New Stuff This Week… 1/15/18

Tricounty Terror
Southern fried bluesy hard rockin’ metal type stuff from a 5 piece all female with attitude band. Decent stuff.

The Crown
Iron Crown – radio single
Metal Blade Records
One thing over the years that we’ve learned… The Crown doesn’t fuck around. This single is no different, fast, catchy, heavy and leaves me wanting the rest of the album dammit.

Black Label Society
Grimmest Hits
Entertainment One
A new album with some big doomy bluesy hard rockin stuff. Lots of grooves, a more Sabbath-like sound happening. A lot of BLS’s stuff lately, as been a bit “samey” and I find myself really digging this so far!

earth caller
This kind of reminds me a little bit of a Burning Red era of Machine Head, some good metal stuff, some decent hardcore stuff, but some more like, catchy melodic almost nu-metal stuff. So yeah, by modern standards, this would be a sort of metal core. But it’s a pretty good hardcore base too.

Leaves Eyes
Sign Of THe Dragonhead
AFM Records
I’ve always kind of written this band off as mostly a typical fe-metal thing, operratic female vox, some power metal-ish music. This one seems to get a bit heavier, a bit of a folk metal thing too, also with death metal growls, kind of more into an Epica sound.

Audrey Horne
Napalm Records
Kind of a blusey hard rockin’ stoner metal type thing… This is their 6th album as what started as a side project for some black metal band guy’s side project. Melodic and almost classic rock ish.

Vuur Van Verzet
Napalm Records
Folk metal, but a sort of melodic death thing with Folk… or is it folk with melodic death? whatever, it’s both and it’s catchy, fun and heavy in parts. This band has been around a while and have a good thing going.

Terror Universal
Make Them Bleed
Minus Head Records
This has a guy from Ill Nino, Ahrue from Machine Head. A horror grooving metal thing. A bit of a Slipknot style of metal, kind of heavy, yet accessible and yet heavy too.

Cemetery Preston
Pink Lemonade Records (CD) (asher)
Kind of grindy doom, some sludge, but some grooves too.

The Rapturous Unraveling
Boris Records
Two tracks of good ol Grooving death metal.

Sermon to the Snake
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
A little doom, some hardcore, death metal and grooves. Vox are a little black metal screamy, but overall, this could just be old school death metal, maybe with an Obituary vibe.
18 January 2018

Grotesque Offerings (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Doomy death metal, good slow groove and a dark evil feel.
19 January 2018

I, Voidhanger Records
A split EP of some out there post metal/atmospheric black metal type stuff.
19 January 2018

Frost Giant
The Harlot Star
Transcending Records
I hear some black metal, I hear technical death, I hear melodic death, extreme thrash, even a tiny bit of folk metal. It’s fast and not messing around. good stuff.

We Are All Born Evil
Bleeding Music Records
This is some classic metal/power metal stuff. Good solid standard good ol classic metal.

Dark Hound
A metal band from Nashville… what!? Yeah. Kind of a classic metal/hard rock with some grooves and melodic hooks.

Sonic Prophecy
Savage Gods
Rockshots Records
Kind of a classic metal, good screamy high vox, a bit of a prog/power metal thing going on a little too.

Invocation of Moribund Spirits CD/LP
Blood Harvest
A grooving doomy death metal, heavy, with a bit of a grungy tone. Decent stuff.

Faceless Burial
Grotesque Miscreation CD
Blood Harvest
Death metal… maybe a little gore/grindy.

Rituals Of Black Magic
Scarlet Records
Female fronted prog metal, a bit of a melodic power prog thing happening.

Dustin Behm
The Beyond
Rockshots Records
This is some instrumental prog metal, a little bit like Jeff Loomis’ solo stuff, good grooves and shredding and heavy enough to keep it interesting.

Rockshots Records
Prog metal! A bit melodic death-ish, heavier music, vox are growly and singy, good melodic prog keyboard stuff… Great release for a prog metal fan.

Perfect Beings
We got some prog rock! Not pushing into metal, just good old rock type stuff, Porcupine Tree/ Steven Wilson type stuff.

Band: Concrete Eden
Album: Left
Label: NRT Records
Hardcore/Nu Metal from Austria. Kind of a neat throwback thing, production is vocal centered. A fun listen.

Luciferian Insectus
Zal van Beherit
Label: Apollyon Entertainment
Blackened death metal, a bit more on the black metal side of things with some evil happenings.

Crimson Devils
A Taste For Blood
Good bluesy stoner metal with some monster grooves. Short catchy songs.

Haunted by Rock & Roll
EMP Label Group
A classic metal here also poking into a little thrash in parts, some bluesy metal in parts, and vox getting screamy in parts, regular singing, and growling here and there too. Cool stuff.

Band: Mile
Album: The World In Focus
Label: Rambo Music
This band has a classic metal feel, but also maybe a little thrash and melodic metal, catchy grooves are going on good too.

I’d have to throw this on the Melodic death pile. Maybe a bit of a thrashy feel working into more melodic death

Restus Corpus
Self Released
Some South American thrash music with death metal vox from April of 2017. Production is a little raw.

Bleeding Gods
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
A Dutch band that has a bit of an epic blackened death metal thing going on. Think Behemoth with a tiny bit of Dimmu Borgir.

Nadir Music
This Albanian band is a little bit thrash, some groove metal, some little doom things going on, as it’s a little downtempo in parts… Overall, it’s kind of a melodic groove metal that’s kind of accessible.

Buck Tow Truck
Death Wields A Six String
Self Released
A sort of classic metal, heavy hard rock, production is ok, a bit of a horror/doom feel too.

Storm of Particles
Gaea Hypothesis
Self Released
I’d have to say this one falls into Melodic death, a good set of meedly melodic guitars with some death growls all on metal that’s not brutal, not just power metal, a good center of melodic death.

Thunderbolt [Single]
Silver Lining Music
Solid classic metal. These guys stand the test of time, and another good effort here on this single.

Blood and Brutality
Decor Macabre
Self Released
As the band name suggests, this could be brutal and maybe gory… and well, these guys have the perfect name, because it’s a bit gore metal with brutal death metal and monster grooves, even melodic in some parts. But mostly brutal classic death metal.

“The Great Homage Night” Single
A classic metal, maybe a NYOBHM type sound.