Aug 112019

Obscene Majesty
Release date: Friday, August 16th 2019
Brutal grindy death metal… so fast, furious and yes, brutal upon brutal.

FOSCOR (Radio Single)
“Cel Rogent”
Season of Mist
6 September 2019
Kind of a melodic black metal, a bit atmospheric

Cruel Summer (single)
Split Nail
A modern nu-metal take on an old Bangles classic

We Are Not Your Kind
Some classic old school slipknot going on here, a few more emo laid back dark moments (not heavy) than I’d like.

“Boiled Over” (single)
Grooving brutal death metal… cool stuff, me want more!

The Madness
Visionary Noise Records
Kind of a heavier classic metal with some clean good ol metal vox.

Ascending From Ashes
360 Management
A kind of melodic metalcore… heavier in parts, slower and melodic in others… one of those like, Protest the Hero-esque prog-core things. lol

Napalm Records
Big time power metal just like hammerfall does!

Album title: Doomed Or Be Doomed : A French Tribute To CATHEDRAL
Country: France
Genre: Doom metal
Label: Sleeping Church Records
Release date: August 13th, 2019
A very doomy tribute to Cathedral… even more downtempo and depressing than the originals.

Album: EdgeOverEdge
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: August 13th, 2019
Describe as “rock, metal, prog” I tend to hear the rock, or more hard rock… production is a bit “basic” had a little classic hard rock groove… not really too much in the prog area though.

Sludgelord Records / No List Records
15 August 2019
Some doomy more uptempo stoner metal… then getting a bit more extreme on the vox, all with a cool laid back groove

The Call of the Void
Hell Kill Destroy Records
16 August 2019
A sort of melodic death, maybe death core… kind of technical, heavy, abrasive vox, good grooves… great stuff.

Trident of Tartarean Gateways LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
16 August 2019
Lo fi old school black metal… doomy post type stuff.

Reign In Blood
Missa Pro Defunctis LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
16 August 2019
BLackened death, leaning more towards a classic cold black metal sound. a good fast beat, creepy vox,

‘Betrothal To The Stone: Conception of Mephisto’ – Out August 16, 2019
16 August 2019
Fast and heavy blackened grindy death metal

Hacked to Death
Redefining Darkness Records
16 August 2019
Kind of a heavy thrashed up death metal, cool stuff

Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
16 August 2019
Kind of a raw blackened death/gore metal.

Absolute Power
16 August 2019
A bit thrashy, a bit traditional metal, vox are a bit more on the extreme side… great playing and edge… good stuff.

Evil (Japan) / Siege Column
Split 7″ EP/TAPE
Nuclear War Now! Productions
15 August 2019
Evil is some pretty sick blackened thrash with some great heavy stuff going on. Siege Column is a bit more

Horizons Edge
Let The Show Go On
Fastball Music
1 March 2019
Melodic power metal

Purity Through Fire
18 August 2019
Classic black metal with a melodic groove too.

Boomerang Rapido
Rises Again
16 August 2019
A little grungy alternative hard rock

Death by Fungi
Die in Bombay
5 August 2019
Kind of a metalcore meets punk… since I don’t really like punk and I think this is pretty decent, it’s not super punky and just has a good mix leaning a bit more screamo metal.

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