New Stuff this week… 9/29/08

There are a lot of new releases this week, so some of the reviews will be pretty short!

At The Edge of the World
Driven Music Group
79:26 – 18 Tracks
Well, as expected, this is more of a “solid rock” release.  I guess this could be called the new “nu-metal”.  Melodic choruses, just plain ol hard rock type stuff and really, just not mosh pit material.

Sonic Syndicate
Love and Other Disasters
Nuclear Blast
40:23 – 10 Tracks
This works for fans of Soilwork and bands like that, with a melodic yet brutal thrashy sound.  However, there is a bit of metalcore – emoness built into some parts of song.  It’s not all totally whiney emo, but musically you can almost see some kids doing karate moves and stuff.

43:32 – 10 Tracks
This makes a good mix of some thrash stuff, but heavy catchy almost Pantera-ish metal.  The vox are more on the scream/growl variety, there are some breakdowns, and they are very good brutal chugga chugga… but then throw in a little melodic part here and there to keep it “real” or something.  Overall, it’s a good thrash/metal record, pretty dynamic and produced well.

Bleeding Through
46:14 – 12 Tracks
Formerly pioneers of all that is metalcore, this album seems to kick it up a notch.  It’s a bit darker, and a wall of sound thanks to production by Devin Townsend.  It’s more brutal, deathy, a bit symphonic and makes you want to break things.

The Tide Will Swallow Us All
55:02 – 10 Tracks
At the most basic level, this is a metalcore band, but this album is anything but basic.  I’d have to throw in experimental too.  The vocals are fairly abrasive, the music is for the most part, metalcore, but also, a bit proggy, and as the CD progresses, not as heavy and/or metal.

Anthem For The Broken Hearted
31:12 – 10 Tracks
Well, I heard how great these guys were on the phone today, and they’ve sold a bozillion records worldwide, but not in the US because they haven’t had an English language album yet.  Now they do, and well, while this might be a good CD, it’s not really even close to being metal.  It’s almost ska!  It’s just a plain ol rock album with some catchy music, but sorry, no metal here!

Wykked Wytch
Suffering EP
9:56 – 2 Tracks
This is a song from their most recent album and an “iTunes single,”  the single is a cover of Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life”  The other track is probably something I played when the album was more current.  Fairly brutal black/death/thrash metal with female vox… sounding similar to Cradle of Filth.   The cover is almost funny… music starts slow, with vocals being pretty much a caricature of itself, all “black metal” sounding over quiet music.  However, it is neat to hear a heavier version of this huge “sellout” song.  It was a catchy song, but I don’t know if it should really be covered.

Holy Moses
Agony of Death
69:30 – 12 Tracks
Female fronted heavy thrash band Holy Moses is back with their 11th album!  You kind of have a bit of an Exodus/Overkill music sound here, but the vocals are more brutal, and it just has a darker feel than just standard old-school thrash.  You could almost picture this being a more raw Arch Enemy album… of course for me it’s hard to compare to Arch Enemy… but this is catchy thrash with some almost brutal female vocals… so that’s how I can compare!  You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

“Do What You Do” Single
7:08 – 2 Tracks
It’s Mudvayne… what can you say, it’s not “old” Mudvayne, but more like, um, new emo Mudvayne… nothing really special or “cool” in these two tracks.   These songs tend to be “safe” to me, no real limits being pushed like they used to do.  Hey, I guess when you get older, you try harder to make things “perfect”  This to me means, not really gonna get airplay on Metal Radio, but a lot of play on other stations!

Invasions of the Mind
Bridge Nine
27:37 – 11 Tracks
Well, I’d have to call this emo-core.  Some decent fast-ish music with some occasional abrasive vocals, but overall, emo emo emo singy singy… Ugh.   Track length is short, so maybe I’ll play something so you can share in what I have to hear.  I guess it’s that punk-ish emo type stuff.  It’s just not all that great for the Mosh Pit!

The Last Alliance
53:46 – 11 Tracks
“Epic Fantasy Metal”  Clean female vocals mixed with the occasional death/black metal growl, along with symphonic, keyboard heavy dark metal.  Some tracks kick it up a notch with heavy and catchiness, others turn it down a notch.   I’d like to maybe play more tracks, but after track 4, they all have voiceovers!

The Healing
51:00 – 13 Tracks
Some brutalcore?   It’s thrashy, deathy, catchy… of course the Napalm records genre says “Modern Metal”  I guess that could mean, “new wave of brutal metal core”  They are from Austria, so maybe they know Austrain Death Machine?   Actually it is almost similar to ADM, as it’s brutal, heavy, and catchy as I mentioned.  Unfortunately there are voiceovers on this too, everything past track 5 is ruined.

47:08 – 10 Tracks
Some pretty cool old school sounding Black metal  “Pagan Black Metal” on the Napalm rap sheet.  Some good melodic guitar work, heavy dark evil vocals, and just all out stuff that black metal should be!

Misery Index
11 Tracks
Heavy, brutal, grindy, and concise.  The concise part is not normally what you get on Relapse records, a lot of their roster tends to mess around a lot, this gets you right to the point without fucking around.  This is the kind of metal we need to have more of.  🙂

Marya Roxx
21?! The EP
14:25 – 4 Tracks
This is some hard rock type stuff with female vocals.  Catchy guitars, decent songs, there are only 4 tracks on this EP, but I think I could manage to play something… it’s got an 80’s 90’s throwback sound, but still kinda modern!