New Stuff This Week…9/10/18

Book Of Bad Decisions
Classic clutch.. one of the best at what they do… catchy as hell stoner metal, and really they seem to be their own Genre at this point. “What’s it sound like?” “clutch…” “is it new?” “yeah!” “cool, gimme more!”

The Ocean
Permian: The Great Dying – single
Metal Blade Records
This single, is 9 mins of a melodic doomy proggy stoner type stuff. pretty cool and chill.

Grave Digger
The Living Dead
Napalm Records
This band has been around a long time, they do their classic metal/power metal well and it hasn’t changed much… good stuff.

Existential Void Guardian
Napalm Records
A bit doomy, a bit of a scream-core but with some pretty big monster groovin’ riffs.

Overtures of Blasphemy
Century Media Records
You know, you’d think Deicide would be stale old had by now, but they just keep upping the ante with more brutal classic death metal, and hell, probably even more technical than before… Great stuff.

Dream Child
Until Death Do We Meet Again
Frontiers SRL
This is some great classic metal with a strong Rainbow/Dio vibe.

Atomic Highway
Another classic metal/power metal thing… cool catchy music, high energy, but not too heavy.

Blood Upon the Altar LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions / Ross Bay Cult
Grindy brutal death metal, a pinch of a doomy gloomy feel.

The Spectral Wars
Xtreem Music
Grooving death metal with a bit of a doom feel… Good bit of a stoner death feel.

Silent Witness
Snow Wave Records
Melodic death metal, good groove with a pinch of an amon amarth, a tiny thrashy feel, cool stuff!

Ominous Eclipse
Brutal death metal, with a little little tiny bit of blackend death, good chugga chugga metal with some big grooves and technicality too.

Svart Records
This is some really good brutal death metal, great grooves, heavy and brutal and yeah, catchy melodic stuff too

Album: Warmageddon
Label: M-Theory Audio
Melodic thrashy stuff, reminds me a bit of Metal Church, cool stuff.

Panoptic Horror
Edged Circle Productions
This has a good mix of sludgey stoner metal, thrash, extreme/blackish metal too. A big meaty wall of heavy sound with high energy and grooves.

Praise of Satan (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
Classic old school black metal, a big doomy/creepy with some echoey shouted/screamed vox.

The Offering: Side 1 (EP)
Monster grooves, stoner metal, along the lines of Corrosion of Conformity, catchy grooves man!

The Human Race Extinction
AFM Records
Female fronted prog metal, pretty straightforward, a decent heaviness and technicality… Nothing too fancy, nor too light.

Blood Eel
Black metal, a bit post-metal in parts, but mostly straightforward regular ol black metal.

Band: Osmium Guillotine
Album: A Million To One
Genre: Heavy Metal
Some classic metal, a NWOBHM feel, maybe a bit heavier and a punky attitude.

Indie Recordings
A grooving alt-rock thing… bordering stoner rock, vox make it more alt-indie rock though.

Witch King
Voice of the Ossuary CD/LP
Blood Harvest
Brutal wall of grindy blackened death metal. Sludgey production.

Meadows End
Black Lion Records
Melodic death metal with keyboard stuff going on, good blast beating groove, nice melodic symphonic stuff to make it more “epic”, harsh vox Good stuff!

Wowk Otrr
Morbid Skull Records
Classic black metal, great heavy brutal thing going on, classic meedly guitars, harsh creepy vox

Disaster Imminent
Svart Records
This has an old school raw thrash thing going on.

Avantgarde Music
Melodic black metal, a symphonic epic feeling going on too… cool stuff.

Psyclon Nine
Icon of the Adversary
Self REleased
Extreme/black metal style vox, and musically it’s just about full on industrial metal

The Crotals
Tenacity Music
A sort of doomy extreme sludgey thing…

Soul In Sanctuary
Sliptrick Records
This is a little doom, a little power metal, a little classic metal, a bit of sludge, some classic just metal…

this one we got some more of a commercial hard rock/metal with male and female vox. A little bit of a Lacuna Coil thing going on as they have a big polished produced sound with the male and female vox.

The Alive
We are Rock and Roll
Eternal Sound Records
here we have some basic straightforward rock/hard rock, just as the album title says!

Under The Moonlight
Doom Stew Records
Big Doomy stoner metal over two 7+ minute tracks… decenet riffage, vox are a bit on the screamy/shouty vox side. decent stuff.

Dark Buddha Rising
The Black Trilogy
Svart Records
3 older albums and their demo are now re-released… kind of a pschedelic sludgey doom stoner metal thing. usually stuff onm this label is pretty meh, but lately they’ve gotten away from all shoegazey blah and have some more interesting stuff that makes me look up! hah.