Feb 132016

Killer Bee
“Joystick Warrior” [Single]
Just a hard rock thing.  Only a single, but It’s borderline not even being metal… so yeahhhh.

Lost Society
Nuclear Blast
A kind of classic thrash… raw vox, heavy thrashy sound a bit of a hardcore thing going on too.

Worlds And Crystals
The Label Group
To me, this is a bit of a “solid rock” thing.  It’s got a decent groove, isn’t quite metal, isn’t all emo, but isn’t just plain rock.  It has clean melodic vox, and sounds like it’d be on another station in town.

Droids Attack
Sci-Fi Or Die
Riff Reaper Records
Classic hard rockin’ stoner metal with a great groove and a good heavy edge too.  Bonus!?  They’re local!  Great stuff.

Rise Above
Napalm Records
Throwback doomy stoner metal.  Throwback?  yeah, it’s a bit of a 70’s metal sound… a great groove, major riffage and good melodies too.

New Ocean Media
Metalcore… melodic, brutal and heavy in parts, with a groove and catchy stuff… but then you get some clean vox

Signal Rex
Loonnggg dooomy black metal.

Even Spilled Seed Crawls Toward The Womb
Annihilvs Power Electronix
Not sure what to call this aside from noise.  Sounds like someone leaned on the digital noisemaker machine while someone else was yelling shit in the microphone.

Helion Prime
Helion Prime
Self Released
Melodic female fronted metal.  Good catchy guitar work in this classic metal thing.  Clean female vox, but not growly nor opera-like either.  Just a good rockin’ album here.

Barbaric Horde
Gasmask Perpetrators
War Arts Productions
Death metal with a “local band” feel… kinda icky raw production.  eh.

Triumvir Foul
Triumvir Foul LP
Blood Harvest
Gritty grindy black metal but with a bit of doom in parts and brutal classic blackened death too.

Charm Designer
Inverse Records
Dooomy melodic death metal with a little bit of goth and symphonic metal stuff going on too. I guess with all that going on, they’d compare a little bit to Moonspell.

Inverse Records
Kind of a standard metal thing, but with some proggy power metal tendencies… getting into a little proggy thrash territory too.  cool stuff.

Among The Prey
Only For The Blinded Eyes
Kind of a melodic death/thrash, a heavy Lamb of God sounding thing… but with a bit more groove and melodic almost proggy stuff too.

Various Artists
4 Doors to Death
Unspeakable Axe Records
Just 4 band with 3 songs each of raw black/death metal.

Cosmic Dream
Self Released
Black metal with some proggy melodic stuff going on.

Across Dark Waters
Artnoir Productions
A bit of a doom metal, some melodic black metal and avant-garde stuff too…. oh why not a pinch of folk metal and prog rock too.

Burial Dust
Oshubho Ahobaan(EP)
Self Released
Death metal with a black metal feel. I wouldn’t called it blackened death metal, as I think of that being a more polished Behemoth type thing.  This has some “ok” production.  it’s not completely shitty, but it’s not that great.  We’ll say it’s raw.

Theta Healing (Through the poison)
Label: Revalve Records
A sort of proggy power metal.  You know, I get so much stuff from PR companies and stuff… a lot of times, it’s just the same ol black metal stuff.  Its a bit refreshing to have something different than that!  Melodic metal with keyboards and decent clean vox that don’t get too out of hand screamy… reminds me a bit of real early Dream Theater.

Frontiers Music s.r.l.
A new hard rock band with a classic hard rock/metal sound.  big riffs and a great groove with almost over the top vox.  cool stuff for the hard rock fan.

Band: Nest
Album: Nest
Label:  Tribunal of the Axe Records
Sludgey doom metal with semi-growly vox.  Decent riffy grooves, probably a bit too sludgey for me though.

Youniversal Voice
Label:  Self-Released
So, this is described as “Psychedelic/Stoner/Progressive/Doom”  and it really truly is that to a T.  Cool grooves, punchy sound, heavy and cool.  Vocals are more on the doomy style though.

Band: Desert Dragon
Album: Before The Storm
Label: Sliptrick records
As the above one… this one is “Style: Progressive Rock/Hard Rock/ Melodic Metal”  And I hear that too… There’s a good almost early 90’s heavy AOR feel, but a modern prog hard rock thing going on too.  Good clean production, the vocals have a good clean mid-range sound but this guy can escalate and hit those high notes too.  Decent stuff.

The Curse of the Avenger
Label:  Revalve Records
Wow, it’s been a while since getting a just plain old good “Power metal” band/release.  That’s what this is.  Fist pumping, singalong power metal, which actually gets pretty fast and heavy in parts too.

Label:  Revalve Records
I saw this described as prog death metal… thinking it’d just be some heavier death metal with some riffy proggy type stuff happening.  This is actually like, almost heavier Dream Theater-like metal with growly vox.  Pretty cool actually.

Band: Revenience
Album: Daedalum
Label: Sliptrick records
Female fronted gothy power metal.

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