Aug 252019

The Dead Daisies
Locked and Loaded
Spitfire Music
Kind of a bluesy classic hard rock with some big grooves doing some classic rock covers… Fortunate Son, Fortunate Son, Bitch… cool stuff, but not really “metal”

Freedom Call
Veteran power metal band with a new album doing power metal things… cool stuff.

Domination Inc.
Memoir 414
Classic thrash meets a melodic groove and a pinch of a proggy melodic death… great stuff.

The Number 12 Looks Like You
”Raised & Erased”
A little all over the place experimental, proggy, metalcore-ish, quirky… neat.

Illusions Of Granduer
The Songs Of The Siren
Pavement Entertainment
Female fronted hard rock, a tiny bit gothy… a good solid catchy groove.

Black Star Riders
Another State Of Grace
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
As with all their stuff… it’s just got that full on Thin Lizzy thing going on… good stuff for this single.

Imperium Dekzdenz
When We Are Forgotten
Napalm Records
Solid Grooving black metal.. a classic harsh and cold thing with some atmosphere

Yuve Yu”, “Wolf Totem” & “Shoog Shoog
Mongolian sort of folk metal, a lot of native specialized vocals… decent unique stuff.

“Elevator Girl (English Version)” / “PA PA YA!!” (feat. F.HERO)
This is another unique thing… catchy nu-metal stuff with kpop type vocals… musically it’s pretty awesome… and the baby part of it, well, it’s different and makes it set apart different

Speed of Sound
Classic metal with female vox… a cool catchy throwback sound.

Last Laugh
Horror Pain Gore Death
August 30th
Fast and brutal death metal with some monster grooves and short fast songs. Great stuff.

Trolddomsejd i skovens dybe kedel
Signal Rex
30 August 2019
A classic harsh black metal with some great heavier melodic grooves… cool stuff!

Northern Genocide
Genesis Vol. 666
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: August 30th 2019
A pretty heavy and gritty melodic death, a cool heavy edge with actually a good prog metal base… great stuff.

Reader Of The Runes – Divination
AFM Records
30 August 2019
Power metal with a bit of a folk thing going on… catchy melodic songs… pretty cool stuff!

Unseen Divinity
Vaginal Autopsy Records / Dawning Septic Productions
30 August 2019
Brutal death metal with a dark grindy sound and meaty grooves.

Ingested Filth
Redefining Darkness Records
30 August 2019
Brutal classic death metal, good meaty grooves

Ending of the Unknown Path (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
30 August 2019
Kind of a melodic death metal with a bit of a black metal thing, some good grooves and nice dark feeling… a bit prog too… cool stuff!

Necrodual Dimension Funeral Storms (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
30 August 2019
Old school black metal, a bit raw.

Atomic Witch
Void Curse EP
Seeing Red Records
30 August 2019
Melodic death pushing into some extreme thrash… catchy and brutal too.

Colored Moth
Wolves and Vibrancy Records
29 August 2019
A kind of post metal, a bit doomy, a little groovin’ laid back thing

Album: Cem Anahuac My Home
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: August 27th, 2019
This is a female fronted (clean) kind of melodic death thing, harsh and clean vox, with a little bit of a prog metal/folk metal element.

Necessary Excess of Violence
Xtreem Music
20 August 2019
Blackened thrashy death metal. A bit of a slower grooving tempo with a kind of cool dark feeling

Amor Fati Productions
2 September 2019
Classic fast and cold/dark black metal, a little on the lo-fi wall of sound (far away wall) production.

Mass Stellar Graves
Akashic Envoy Records
30 August 2019
Post metal, atmospheric black metal stuff

Dignity (english / Svekets Prins swedish)
Nuclear Blast
The next single… classic “new” opeth sound… technical, proggy and yeah heavy complex stuff. great!

Napalm Records
Alternativer hard rock.. a little electronic-ish… kind of sent to us as a “hear ya go, if you want to play it”… meh.

“Judgement (& Punishment)”
New single, has a bit of a reggae

Various Artists
Self Release (Against PR)
Release date: Friday, August 23rd 2019
A variety of bands and genres… going from classic black metal to more traditional death metal. most of this stays pretty extreme

Artist: Bagira
Album: From Russia With Groove
Self Released
Release date: August 20th, 2019
Grooving female fronted metal… a modern catchy sound.

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