New stuff this week (2/27/06)

Here’s what’s on the table for this week…

Nuclear Blast
44:14 – 10 Tracks

The long awaited new album from Amorphis with their new singer! It sounds pretty good. They still have their trademark sound. It’s well put together, catchy, definately good, and of course, not a clone to Elegy or 1000 Lakes, but there’s still strong hints of that great era. It’s new Amorphis… it’s good, what more can you say? You’ll Hear this on the Mosh Pit!

If Hope Dies
Life In Ruin
Metal Blade
36:41 – 11 Tracks
Well, I don’t know what to call this… It seems like there’s a new wave of metal-core. Not the typical metal core, but the in your face, heavy, relentless pounding of all that is metal. They say it’s recommended if you like Still Remains, Unearth or All That Remains. It’s good stuff, great production, catchy yet meaty speedy riffs and brutal vocals round it all out. They are on Trevor from Unearth’s label imprint (Ironclad), and this genre seems to be the new metal trend…

True Self
43:29 – 12 Tracks
New singer, New label, heavier sound! Its good… this is what Soil needed, a lil kick into the metal realm. Granted it will probably end up being more mainstream, it definately has its roots more in metal than “nu metal.” You’ll probably hear this on the Mosh Pit… that is until other stations play the hell out of it!

Daylight Dies
Dismantling Devotion
This was a CD that was late… It sounds pretty decent, a bit like Moonspell, but mix in some Katatonia, but more of a doomy sound. You’ll probably hear this on the pit.

Enforsaken and Loudness have new albums out that should be in the mail at the station tonight when I get down there.