Jun 202020

Vile Creature
Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!
Prosthetic Records
19 June 2020
This is black/post metal… not really my thing, a down tempo doomy screamy dark

Civil Unrest EP
Nuclear Blast
A couple of new Machine Head songs! That signature Robb Flynn sound, still sounds like Machine Head, but a bit more back to basics of thrashy american metal… not quite as meandering as some of the more recent albums have been.

Gilby Clarke
The Gospel Truth [NEW-SINGLE]
Golden Robot Records
29 June 2020
A classic rock sounding thing from this veteran

The Exiled Martyr
Novum Finem
Self Released
Melodic death with a bit of a deathcore and extreme technical thing going on… great stuff.

Aldo Nova
”When All Is Said And Done”

A kind of screamy/growl vocal melodic death/metalcore

MDD Records
Release date: Friday, June 26th 2020
THrashy death metal, solid grooves maybe a little hardcore sound too… cool stuff! (this is the German Pessimist)

A Wonderful Life
Napalm Records
You all know what Mushroomhead sounds like… this is a good solid grooving modern metal-ish thing

Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins
Whore Of Babylon
Silver Lining Music
Catchy heavy power/prog metal. Lepond’s band has it goin’ on!

Das Elfte Gebot
Napalm Records
Id throw this in the folk metal category, a good grit/edge to it too, catchy and fun.

SharpTone Records
Brutal core! with a heavy low end makes you want to stomp on some heads!

Lamb of God
Lamb of God
We’ve had a few singles from this already, and they’ve all been pretty good, a real kind of throwback to the simpler times… haha… yeah it does have a bit of that ashes of the wake sound, and 100% lamb of god!

From a Dying Ember
Metal Blade Records
26 June 2020
This band is back after taking their time to make this album, a good solid power/prog effort here and they just announced that this will be their last. It’s a good way to go out on top.

Guardian Of Lightning
Cosmos Tree
Eclipse Records
17 July 2020
adds june 22
A little doom, a bit prog and stoner metal… they call it “thunder metal” where the typical lead guitar is placed with a big monster lead bass!

Shadow Records / Regain Records
22 June 2020
Blackened death, harsh vox, fast and cold/evil, but yup, a bit of a brutal death metal thing going on too. Good!!

Buried Incarnation
Xtreem Music
Release date: Tuesday, June 23rd 2020
Good ol dark death metal, a bit of a doomy down tempo melodic thing, harsh deathy vox, and a pinch of black metal harshness too.

Chante, Ô Flamme de la Liberté
Sepulchral Productions
24 June 2020
Classic black metal with creepy shouty-echoey vox, and a more epic full keyboard black metal sound.

Sombre Héritage
Alpha Ursae Minoris
Sepulchral Productions
24 June 2020
Black metal but with a bit of a more doomy groove.

Pale Divine
Consequence of Time
Cruz Del Sur Music
26 June 2020
Stoner metal with a doomy and throwback sound

Tome: 1
Transcending Records
26 June 2020
Blackened technical death with a doom/laid back element to it (from chicago!)

Stygian Crown
Stygian Crown
Cruz Del Sur Music
26 June 2020
Doomy metal with female vox, a big meaty sound, gritty, catchy, big grooves… cool stuff.

Under the Kiss
Edged Circle
26 June 2020
A classic just hard rock with some clean female vox

Ex Cathedra
I, Voidhanger Records
26 June 2020
A lot going on here, proggy blackened epic death metal, cool stuff!

Bile of Man Reborn (EP)
I, Voidhanger Records
26 June 2020
A 25 minute track of experimental proggy black metal, from jazzy interludes to full on black metal.

I, Voidhanger Records
26 June 2020
Experimental, post-metal with a horn section.

I, Voidhanger Records
26 June 2020
A grindy black metal.

VOODUS (swe)
Open the Otherness
Shadow Records / Regain Records
26 June 2020
Two longer songs, melodic doomy black metal.

