New stuff this week… 1/14/08

Gamma Ray
Land of the Free II
65:56 – 12 Tracks
This is some typical euro-power-prog metal. Some epic singalong chorus stuff, but then the chugga wugga meedly thrash parts kick in and it’s all good from there. Some of the playing on here is crazy-fast and catchy, and it also borders being fairly cheesey. We haven’t gotten too much cool euro-prog that actually has a bit of an edge… this fills that bill, and you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Oblivion Beckons
54:09 – 13 Tracks
Aggressive, in your face metal coming at you. We’ve been fans of their past stuff, and this new CD is no different. Heavy, American, thrashy catchy metal. It’s not quite as brutal as Devildriver, but tone that down a bit, mix in a little technicality and you’ll have this album. It’s something you’ll be hearing on the Mosh Pit!

The Destiny Program
Subversive Blueprint
Nuclear Blast
52:19 – 12 Tracks
At first listen, this almost sounds like Nuclear Blast’s answer to Hatebreed type of metal….or just plain ol metal-core. There are some sing-along choruses, breakdowns, and a bit of that emo-metal sound. Almost a little TOO emo. This gets a maybe on the ol Mosh Pit airplay. Some songs are a bit more brutal than others, so we’ll have to be careful how we pick ’em!

Into Abaddon
39:37 – 7 Tracks
These guys fit into the heavy stoner metal category. They meld perfectly with High On Fire. A melodic, heavier stoner hard rock sound. The songs don’t mess around, they stay “on topic” and don’t slack much. Tracks are musically catchy, vocals are a bit one dimensional, but seem to fit well, as to not take away from the music. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Ninewinged Serpent
Century Media
56:15 -12 Tracks
This is a black metal band featuring a couple of guys that were in Marduk. It’s got just about everything you’d want in Black metal. Dark grinding distorted guitars, some cool crazy drumming, aggressive, yet evil vocals. This kind of metal is always welcome on the Mosh Pit!

Birds of Prey
Sulfur and Semen
This is along the lines of that Saviours band above, but a bit more aggressive and heavy, musically and vocally. Some tracks are a bit thrashy, and yet it all seems to be that magic word… catchy. The song titles are pretty funny, like “show him the ground” or “mentoring the mongoloids” or “overfucked and underage” This is good stuff! You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit.

Eyes Set To Kill
“Liar In The Glass”
Female vocals mixed with aggressive (female?) growls. Music seems pretty melodic then bounces between some heavier thrashy-metalcore music. The full CD didn’t arrive in time, so I only have this one track.

Sebastian Bach
Angel Down
No CD, No idea what it sounds like! I hear it’s good though!