Sep 162019

Santa Muerte
AFM Records
13 September 2019
Classic metal with a little bit of a power metal thing going on.

The HU
The Gereg
Eleven Seven
Funny, as I write this, the Hu are in milwaukee playing at the Rave… this album has a mongolian folk music metal thing going on.

Mob Rules
Beast Over Europe
Live album of this classic metal band… good production clean sound

No Comfort
Sludgey and meaty doomy stoner metal

Dying Breed
A pretty basic classic metal, melodic grooving stuff.

Cult of Luna
A Dawn to Fear
Metal Blade Records
20 September 2019
Blackened doomy metal with a little bit of a post-metal thing going on although there seems to be a bit of a stoner groove going on a bit too.

A kind of metalcore thing with a little bit of Slipknot thing building up to a bit more of a tech death …

Blood Oath
Infernum Diablous (single)
Self Released
A catchy cool almost Slayer like groove. need more!

Ties Of Blood
Indie Recordings
11 September 2019
A bit of a black n roll… or death n roll? Harsh vox, but a slow meaty catchy groove.

The Agonist
Napalm Records
A good melodic death groove, harsh and clean female vox, all the stuff they’re known for… these two songs are pretty solid.

Lee Aaron
Power, Soul. Rock N’ Roll Live In Germany
Metalville Records
live album of a female fronted guitar oriented classic metalll good hard rockin’ sweet stuff.

Deluxe Collector’s Boxset 1979
another box set… we only got a single as a sample, but it’s a good live track of “Stay Clean” from 1979… sounds great and an excuse to play some Motorhead!

Kobra And The Lotus
Napalm Records
Solid hard rocking grooves… Great catchiness, almost has a big hard rock prog thing going on too. Vox are great… While not deathy speed thrash metal, this is a huge sounding hard rock.

Wednesday 13
Nuclear Blast USA
Has that creepy horror shock rock rob zombie type thing going on.

Rendered Heartless
Death From Afar (Single)
a modern metalcore thing, but a bit more of a doomy thing… clean vox, heavier stuff has a good groove with some harsh vox. (just a single)

No One Knows What The Dead Think
No One Knows What The Dead Think
Willowtip Records
20 September 2019
Just about everything we’ve received lately from Willowtip has been pretty solid… this one is good too! A bit of a metalcore/screamo thing, a bit technical and in your face with a few breaks where it slows down a tiny bit to groove a bit… all with harsh screamy vox.

Pre-Meditated (EP) – Out September 20, 2019
20 September 2019
A solid kind of grooving death metal with a bit of a melodic thrashy thing too?

Fire In The White Stone
Indie Recordings
20 September 2019
A little bit of a folky doom thing… I don’t think i’d call this metal.

Unter dem Banner der Toten 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
20 September 2019
Melodic black metal, a bit of a fast and cold thing, but a great melodic warm (yeah for black metal) sound

Everlasting Spew Records
20 September 2019
Classic death metal with some chuggy riffs and grooves… great stuff.

Fathom Farewell
Consume the Earth
20 September 2019
Melodic hard rock/classic metal. clean vox… there’s a “solid rock” thing going on decent grooves, cool clean vox…

Beyond The Grasp of Mortal Hands
Northern Silence Productions
20 September 2019
A sort of black metal with some atmosphere and melodic stuff, maybe a bit down tempo and doomy

Ancient Moon
Benedictus diabolica, Gloria Patri LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
20 September 2019
Two super long tracks of mostly classic black metal with some long post metal passages too.

Label: Violent Creek Records
Release Date: 20. September 2019
Clasic thrash, solid grooves… cool stuff!

Album: Self-Titled
self released
Release date: September 17th, 2019
A female fronted melodic death/metal core thing… solid grooves and a nice heavy edge to balance out the melodic stuff.

Band: Luna
Album: Luna
Label: Solitude Productions
Release date: July 12, 2019
Three super long (14 min+) tracks of symphonic doomy down tempo stuff.

Band: Consecration
Album: Fragilium
Label: Solitude Productions
Release date: June 28, 2019
Described as “death doom metal” and this is of course, accurate… A real down tempo doom thing, but a heavy death metal groove going on.

Mother’s Tomb
Absent Not Dead
Redefining Darkness Records
Good ol brutal death metal, a bit of a black metal edge to it to keep it dark and evil.

Album: Live To Tell The Story
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: September 23rd 2019
Symphonic metal with a really melodic death edge and harsh vox mixed with operattic female vox too.

Band: Downcross
Album: What Light Covers Not
Label: Cavum Atrum rex
Release date: September 11, 2019
Classic black metal, a bit of a dark groove while staying cold and harsh in vocals ..

Fighter Records
18 September 2019
A bit thrashy, a bit classic metal, vox a bit like a Halford or just bit powerful stuff, all in Spanish… cool stuff

Capilla Ardiente
The Siege
High Roller Records
13 September 2019
Longer tracks of mostly stoner sludgey metal, but there is more melodic doomy stuff going on and getting a bit heavier in parts too.

Memento Mori
Malpermesita Records
31 May 2019
This is kind of a melodic blackened death thing… decent stuff.

Flagellant / Orcivus
Split Album
11 September 2019
Both bands have a classic heavy black metal thing going on.

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