New Stuff This Week… 7/23/18

Jungle Rot
Jungle Rot
You just can’t go wrong with Jungle Rot. They’re from Wisconsin, they have stood the test of time, classic big grooving death metal, and why not have a new album too right? We just have 3 tracks so far and all are great stuff.

Long Night’s Journey into Day
Metal Blade Records
They now have a new singer for some reason, but after many years of Ray Alder, they now have Tom Englund (of Evergrey) on lead vox… This new album contunues their tradtion of good solid textbook prog metal. Great stuff, probably not as I guess “unique” as with Ray Alder, I think it’s right up there.

The Amity Affliction
“Ivy (Doomsday)”
This is our go to make fun of band for all we don’t really like about modern metal core… really heavy stuff, then a really really whiney chorus song ruiner… well this single is more of a modern metal power ballad type thing through and through. Probably something we might skip :/

“World War Me”/”I Am The Storm”
Blackseven Records
NYC Hardcore… good hardcore edge with a little bit of a thrash thing too. (just 2 songs so far)

Pig Destroyer
“Army of Cops”
A single of grooving death metal with that little pinch of grindy vox

Ocean Of Illusions
Diamond Records
This is some technical blackened death metal. A bit of a full almost a little Epic sound, some great guitar work, super fast drumming and extreme vox. Looking forward to more of this!

Dee Snider
For THe Love Of Metal
Napalm Records
This is some good solid hard rock type stuff. Catchy music, good classic metal, and the voice!

Derek Smalls
Smalls Change “Meditations Upon Ageing”
A new album from the Spinal Tap Bassist… leaving the ‘tap behind to channel his big bottoms with a slew of guest musicians. A fun classic metal/hard rock thing with a fully produced sound… it’s somewhat of a concept album about getting old.

Michael Romeo
War Of THe Worlds Pt. I
Mascot Label Group
From the mind of Symphony X is pretty much a Symphony X album without as much Symphony and Russell Allen. Same general crunchy proggy power metal as Symphony X, but maybe a bit more straightforward metal and to the point.

Ironcore Resistance
For The Fallen
Pavement Entertainment
A modern “Classic” metal, a bit of a groove, nothing too thrashy, brutal, deathy, etc. Doesn’t really have a classic like, Priest sound, more of something new with big riffs, a pinch of a pantera type groove.

Army To Your Party (Single)
D1 Music
Pretty much as I remember these guys… electronic/industrial/alt-metal/nu-metal type stuff. And that’s just from a single!

Aparthiva Raktadhara
Agyat Ishvar 7″ EP
Iron Bonehead
a couple tracks of lo-fi crazy fast black metal

The Chthonic Rituals
Memento Mori
Brutal blackened death metal. Cold black metal attitude over some brutal death metal. A big full wall of brutal, evil sound.

Deidades del inframundo
Dunkelheit Produktionen
Classic death metal, a little dark doom feel, otherwise, just classic brutal death metal.

Drawn and Quartered
The One Who Lurks
Krucyator Productions
Brutal old school death metal. A little melodic stuff, but mostly sludgey brutal death metal.

Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
HEre we got some fast blackened death metal, it’s good black metal, it’s good death metal, fast, in your face, with catchy grooves and brutal too. All the good stuff about both black and death metal are all here and done well. good stuff!

Fire Whiplash (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Kind of a raw speed metal, a bit thrashy with a little punky feel. screamy female vox round out this extreme thrashy sound.

Ruinous Ensoulment
Unspeakable Axe Records
If I had to pick a similar band, I’d probably throw Behemoth out there… brutal, a bit black metal, fast and intense with no fucking around. Great stuff.

Dis Orcus
Somnambulistic Visions
Forever Plagued
Dark doomy black metal. Gurgly/shrieky black metal vox, a slower doomy sound.

The Spectre of Lonely Souls
Unspeakable Axe Records
A bit black metal, a bit thrash, catchy grooves sometimes too, but vox are harsh with a gallopy speed thrash thing going on. good stuff.

We of Scorn (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Good ol classic grooving death metal. Good stuff!!

Black Space Riders
Amoretum Vol. 2
Black Space Records / Cargo Records
Some classic hard rock with some grooves, a big of a grungy stoner metal sound.

Return of Primordial Stillness
Signal Rex
Some long noisy post-metal stuff.

Ancient Hermetic Purity
Signal Rex
Classic old school screamy lo-fi-ish black metal, a bit of a post-metal wall of noise feel too.

Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare
This has an experimental post-metal feeling to it… kind of doomy, with some fast melodic black metal parts, some post metal noise, some just doomy stuff…

The Endless Howling Abyss
Craneo Negro Records / Nameless Grave Records
Some fairly straightforward blackened death, a bit basic, some meedly meedly harsh growls..

Spread Cruelty In The Abyss (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
This has an old school black metal feel, but a bit more with some extreme thrash holding it together… definitely cold/evil black metal sound, just a bit thrashy i guess.

Flood Peak
Plagued by Sufferers
Melodic post metal, but a bit more technical and proggy… It seems like there’s lots going on, going from heavier parts to lighter stuff, vox are kind of buried

Traveler / Coronary
Traveler / Coronary
Gates of Hell Records
Traveler is kind of a doomy almost King Diamond thing. Coronary, is kind of an old school metal/thrash thing. As a guy that isn’t really a fan of “split” eps, both sides of this one are pretty good.

Lower Automation
Shoebox Companion
An experimental Dillinger Escape Plan/SOAD type thing. A bit crazy, proggy, metalcore-ish. They say “mathpunk/noise” and there’s a bit of that going on too.

Return of Primordial Stillness
Signal Rex
A kind of old school black metal. A couple really long tracks, a little bit of a groove, but overall, lots of shriking and repetetive riggages.

Ritual Aesthetic
Wound Garden
Cleopatra Records
This is interesting, it’s kind of an industrialized lite black metal. Has a classic industrial metal feel, but a bit of a black metal fear factory feeling too.

Kikis A. Apostolou
Phases of Time
Self Released
Mostly an instrumental classic metal, kind of a proggy power metal. Catchy good guitar work… a song or two have power metal vox.

Return to Void
Memory Shift: The Day After
Pitch Black
Here we have a melodic metal, kind of a standard hard rock/metal type thing. Great hooks, catchy toons, Some heavier stuff, mostly good hard driving crunchy rock, maybe bordering on some prog metal with the keyboards and stuff.

Dizzy Mystics
Diamond Duller (single)
This is more of an alternative rock thing. I should probably listen to stuff before I put the download list together. I guess it’s a bit proggy in the rock department, a lot of crazy drum timing and stuff going on… but still probably not for the metal show.

This is cool, because this is a remastered version of their album that came out in May… This is the limited edition package for the vinyl release… This vinyl release comes out on Sept 7. Well, I never got the original, so, here we are with the review of the album in general!… So, we got some brutal progressive blackened death metal. SOme fast and furious playing, brutal vox going into some more melodic catchy headbanging metal stuff too. Great stuff!!

Release: Dark Archive
Record label: Inverse Records
This is an epic black metal type thing. Epic? why epic? big symponic keyboard sound.
Between the Buried and Me
“Voice of Trespass” (Single)
This track is kind of proggy jazz metal if you can imagine that, then getting into the brutal proggy goodness that you expect from BTBAM. Wow.

Future Cult
Season of Mist
A bit of a doomy creepy (has some creepy synth type sounds), a bit black metal, some post metal grindy stuff too. Otherwise, it’s generally melodic post-black metal.