Feb 102020

Blaze of Perdition
The Harrowing of Hearts
Metal Blade Records
14 February 2020
A bit of a classic black metal thing going on here, pretty decent stuff.

Lamb of God
Definitely just classic Lamb of God sounding, it’s all there, even with a new drummer… great stuff.

Great American Ghost
Power Through Terror
Entertainment One
A sort of brutal core with maybe a pinch of a tech death thing. cool stuff.

Archon Angel
Frontiers Music SRL.
here we have some classic metal, mostly a bit of a light power metal… not too shabby

Diabulus In Musica
Euphonic Entrophy
Napalm Records
Symphonic power metal… first track has a jazzy swing thing going on…. second single track is more of a traditional symphonic fe-metal power metal thing.

Suicide Silence
Become The Hunter
Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Three songs received so far… and if you had to compare this to their last album from 2017 (that “experimental” thing)… this is more like the old Suicide Silence… brutal, heavy, death/metalcore stuff and no indication of that “new” sound from the last album… perhaps they got it out of their system? good stuff!

Spinefarm Records
first single from a new EP… starts off kind of a good melodic prog metal with a bit of a black metal undertone, getting to be a bit melodic too. cool stuff!

Seven Spires
Emerald Seas
Frontiers Music SRL.
Kind of a classic fe-metal thing, but track two of the sampler started and it’s kind of a harsh black metal style vox… and more into a melodic death thing with a bit of an epic

Ensnared (Sweden)
Inimicus Generis Humani
Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
14 February 2020
A kind of black metal, but a little grind, some death and even a smidge of melody

Outojen Tornien Varjoissa (CD, LP)
14 February 2020
Classic black metal, but with a modern-ish melodic thing happening, a full evil sound with a bit of folk too… good stuff!

A Silent Soul Screams Loud
AFM Records
14 February 2020
A kind of basic modern metal/hard rock.

The Arrow Of Our Ways
Within The Mind Records
14 February 2020
Old school black metal but with more melodic doomy stuff here and there too.

Clavis Secretorvm
14 February 2020
Classic evil, harsh, cold black metal (with some decent-ish production)

Execution Void
Caligari Records
14 February 2020
A kind of grindy blackened death metal, vox are a bit atmospheric/harsh… music is kind of a punked up in your face black metal.

Fist to Face
Xtreem Music
14 February 2020
Classic thrash, good catchy edge, fun stuff

Psychotic Waltz
The God-Shaped Void
Release date: Friday, February 14, 2020
Kind of a prog metal and a pinch of melodic death, a little bit of a Voivod thing too… lots going on from these veterans… cool stuff!

Malleus (U.S.)
Storm of Witchcraft – REMASTERED
Armageddon Label
14 February 2020
Doomish black metal with a bit of a deathy groove

Seeing Red Records
14 February 2020
Doomy grooves

Tomorrow Is Lost
Eclipse Records
13 March 2020
This has some kind of modern metal thing going on with female vox, solid grooves and stuff

Album: Dark Matter
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: February 11th, 2020
independent experimental noise stuff

Brenner & Molenaar
Uninvited Savior
self released
Release date: Friday, January 31st 2020
3 really long tracks of drony noise.

Warped Cross
Rumbling Chapel
Black Sunset /MDD
7 February 2020
Here’s some catchy doom with a real similar sound to Trouble.

Another Day Dawns
31 January 2020
This has a catchy solid rock thing.

The Spirit
Cosmic Terror
AOP Records
7 February 2020
sometimes you just know it’s good right away, this has mostly a black metal thing going on, but a bit more technical/proggish, leaning to a blackend death thing. Great stuff!

AOP Records
7 February 2020
a bit on the black metal side, but when it’s not all harsh and evil, it’s got a doomy laid back almost acoustic thing happening too.

I Let It In And It Took Everything
SharpTone Records
7 February 2020
technical deathcore… good stuff.

Maelstrom of a Blasted Paradox
4 October 2019
good ol classic death metal with a pinch of grind and some good grooves

Visions of Purgatory
Redefining Darkness Records
11 February 2020
A bit black metal, a bit death metal, some speedy old school thrash… makes this a trifecta of great metal.

Artist: Giuseppe Zaupa
EP: (Re)birth
Self Released
Release date: January 24, 2020
technical instrumetal metal with a tiny bit of a djent thing, good stuff.

Fighter Records
5 February 2020
A kind of technical thrashy proggy power metal.. great stuff.

Band: Last Frontier
Album: Aether (Equivalent Exchange)
Label: Revalve Records
Release date: January 24th, 2020
I’d have to say this falls into prog metal with a power metal thing going on… pretty good stuff.

ALPHASTATE “Out Of The Black”
Metal from Greece
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: February 7th, 2020
classic metal with a cool groove, maybe some melodic metal with a little crunch too

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