New stuff this week… 1/21/08

 Back in the swing of things… a lot of new stuff this week, some good, some great, nothing really bad!

Captain Morgan’s Revenge
41:40 – 78 Tracks (10 Songs)
Good old Napalm Records, the genre of this CD is “Scottish Pirate Metal”  And yeah, kind of how you’d expect.  Not quite euro-power metal, but a shgyimilar rhythm section of what would be the typical prog-power metal band.  This is a bit more “dirty” and doomy.   Then some of the stuff is total epic power metal stuff with a little bit of a Scottish edge to it.  Some of is cool and thrashy too.  You might hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Metal Blade
43:21 – 10 Tracks
So far, 2008 seems like power metal year!  These guys could be classified as a prog-power metal band, I’d have to give them more of a lean towards power than prog.   Good riffs, driving rhythms, a vocalist with an edge to his voice, solid and catchy songs round out this new release.  This is something you’ll hear on the Mosh Pit

Arson Anthem
Arson Anthem
11:00 – 8 Tracks
This is the project with Phil Anselmo playing Guitar, Hank III on Drums, Mike IX (EyeHateGod) on vox and another guy on Bass.  If it weren’t these guys, I’d have to say it might not make it on the air.  It’s kind of old school punk/hardcore, definitely very raw production.  Sounds like they recorded it themselves on a cassette deck in their basement.   Then again, I guess that’s what makes it cool, right?   Not to mention, a lot of listeners dig the guys that make up this band.  You’ll hear it on the Mosh Pit!

Enemy of the Sun
The End
53:53 – 13 Tracks
Another band featuring Waldemar Sorychta.  A lot of the riffage sounds like Grip Inc.  Heck, a lot of the music does, but I’d have to say it’s a bit more brutal, and of course, there’s no Dave Lombardo.   A good driving rhythm again, some melodic hooks are cool, it’s a solid catchy thrash album.   The vocals mix shouts and clean singing, and even some growls here and there.  It’s got just about something for every metal fan here.  You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

50:13 – 8 Tracks (Disc 1)
52:02 – 7 Tracks (Disc 2)
This project is the brainchild of Arjen Lucassen.  It’s a prog-metal nerd’s wet dream.  Arjen assembles some of the best musicians in the genre and has them all perform on this Ayreon’s projects.  Each album (from this “band”) is a concept, but filling a piece in an overall story (I guess).  I haven’t had time to absorb everything on this 2-CD set, but it’s pretty ambitious.  It sounds like a prog-rock opera a-la some vintage Savatage stuff, but with a lot more artists.  This is something that should just be played in its entirety, but I’ll find something to play for the folks out there!

Light The Fire
Blind Prophecy
38:43 – 11 Tracks
At first listen, they remind me a bit of Pantera, but as it gets a little deeper, they have more of a Chimaira sound, but with some keyboards and melodies and the occasional vocal harmony.   Don’t let the harmonies and melody throw you, it’s brutal with some HUGE meaty metal riffs going on.   Lead vocals are abrasive and angry… Songs catchy… You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

44:43 – 11 Tracks
This is the project from the guitarist from Rammstein.   We got the single for this last year and it wasn’t too bad.  It’s similar to Rammstein, but more along the lines of hard rock than industrial metal.  This might be something more suited for Something Wonderful, (8p – 11p Mondays on WORT).

Live the Storm
Well, the one song I heard on their Myspace page was pretty decent.  Check it out for yourself!   It’s called “Get It Off”  It’s aggressive, fast, hardcore, swedish, etc etc.  You might hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Corpus Christii
57:49 – 13 Tracks
The intro track on this CD starts off with some church choir sounding music, then waits a bit, then just gets into some classic dirty in your face black metal guitar. I can’t say much else, than it’s some pretty good, dark, cold black metal.  It does make me feel like I’m in a dark, cold Norwegian forest, however, these guys are from Portugal!  The playing is solid, and just what you would ask for in a classic sounding black metal band.   You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!