Feb 092019

The Onlooker
Season of Mist Underground Activists
8 February 2019
A sort of old school black metal, cold, harsh, depressing, fast playing but yet that depressing dark feel.

Suzi Quatro
”No Soul/No Control”
just some standard female fronted rock/hard rock… can’t say it’s in the metal realm… maybe a bit of a blues hard rock vibe.

”Blood Eagle”
3DOT Recordings
Just a single, but this is some cool crazy tech death metalcore type stuff… I can’t say it’s too much different of what I know this band for… and that’s good!

John Diva and The Rockets of Love
Mama Said Rock is Dead
This has that early 90’s hard rock/aor thing going on… pretty good if you were around for that kind of stuff (like me)… nowadays, not sure if the kids will be going for this stuff… hehe

Nuclear Blast USA
This first single, “The Raven Child” track 4 features Hansi Kursch and Jorn Lande… can it get better for power metal vocalists? This 11 minute epic has these two guests and Tobias Sammet on lead vox (he’s the leader of this supergroup project thing) Great symphonic power metal stuff.

Visions Of Atlantis
The Deep And The Dark (Live)
Napalm Records
Another epic power metal band… this one is a live album of their latest tour… Good solid euro female/metal vox power metal… and a great live production.

Hunters Moon (Live)
Napalm Records
More epic symphonic power metal! This is an EP with just this single so far (“Masters of Destiny”) full epic symphonic sound, great female vox… EP seems to be a mix of new and live tracks.

The Infection
Time To Heal
This one sounds like some classic metal with a little bit of a power metal vocal style… musically it’s a good solid general just “metal” sound

Wings Of War
Nuclear Blast USA
Just a single so far, but damn, these guys can just really do no wrong, fast catchy grooving thrash with Blitz’ unmistakeable vocals. Bring on the Overkill!

Walls Of Blood
Metalville Records
Good crunchy metal from Glen Drover’s new project featuring different vocaists… Ripper Owens, Todd LaTorre (really shines here!), Chuck Billy and more… classic metal with more of a heavier groove. Great stuff!

Critical Defiance
Unspeakable Axe Records
Feb 9
Thrashy melodic metal from Chile! Catchy riffs, cool edge, lots of stuff going on too, they got a bit of a technicality that makes them stand out a bit.

Midnight Terrors – Out February 12, 2019
Sliptrick Records
12 February 2019
A classic metal, thrashy thing with some proggy technical stuff too, cool stuff!!

Egregors of the Black Faith
Morbid Skull Records / Hell Productions
13 February 2019
Some classic super speed thrash with a bit of a black metal feel… cool stuff!

Indie Recordings
15 February 2019
Starts off with some good brutal blackned death like a Behemoth and branches into some pretty cool melodic death stuff too. great stuff.

Lethal Desire (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
15 February 2019
Raw heavy thrashy hardcore grooves.

In The Fire
Volatile Beings
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on February 15th)
Mix a little classic metal with some extreme thrash and maybe a pinch of melodic death/black metal.. you have a great full mix of great metal.

Crystal Lake
SharpTone Records
15 February 2019
Here’s a technical metal death core type thing. Good n heavy, brutal with a bit of an almost proggy tech death thing going on… from Tokyo Japan!

Conspiracy Theorist – Out Feb 15, 2019
15 February 2019
Brutal death metal, great full grooves and head banging catchiness too.

Empyrée 12″ MLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
15 February 2019
A heavy black metal, mostly a classic black metal sound, a bit of a melodic groove, but the vox stay pretty shrieky creepy… cooooold guitars… decent stuff.

Departure Chandelier
Antichrist Rise to Power LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
15 February 2019
Classic black metal, melodic, distorted cold, more of a laid back keyboard thing… not just full on blast beat quickness… A little raw on the production side.

Nomenclature Diablerie
888 12″ MLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
15 February 2019
2 song EP, mostly blackened death, mostly doomy pace, and a couple of fast and speedy spots track 2

Ross (Pocc)
Sing, Guslar!
Ordo MCM
15 February 2019
old 1990’s demo stuff of very raw, basic punky doomy russian rock.

Fallen Legion
Downfall (EP) – Release Date: May 18, 2018
18 May 2018
A thrashy kind of groove metal, a little bit of a Lamb of God, some more laid back grooves, and techy metalcore stuff too.

Mañana No Será Otro Día Igual
Tenacity Music
7 December 2018
Thrashy spanish language groove metal. Harsh growly vox, but big meaty grooves.

Colossus Fall
Tenacity Music
25 January 2019
Catchy heavy thrashy grooving death metal.

Album: Individual
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: February 8th, 2019
A little bit death, some thrash, melodic death, lots of cool stuff going on.

Rise of Discontent
31 January 2019
Noisy black metal/post metal type stuff.

Almøst Human
Label: Fastball Music / Normosis Records
Release date: 01-02-2019
Kind of a hard rock modern metalcore type thing.

Band: Of Spire & Throne
Album: Penance
Label: Aesthetic Death
Release date: December 8th, 2018
Sludgey deathy doom metal

Destroyers Of All
The Vile Manifesto
Label: Mosher Records
Release date: 02-02-2019
Proggy death/thrash metal, fast, catchy, technical and brutal too!… great stuff

Self-Titled – Released October 12, 2018
12 October 2018
Brutal grooving death metal. Quick short tracks with punishing riffs and drumming… really makes you want to bust some shit up in the pit.

Album: Me, Us and Them
Label: Revalve records
Release date: February 8th, 2019
This is got some proggy stuff, black metal, a bit of a dark doomy feel.

Living The Fire
The New One
Label: Self-released
This German band has a little bit of a groovy thrash/classic metal with some cool classic screamy over the top vox.

La Fine Cresce Da Dentro
Relapse Records
Brutal death metal with a little bit of a grind and yeah, even slowing down for a little melody too… but not too much, songs are short and fast!

Ysbryd (Germany)
Purity Through Fire
11 February 2019
Classic old school cold, harsh, raw, lo-fi-ish black metal.

Artist: Mastord
Album: Trail Of Consequence
Genre: Progressive Metal
Album release date: February 14th 2019
A classic prog metal sound… vox are a little like Jorn, with a little rasp, with some of that typical keyboard/guitar/drum work that you hear in cool prog metal

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