New Stuff This Week…7/30/18

Hard to be objective on this when I’m a big fan. I just love their style of catchy/thrashy/cleanly produced metal… on top of that, they are just telling hilarious, goofy stories in their lyrics. Believe it or not, the first track reminds me of an epic Dimmu Borgir track. Great stuff… and on top of it, they were going to announce “details” of their album last Tuesday night and announced that the album was done and on sale that night! Pretty neat.

“Final Resolve”
Another single from these doomy black metallers… good grooves

Ocean Of Illusions
Ocean of Illusions EP
Diamond Records
Last week we just had a single, now we have the full EP. it’s kind of an Epic blackend brutalcore thing. Keyboards adding an ethereal background with machine gun guitar/drum riffs… harsh blackened death shrieks and growls.

Band: Paganland
Album: XX Years of Paganland [Live album]
Label: Azermedoth Records
Folky Pagan black metal on this live album. Of course, live this is heavier and pretty cool I haven’t really seen/heard too many blackened folk metal bands live (not really a USA thing, right?) This sounds pretty damn good!

“Bad Listener” (Metal Track) “Disease” (Active ROck)
Red Bull
Sort of a hardcore/nu metal/modern metal. Good catchy stuff, nice edge. One song is pretty metal, the other is well, more active rock and lots more “singy”

Kult 45
We all know Otep and how her albums general have an “Arty” quality to them, but also a hardcore nu-metal-ish sound. For the most part, the songs are crunchy, heavy, but some of those melodic breaks… overall, it’s otep-core and pretty decent.

Lord Of The Lost Disc I & II
Napalm Records
A Gothy/industrialized modern metal, kind of a Volbeat meets FFDP

Hammer Down Hard
Total Annihilation
A standard classic metal type thing with some good heavier crunchy grooves, then settling in a bit more for the full song. Decent stuff.

Halcyon Way
Bloody But Unbowed
Agonia Records
Kind of a classic metal, a bit thrashy, some big grooves and tech/proggy too! I’ve been a fan of these guys since seeing them open for UDO a few years back. Great stuff.

Metalapolis Records
classic hard rock with a bit of that 90’s AOR sound.

Into Eternity
The Sirens
Their first album with their new female singer… music is the same heavy progressive death metal type stuff they’ve done, haven’t skipped a beat (they were ahead of their time anyway!)… Stu Block has some big vocal shoes to fill and this Amanda Kiernan fills them perfect with a mix of harsh and clean vox. Great stuff!

Exorcise (single)
Rockshots Records
Proggy power metal on this 3 song EP, A good heavy edge with some clean power metal type vox.

Siege Column
Inferno Deathpassion LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Brutal blackened death metal with some “meh” production.

Moenen of Xezbeth
Ancient Spells of Darkness… LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
A creepy (creepy keyboard sounds) old school doomy black metal.

Sissy Spacek
Ways of Confusion LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Just shy of 40 tracks on here. Blast beaty, grindy brutal fast songs all mostly clocking in at under 30 seconds!

Get Killed or Try Dying
Xtreem Music
Some typical death metal, shouty vox, grooving brutal-ish music.

Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
Kind of a melodic death metal, yet blackened death going on. Good stuff.

Classic grooving death metal.

Void Rot
Consumed By Oblivion
Everlasting Spew Records
I’d have to call this some post-metal doomy death metal. Slow tempo, dark, depressing and well, steadily depressing.

Human Hecatomb
Redefining Darkness Records
Extreme thrash with oh, say blackened thrash, raw and fast, almost grindy but then you can get shifted into some doomy grooves too. Cool stuff.

Band: Bastian
Album: Grimorio
Label: Sliptrick records
Hard rock pushing into metal with some big grooves, otherwise, a decent catchy classic metal with a nice big voice

Umbra Regit
Morbid Skull Records
3 songs of blackened death metal. it’s a bit raw, but brutal and yeah, even a bit catchy in its melodic evilness

Event Relentless
Event Relentless EP
This is kind of a melodic death but a bit of a modern metal feel.

Samuli Federley
Dymanic instrumental which is hard to put a genre label on. It gets a little heavier, goes to acoustic melodic, some doomy post metal, middle eastern… all sorts of neat stuff mixed into a 4 song ep.