IRAE (Portugal)
Lurking in the Depths
Signal Rex
26 June 2020
Raw old school black metal with a decent complexity and melodic tone

Ceremony of Darkness
Spread Evil
26 June 2020
Melodic and doomy black metal, some good atmosphere and piano to round out some dark and haunting sounds.

Dead Carnage
From Hell For Hate
Immortal Souls Productions
25 June 2020
Big groovin’ death metal. catchy, gritty and dark… brutal!

Altar of the Goatbaphomet
Helter Skelter / Regain Records
30 June 2020
Grindy blackened death metal

Album: Stare Into the Abyss
Labe: Odium records
Release date: June 30th, 2020
Straight up black metal, cold, harsh, (good production), dark and evil…

Spread Evil
26 June 2020
Classic black metal sound.. cold, harsh, dark

Band: IA
Album: initIAtion
Self Released
Release date: June 26th, 2020
They call it “shamanic metal” it has a bit of a middle east feel, melodic, prog-ish, laid back too.

Caligari Records
26 June 2020
dark, down tempo death metal, (3 song ep) pretty good for a “demo”

Grubenfall 1727
Amor Fati
26 June 2020
Kind of a classic melodic black metal, perhaps a bit more on the gloomy/doomy side of things (while still being all harsh, cold, dark and evil)

Gloom (Finland)
Rider of the Last Light
Spread Evil
26 June 2020
Old school black metal.

Locust Reign
Horror Pain Gore Death
June 26th
very short songs, track 2, 17 seconds, with the distinction of the first song I’ve seen with “covid” in the title. “May Covid Kill You” yup, punky grindy thrash. the whole EP is like 6 tracks and 4 minutes lol Probably just have to play the whole thing?

Ultra Nast Records
26 June 2020
A kind of grooving metal-core-ish solid rock, catchy grooves, even getting a bit thrashy and deathy in parts too.

Long Distance Calling
How Do We Want To Live?
Release date: Friday, June 26, 2020
Some regular laid back prog type stuff.

Everlasting Spew Records
26 June 2020
Blackended death/thrash, with a technical element and lots of great brutal moments too. great stuff.

Tome: 1
Transcending Records
26 June 2020
Black metal, a bit post metal and laid back in parts, others go full on brutal black metal..

Constipation / Necrotomb
Fucking Morbid Splitting
Immortal Souls Productions
26 June 2020
Both bands fast and brutal/grindy death metal with short songs.

30 June 2020
Here’s some kind of epic power/prog metal, good fast tempo, nice clean and full vox. cool stuff!

Hornwood Fell
Cursed Thoughts
Kadadra Music
Release date: Friday, June 26th 2020
Brutal death metal with a blackened death element, and yeah, a bit of technicality and some headbanging grooves too

Black Altar / Kirkebrann
Deus Inversus
Odium Records
30 June 2020
Black Altar is regular black metal with a little bit of an epic thing, Kirkebrann is some raw grooving blackened metal

Laulu kuolemasta (CD, LP)
26 June 2020
lo-fi black metal, a bit more down tempo in parts and still cold

The Forbidden Arts (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
26 June 2020
Here’s some great fast and grooving death metal, maybe a bit extreme thrashy, harsh vox, catchy, great stufff!

“D.A.M.N.” RRS
Riff Merchant
Release date: Friday, June 19th 2020
A bit of a stoner metal meets noise with some harsher vox and solid grooves, man.

Band: Leather Synn
Album (EP): Warlord
Label: Non Nobis Productions
Release date (CD): June 12th, 2020
Classic metal, clean vox, just you know, “metal”

Magick Touch
Heads Have Got to Rock’n’Roll
Edged Circle
26 June 2020
This is pretty much classic metal/hard rock with a bit of an 80’s/90’s thing going on.

Hymns Of The Gods Before
CDN Records
19 June 2020
Fast brutal blackened death… great stuff!

Dying In Sunshine (New-Single)
Golden Robot Records
15 June 2020
Melodic classic rock kind of stuff.

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