New Stuff This Week… 1/22/18

Mammoth Grinder
Cosmic Crypt
Classic death metal, a bit grindy, a little atmospheric (in the vox effects) Other than that, just full on old school death metal.

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals
Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue
A sort of extreme metal, a little death/blackened grind sound musically, with classic Phil’s vox

The Mastery
Metal Blade
Gritty German deathy thrash metal. Catchy, brutal, heavy thrash. great stuff.

Pounding The Pavement
Solid classic metal as they always do… a little Motorhead feeling… decent stuff.

Between The Buried And Me
Condemned To The Gallows (Single)
New record deal, new album/single… this is more proggy than older stuff, it seems like they are getting a big more prog metal and less metalcore-ish. There’s extreme vox, clean vox. a lot of laid back stuff too.

Orphaned Land
Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Century Media Records
Usually this is Folky melodic death metal. There are some heavier parts, but mostly laid back melodic stuff with a middle eastern vibe… as I listen more, the symphonic and middle eastern stuff usually morph into some more heavier proggy melodic death type stuff too.

Argonauta Records
A solid stoner metal grungy groove happening here.

Machine Head
Nuclear Blast USA
A lot of press about this… well, I have to say, Machine Head is great and all, but I think the last few albums were getting a bit to almost power ballad-y… and songs were too long. From what I’ve heard so far, (a couple singles), theres still a bit clean vox, down tempo power ballad-parts, but not staying too long. Maybe almost going to a Supercharter/Burning Red sound, but not all ‘rappy” we’ll see.

Lady Death
Century Media Records
I just have a single, but this is some doomy proggy melodic metal, maybe a little blackened doom feel too. Would be nice to hear more.

Captain Morgan’s Revenge (10th Anniversary)
Napalm Records
Always entertaining fast, folky drinking metal. Catchy and fun!

Napalm Records
Blackened doom. Extreme vox, mostly a melodic blackened sound, but there’s a bit of a post-metal doomy feel, some tracks get going in more of a death metal direction. Seems a bit more straightforward and not as folky as their previous releases

Fallen Utopia
Cursed Records
Full on brutal classic death metal, chugga chugga grooves with coookie monster vox, a little peekaboo into black metal here and there too.

Cavern of Foul Unbeings
Memento Mori
Good solid brutal death metal, with some great grooves and riffage

Somali Yacht Club
The Sea
Robustfellow Prods
Normally on an atmospheric post metal, it’d be thumbs down and “NEXT” this seems to have a little prog going on… a bit of a stoner metal vibe while all instrumental and mostly background music, it’s got enough interesting to keep listening.

Sewer Fiends
Memento Mori
This is some brutal death metal, old school feel with big grooves, a little bit of a low budget production feel, maybe a little blackened death thing going on too.

Rock This World
Fighter Records
CLassic metal / power metal. GOod riffs, catchy tunes, just good old big voice hard rockin’ metal.

Netherstorm (CD, LP)
Werewolf Records
Some classic atmospheric, fast old school black metal..

Black Space Riders
Amoretum Vol. 1
Black Space Records
A bit of a stoner metal, a bit of a doomy thing too, maybe a little bit of a rock prog thing.

Abrasive Pulmonic Speak
Self Released
Kind of a thrashy/heavy groove metal. Abrasive screamed vox, great catchy grooves and a little bit of hardcore thing too.

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Sludgey blackened doom

The Communion (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
26 January 2018

At the Announcement (CD, LP, TAPE)
The Sinister Flame / Hells Headbangers
26 January 2018

Osmose Productions
Blackened death metal, some melodic death, some technicality, some evil dark type stuff too.

The Dead Centuries
Race Against Time
Seems to be all instrumental, and just a classic metal… a bit proggy which will happen with any sort of metal instrumental, good drumming, guitar work, etc.

Record label: Inverse Records
Symphonic/Epic power/prog metal. Stays pretty heavy with that epic feel but also does get into some power ballad type stuff too.

This One Goes To 11
High Roller Records
A hard rockin’ stoner metal thing with a little bit of a punk and classic rock thing

Earth Made Flesh
Record label: Inverse Records
Atmospheric Black Metal, fast and creepy

Seas of Oblivion
black metal and maybe a bit of a more modern black metal with a classic feel. A bit technical and brutal too.

Painted Black
Raging Light
Self Released
Kind of a gothy hard rock, a bit laid back, chilled out (older middle-times) Moonspell type thing.

Escaping Amenti
Self Released
This is a bit metalcore, a bit modern groove metal, it’s catchy, gets a little sing-a-long-ish