight forward grind.

“Victory Over Horseshit” EP
Tortuga / Hydra Head
16:33 – 5 Tracks
Not really metal, more of a hard rock or “outlaw rock” as the Bio says. Seems like a fun lovin’ rock band. If there’s extra time in the show you’ll hear this, but it’s not a high priority. Pretty good stuff, would fit along the lines of Clutch, and they are going on tour with Orange Goblin in May.

“Everyone Into Position”
Beggars Banquet
Another more hard rock album. From the Bio: “Brooding, Dark, spacey, empowering, sprawling and at times angelic” A good rock record, it has all clean vocals, kind of a Porcupine meets Audioslave sound. Another, “unless we have extra time” album on the Pit.

Other releases yet to hear…. Hurtlocker, Dan Lorenzo and a compilation called “Best of Taste of Chaos”