New stuff this week (1/30/06)

In Flames
“Come Clarity”
Ferret Records
48:06 – 13 Tracks

Some say In Flames sold out. True, their sound has “evolved” or changed over the years, but since I first heard “Whoracle,” I was hooked, then it only got better with “Colony.” Since “Colony,” they have been put down a lot because each album isn’t as good. Well, every band has their “Reign in Blood” or “Led Zep IV” etc. So here we arrive at the long awaited “Come Clarity” album from In Flames. Still has the fast melodic death metal-esque elements. I think In Flames has maintained their sound and well, they seem to be overshadowed by a lot of bands that took their sound and added on it. This new album is powerful, has some catchy parts and just makes you want to get in the pit and stir things up. Their new label, Ferret Records usually has metal/hardcore bands, but I guess you can’t blame a band like In Flames to want to be the top dog at their label, and they’ve paid their dues and hopefully Ferret can give them what they need to get to the next level. Since we’re fans of In Flames, and well, this is a darn good CD, you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit. 🙂

Bullet For My Valentine
“The Poison”
Trustkill Records
55:00 – 13 Tracks
This long awaited release from the “metalcorers” has finally come to the inbox. I guess I can’t say this sounds much different than my of the other “metal-core” bands out there. Solid production, the good loud mean growls, heavy guitars, major riffage, good double bass parts… but then the clean vocal choruses. So yeah, good then that singy stuff. It’s good, but more of the same. You’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit for a bit, moreso if there are requests.

Devin Townsend Band
“Vampira” Single
SPV Records
3:27 – 1 Track (Single)
Devin never stops. He toured with Strapping Young Lad almost constantly last year, stopped that, worked on the DTB album, that’s out, going on tour with that, then back in for a new SYL album. Anyways, this song is pretty cool. Good solid hardrock/metal track with an almost singalong chorus and eerie keyboard base. Devin’s got talent and it’s great that he shares it with the world. 🙂

There are a few other relases that should be in the mail soon or already at the station:

Drawn And Quartered, Hail Infernal Darkness (Moribund Cult)
Falkenbach, The Fire Blade (Napalm Records)
Seven Witches, Amped (Candlelight Records) Drawn and Quartered