Jul 212019

Metal Blade Records
Dark and doomy polish black/death metal, pushing a little into a post metal area too… but vox and music does stay heavy too

Killswitch Engage
I Am Broken Too – radio single
Metal Blade Records
As with the first single, it is definitly KsE, but this has a bit of a modern power ballad thing going on.

The Number Tweleve Looks Like You
”Ruin The Smile”
Technical harsh brutal metalcore… cool stuff, would like to hear more..

Oh Hiroshima
Napalm Records
A kind of doomy post metal

Balls Gone Wild
High Roller
Metalville Records
This is some classic hard rock type stuff… A bit melodic-ish with a straightforward hard rock/classic rock feel.

Thy Art Is Murder
Human Target
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Brutal! Kind of a metalcore, but more of a brutal core, great stuff to really throw down and bust some heads.

Only The Damned Die Young (Single)
Art Is War Records
Pretty standard modern groove core… yeah, groovin’ metal stuff, harsh vox, a little of that “core” feel

Shades of Deep Water
Death’s Threshold
Dunkelheit Produktionen
25 July 2019
Doomy post metal.

Recordead Live – Sextourcism In Z7
AFM Records
26 July 2019
Live album from europe’s answer to Gwar… haha… actually good stuff, melodic, funny and good music.

From Days Unto Darkness
Massacre Records
26 July 2019
This was Steve Souza’s thrash project and he’s since now stepped down and his son Cody has taken over… and holy crap, you wouldn’t even know… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… great catchy and heavy thrash and the young Souza really stepping up… I’d say this one is probably even more heavy, and shit, if I didn’t read that it wasn’t Zetro, I wouldn’t be sure!

Out Of Connection
Scarlet Records
26 July 2019
Female fronted electronic modern metal type stuff.

Bleed For Passion
Scarlet Records
26 July 2019
Classic traditional type hard rock/metal, almost an AOR thing…

Eye of the Storm (CD, 12″ MLP, TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
26 July 2019
Grooving classic metal with a doomy thing going on

Total Fecall
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on July 26th)
WIth songs like “Piss IN Your Face Fun Time” and “Fifty Shades of Brown” you can kind of figure to not take them too seriously… and it’s gore/death metal style with some lyrics to just try not to be offended by… fun stuff.

Death Mince Discography
Horror Pain Gore Death
July 26
Here’s some old school gore/death metal… kind of a full wall of sound style

MCMXCII – Darkest Day
Redefining Darkness Records (U.S.) & Raw Skull Recordz (Europe)
26 July 2019
Technical blackened death metal. Only a 4 song EP, but it’s some solid stuff, heavy, but not quite “brutal” has a bit of that Death death metal sound in some parts, some parts slow down and groove a little bit too.

Sculpted Horror
Festering Death EP
Redefining Darkness Records
26 July 2019
Brutal death metal, classic grooving stuff….

Morbus Grave
Redefining Darkness Records
26 July 2019
Classic death metal, good production, brutal cool stuff for only 3 tracks. Gets into a little down tempo grooves too

As I May
My Own Creations
Rockshots Records (Worldwide)
26 July 2019
This is kind of along the lines of a modern metalcore… a keyboard sound filling out some melodic grooves with harsh and clean vox.

Zerobudget Records
June 28, 2019
Mostly a clean “fe-metal” vocal style with more of a melodic death/symphonic melodic death music thing going on… getting on with some harsh vox too… pretty cool stuff actually.

Black Market Metal Label
July 26
This would be some kind of brutal tech death with a pinch of black metal

Baleful Abyss
Death Propaganda
26 July 2019
Doomy grooving death metal

Album: Path Of Desolation (Special Edition)
Release date: July 23rd, 2019
Label: Sliptrick records
A grooving death metal thing with more of a hardcore shout scream vocal style

Le Festin du Lion
Les Noires Productions
21 June 2019
Kind of that Rammstein industrial type sound… probably a bit more on the metal side of things, but still a real industrial thing

Release: Fog Light
New Element
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: July 12th 2019
Instrumental progressive fusion rock

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL – “Assintonia Hertziana”
Lusitanian Music
21 June 2019
A kind of classic grooving death metal with a little stoner doom to go with the brutality… production is a little raw.

The Rise Of Norn
Black Lion Records
25 July 2019
Not quite full on black metal, not just death metal, a good mix of blackened death, and even throwing in some melodic stuff too… great stuff.

The End A.D.
Why Won’t You Die
Fastball Music
21 June 2019
A little thrashy, a bit crusty and generally “metal” going on this 2 song ep.

Zex Records
15 July 2019
Female fronted kind of punked up hard rock.

We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs
Horror Pain Gore Death
(set for release on July 26th)
Grindy death metal with fast short songs… cool n brutal!

Logical Terror
Transition (single)
19 June 2019
A little bit melodic death, and mostly a metalcore djenty thing

Cassius King
New york area band doing a pretty faithful hard rockin’ version of the Kiss classic

My Time (single)
Taken from the album “Mourn The Southern Skies”
A new single from the old school groove thrashers… great track, solid production and good heavy thrash!

Heart In Hand (single)
Taken from the album “In Cauda Venenum”
A new single from Opeth! It’s been online for a week or two, but this has that new heavy clean vox Opeth sound again, complex, heavy, proggy and grooving… If you like the post growly Opeth, this is right up there, great stuff!

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