New stuff this week (3/13/06)

Here’s the weekly new stuff mini-review crap…

First off, a note….
On one of the “new stuff this week” posts a couple weeks ago, someone left a comment that I was an idiot for a review I had… I never claimed these mini-reviews to be the be-all end all review of reviews. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even listen to the whole CD before writing stuff, mostly it’s just first impressions and what it might sound like right away to me. I have always said I suck at writing and well, I suck at reviewing too. Basically this is an outline to go along with what you hear NEW on the radio show this week… or maybe not.

55:08 – 13 Tracks
Well, due to the German language, there will be obvious comparisons to Rammstein. And it’s true. They do sound a bit like them. In my opinion, not as aggressive… but still pretty cool. It’s a “Rammstein” that plays it save.

Son Of Sulphur
33:55 – 12 Tracks
Just all out in your face beginning. An eclectic mix of brutal metal sounds. Typical release from Willowtip though.. great production, good sounding band, yet still underground. The bio sheet says it’s recommended if you like Converge, Mastodon or Botch. It sounds decent and you’ll probably hear this on the pit.

Kill the Client
Escalation of Hostility
29:03 – 15 Tracks
This is a classic sounding grindcore album. A bit muddy, sludgy, fast, brutal and “barney-esque” vocals. If you like the old Napalm Death, you’ll like this!

A Death-Grip On Yesterday
They still have a great sound. Catchy yet brutal in parts. Again, not much groundbreaking material here. Just another solid release. They were announced as one of the 2nd stage headliners on Ozzfest this summer, so they seem to be going places. I do feel the urge to go to hot topic during these whiney chorus parts!

Cannibal Corpse
“Kill” 3 Song Sampler
Metal Blade
8:31 – 3 Tracks
How can you not like Cannibal Corpse? haha. Just plain heavy brutal death metal like it should be. Corpsegrinder really seems to shine on this. It sounds good and brutal. All three tracks are great. You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Your Ghost Is A Gift
Ferret Music
43:04 – 11 Tracks
Produced by Ken from Unearth. (the eat a dick guitar guy) you can tell. It has a similar sound and while it has great crisp sounding production. Nothing new or groundbreaking here and again, clean vocals mixed with growls with slow and brutal parts back and forth.

“I’m American” single

The first single from Operation:Mindcrime 2 smokes! They really don’t let up in this track and from hearing some of the rest of the album, Queensryche comes out saying “we’re back!” It seems like everyone is saying this is their best album since Promised Land and they’re right. This single is probably the heaviest on the album and has enough themes to remind you it’s a sequel to “O:M”

Lacuna Coil
“Our Truth” single
Century Media
6:57 – 2 Tracks (one “hot version” one “cool version”)
From their forthcoming album Karmakode, a good solid track, puts everything that makes Lacuna Coil Lacuna Coil in this track. Good solid music, seems like there’s a lot more female vox than previous efforts, although you know they will market Christina as the main person in this band… understandible! Decent track, we’ll probably play this, but other stations have jumped on it, so probably not for very long.