New Stuff this week… 9/22/08

Amon Amarth
Twilight of the Thunder God
Twilight of the Thunder God
Metal Blade
43:28 – 10 Tracks
Well, it’s been a couple years since their last album, which was like, way super good.  This one has all of the metal that the last one did, but throw in a lil more melody, a little moreblack metal, a little more everything actually.  This album has it all and the production is top notch.

Hollow Corp.
Cloister of Radiance
56:48 – 8 Tracks
Actually this is pretty similar to the Amon Amarth… similar as in like, genre… catchy, dark, but yet, not all depressing.  Simliar vocal style, music, heaviness, etc.

43:59 – 8 Tracks
It’s always neat when I get a CD from a national promotions company from a local band.  It shows someone is trying!  This new album is pretty well put together, some great catchy stoner metal going on here.  Definitely worthy of airplay, even if they weren’t from Madison!

K Scope
52:42 – 10 Tracks
Back in the day, these guys had something metal happening, nowadays, I’m not sure what to call them.   But well, this just does not fit into what one would call Metal.  It’s a lot of pianos, singing, etc.   Take Opeth’s Damnation CD and tone it down from there even.  Meh.

Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
I Have Made My Bed In Darkness
63:26 – 12 Tracks
I guess this could be considered “experimental” as it’s spacey in parts, but also just kicks into some pretty cool prog-ish metal.  I guess they say it’s for fans of Mr. Bungle, BTBAM and Dillinger Escape Plan.   It’s almost like old GOOD Incubus in parts too.   It’s something different than everything else lately, so it might just get on the air!

Devil’s Slingshot
40:10 – 9 Tracks
Billy Sheehan (Bass), Tony MacAlpine (Guitar) and Virgil Donati (Drums) make up this instrumental trio… Great to have this kind of release after all these years without anything like it!  These guys are no stranger to albums like this, as they all have done them before, usually with Derek Sherinian or their own projects, etc.  It’s not completely metal, it’s more like hard rock, with some jazzy infusion stuff, but overall, it’s like one of those Steve Vai instrumental type things.  You’ll hear some of this on the Mosh Pit!

Marty Friedman
Exhibit A Live In Europe
61:27 – 16 Tracks
After hearing some of Marty’s other solo stuff, at first thought I figured this would be some new agey stuff with maybe some hard rock leanings…. nope!  It’s got some metal shredding going on… well, not endless wanky noodley shreddy stuff… Friedman’s guitar playing is usually fairly melodic with of course lots of meedly meedly, but with rhythm.  He’s got Ron Jarzombek playing another guitar on this live recording… the songs are structured all nice.  I’d have to say this is definitely more “metal” than the Devil’s Slingshot!   Of course there are some slower songs on here, but overall, it’s a catchy “instru-metal” disc.

Death Magnetic
Warner Bros.
74:46 – 10 Tracks
The most reviewed album of like the last 5 years, and now it’s my turn?   Well, I’ve had a few weeks to listen to this, and it’s grown on me quite a bit.  The songs are catchy, have some great guitar work, and this is probably about as good as Metallica is going to get… relative to their heyday.   The production/mixing on this album is horrible.  Just about everything is maxed out to the point of distortion.  How can this happen?   The mix is a little weird too… I don’t really care for how the vocals seem to be their own entity instead of mixing in with the music.  These guys could really use Andy Sneap, or I’d love to hear Devin Townsend turn this into a wall of sound.  I’m sure they are going for the “raw” sound on purpose… it’s not nearly as bad as St. Anger, but still not as great as it can be… especially with technology in this day and age.  Still… it’s good stuff and You’ll hear it on the Mosh Pit.