Jul 252020

A kind of metalcore/ modern metal, a little djent, electronic and clean “emo-ish” vox.

Magg Dylan
You Oughta Know
Eclipse Records
24 July 2020
A modern metal/metalcore cover of the popular Alanis Morrisette song

Run Through the Jungle – Single
Metal Blade Records
24 July 2020
Another new single from Intronaut, this one is a quick stonery metal jam… less than 3 minutes. a bit atmospheric/prog/stoner

Napalm Records
A classic metal / power metal… cool stuff.

Dee Snider
For the Love Of Metal (Live)
Napalm Records
Live album from Dee Snider from a tour supporting his 2018 album of the same name… good solid hard rock. I wish I got to see Dee/TS at some point.

The Reality Of Miracles
Metalville Records
This has an early 90’s AOR classic rock sound Anthemic chorus, clean vox… and well, they are that same UK band from the 80’s/90’s with the same basic sound.

Defy The Tyrant
Pavement Entertainment
kind of a classic metal with a decent groove pushing into some modern groove solid rock stuff.

At The Crossroads Of Infinity
Unspeakable Axe Records
27 July 2020
Melodic blackened death, brutal and groovin’ too.

À Travers Les Lambeaux
Krucyator Productions
27 July 2020
Kind of a brutal yet classic black metal thing going on.

Soulrot (Chile)
Victims of Spiritual Warfare
Memento Mori
27 July 2020
Grindy death metal with a pinch of blackened death

Valgrind (Italy)
Memento Mori
27 July 2020
Classic Brutal, grooving death metal with a touch of melodic goodness to keep it interesting

Cardiac Arrest (U.S.)
The Day That Death Prevailed
Memento Mori / Boris
27 July 2020
Brutal! Death metal with head bobbin’ grooves.

Incised Arrival LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
30 July 2020
Raw blackened thrashy/death metal

Heat Wave
AFM Records
31 July 2020
Classic hard rock, female vox, a bit of a bluesy/southern metal vibe

Revocation of the Fallen
Brutal Mind
31 July 2020
Brutal, yet technical death metal, cookie monster vox, just fast and furious brutality

Proclamation ov the Black Suns LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
31 July 2020
Blackened death… leaning a bit more on the blackened metal

Heresiarch / Antediluvian
Defleshing the Serpent Infinity 12″ MLP/MCD
Iron Bonehead
31 July 2020
both are a bit of a low fi black/death metal

High Spirits
Hard To Stop
High Roller Records
31 July 2020
Classic metal, or hard rock with a little bit of a power metal vibe

Winter Nights
Self-Titled (2020) – Out July 31, 2020
31 July 2020
A sort of melodic death leaning more on a dark groove with a doomy death feel. decent stuff.

A kind of melodic death, more on the heavy side, catchy cool stuff, maybe a bit brutal too… great!

Knock On The Roof
Self Released
A kind of Progressive Metal with a sort of “local band” sound and production. (2 song ep)

Scolopendra (Italy)
Those of the Catacombs LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
13 July 2020
This has an overall dark death metal thing with a black metal vocal and feel

Self Released
Groovin’ doomy hardcore? yeah.

Immortal Nightmare
Release date: Friday, July 17th 2020
3 song ep of some good ol brutal death metal.

Blitzkrieg Baby
Cloister Recordings
Release date: Friday, July 31st 2020
Industrial/noise/post metal.

The Advent of Adhara
901514 Records
Release date: Wednesday, May 20th 2020
This has a doomy post black metal thing going on

The Only Path
Death metal, with progressive stuff happening a la Death! There won’t be another Death, and these guys aren’t the next Death, but it’s a decent thing to say “they sound like” Good stuff on this 4 song EP

The Lightbringer
From The Void To Existence
Release date: Friday, July 17th 2020
Black metal with a bit of a melodic proggy atmosphere… tracks are pretty short, but I think they’re a bigger track split up.

Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: July 24th 2020
I really like when the genre description perfectly describes the sound of the album. “Technical progressive death metal” And yup… great stuff too!

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