Jan 062018

Some reviews of more stuff that trickled in since the last “new stuff” post… all releases from 2017

Ike Antz Leap
This is some death metal with a little bit of a thrash groove. Seems like a drum machine supplying the beats, but good stuff.

Band: Saintorment
Album: Defective Mind
Label: More Hate productions
You can never really go wrong with good thrash, and this is it… a heaver fast thrash, good production. Great fast riffing, edgy vox and kind of technical too!

Red Raven Down
Record label: Inverse Records
Kind of a metalcore, but maybe more towards a melodic death as there aren’t really much for breakdowns or emo chorus type stuff. catchy, yet heavy and easy to listen to

Kind of a doom or melodic prog

“His Only Begotten Son (A.D. MMXVII)”
Cursed Order/Self-released
October 31st, 2017
Doomy black metal on this 2 song thing.

Heyoka’s Mirror
“Loss of Contact With Reality”
Self Released
Definitely a prog metal edge on this, a bit of a Devin Townsend/System of a Down type prog metal thing. Cool stuff.

Rastilho Records
October 27th, 2017
Classic catchy heavier/extreme thrash. heavy/brutalish spanish language vox.

Kingdom of Nothingness
Duplicate Records
Classic Black metal.
22 September 2017

I think I’ve seen this on a few people’s best of 2017 list, and I’m glad I finally got it… Progressive death metal, I guess I could compare a bit to Opeth, as there are death growls, classic proggy music, heaver death metal stuff, and melodic stuff.
Nov 11

Use Protection
Self Released
A fun lovin’ hard rock thing, along the lines of a Steel Panther, party fun good times!
(out on November 17th, 2017)

Band: SnakeyeS
Album: Metal Monster
Label: Not on label
Classic metal/thrash type stuff. Catchy riffs, heavy thrash type stuff, but more of a classic just “metal” with a little power metal leaning.
Release date: November 25, 2017

Release: Nevicate
Shattered (single)
Record label: Inverse Records
One track of female fronted Symphonic metal, pretty decent clean vox, heavy-ish music.

Circus Of Power
Noize In The Attic Records
This NYC band has been around a while, from mid-80’s through the 90’s then broke up… and this is now their first album since 1993. A good grooving hard rock
8 December 2017

Nothing to Lose
A little crusty hard rock with a good grooving low end.
Dec 12

Band: De La Muerte
Album: Venganza
Label: Revalve records
Hard to really pigeonhole this one… just a good grooving metal.

Band: Secure
Album: Chasing Rainbows
Label: Not on label
They say alternative metal, and I guess I could hear that, it gets kind of a “solid rock” type metal, and also going into some more melodic hard rock stuff. They’re from Russia, and the heavier stuff has a cool heavy catchy groove.
Release date: November 23, 2017

Album: Med Samme Naal, Under Samme Maane
Style: Black Metal
Label: Myrholt Design
we got this album, along with a bunch of other recordings from the same band. (Singles 2017, Holands Himmelrand EP, The Poe Sessions album) The band dates back to the mid-90’s doing old school Norweigian black metal. Decent grooves, cold, evil sound…
Release date: December 14, 2017

Supremacy of Fire
25th November, 2017
I’d have to file this under melodic death metal, with a pinch of black metal… but some big grooves too

Deep Dark River (side project of Morgan Rider of Vesperia)
(single) – Allure of The Earth (Woods of Ypress cover)
21 December 2017
This is a tribute to the guy from Woods of Ypress that died… kind of just a doomy solo/acoustic vocal single song.

Band: Bridge Of Diod
Album: Of Sinners And Madmen
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: November 30, 2017
Kind of a melodic classic metal, but also some thrashy elements too.

Singles – Apathy of The Immortal, The Last Arbiter, Watchers of Xan
Test Your Metal Records
5 December 2017
A melodic blackened epic death thing, pretty cool stuff, almost like an Opeth meets Dimmu Borgir.

Band: Mass Burial
Album: Breeding Plagues
Label: Immortal Souls Productions
Release date: November 25, 2017
Death metal with a little sludgy groove

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