Aug 182019

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Infest The Rats Nest
A kind of stoner metal, but some huge monster grooves

Born To Perish
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 9 August 2019
Classic German thrash… awesome stuff as always!

The Murder Capital
“More Is Less”
Human Season
A kind of basic hard rock/punk-ish hard rock.

New Ocean Media
Melodic hard rockin’ stuff… reminds me just a little bit of Danzig… at least stylistically.

Killswitch Engage
Metal Blade Records
16 August 2019
These guys have a sound and they are consistent… heavy in parts, melodic in others.. .this album is up there as one of their better efforts… a bit “solid rock” for the Mosh Pit, but worth a spin here and there.

Awake For Days
Magnificent Disorder
Music Gallery International
A bit of a metalcore modern “nu-metal” good grooves, harsh vox, cool melodic stuff.

White Flag
Napalm Records
Female fronted kind of goth metal… melodic, a bit of an edge, catchy… modern metal type stuff.

Sacred Reich
Metal Blade Records
23 August 2019
I can’t believe there’s really a new Sacred Reich album… one of those bands that could have been like, part of the big 10 of american thrash? This one is quite the comeback, vox are classic just like the old days and the music, catchy thrashy edgy and heavy. Production is ok, a bit raw… great stuff though.

They Ride Along LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
23 August 2019
A little black metal groove going on here, but not all super cold and harsh, there’s like a warm feeling and a bit catchy, but yeah, not all harsh.

Land Of Eternal Dreams’ – Out Aug 23, 2019
Rockshots Records (EU), Spiritual Beast (JP)
23 August 2019
Symphonic proggy/power metal with some operatic female vox and male power metal vox… A cool heavy epic sound

Into the Blackness
Edged Circle Productions
23 August 2019
Grooving dark death metal with a pinch of a black metal darkness

Reflections of Horror
Caligari Records
23 August 2019
This is some good heavy grooving down tempo death metal head banging goodness

Sublime Emptiness
August 23rd, 2019
A kind of doom/dark down tempo post-black metal. It isn’t too full on drone/shoegaze, but it does seem a bit monotonous

Release: Amanita Virosa
Original Plague
Record label: Inverse Records
“Genre: Hospital metal ” I’m not quite sure what this means? maybe because the song titles are a bit like sickness and disease? Otherwise, this is some pretty good epic/symphonic sounding blackened death metal with some big monster deathy grooves.

Guilty Pleasures
The Sign Records
12 April 2019
Classic old school hard rock, covers… like Sultans of Swing, Keep Pushin’… neat stuff.

Nidingsdåd utav det Uråldriga
Purity Through Fire
19 August 2019
Swedish black metal… a bit atmospheric (keyboards) but still cold, brutal, melodic…

Stealth Bomber
First Strike From Above
8 December 2018
Grooving death metal with more of a screamy growly “scrawl” vocal… cool stuff.

Loud Wind
Indie Recordings
23 August 2019
A dirty grungy kind of doomy black-ish metal.

Shadows of Man – Out Aug 23, 2019
23 August 2019
A bit of a power metal/folk metal/prog / melodic death… cool stuff! A little bit of an Amon Amarth meets prog metal going on.

Lorn and Loath
Indie Recordings
8 August 2019
Melodic post-metal doom type stuff.

Album: Final Collision
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: August 20th, 2019
Melodic female fronted kind of classic metal/hard rock with a pinch of prog rock.

Ars Gallica
Purity Through Fire
19 August 2019
Here we have a bit of a classic black metal… pushing into a melodic death thing.

Aiw?gaz Unðergangaz / Múspellzheimr
Split CD
Lunar Apparitions
22 July 2019
Aiwigaz is a bit more of a melodic black metal, Muspellzheimr is more just classic old school.

Single of some modern metalcore type stuff…

Myrholt Design (Digital), Snake Oil Kassettforlag (cassette), Azermedoth (CD)
7 July 2019
A kind of grooving blackened death metal…

Something Wicked Marches In
Season of Mist
29 March 2019
Brutal blackend death with David Vincent (morbid angel) and a guy from Mayhem and one from Cryptopsy… melodic, catchy stuff too. Mike bought this and has been playing it, but I finally asked for the promo and bam… great stuff.

Cryptae – “Vestigial”
Sentient Ruin Laboratories
Aug 16
Doomy, sludgey post metal type stuff.

Invisible Enemy
Record label: Inverse Records
Melodic heavy metal… a great solid classic metal.

Pa Vesh En
Pyrefication LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
23 August 2019
Kind of a post black metal noise thing

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