Sep 132020

Medium Rarities
Warner Music
Unused, and outtakes and deep tracks/live stuff… all sounds like good ol Mastodon!

And the Forests Dream Eternally
Metal Blade Records
18 September 2020
A reiusse of the very first Behemoth album/ep… a lot more raw, old school black metal compared to what they have become these days. still some good stuff here!

Neal Morse
Sola Gratia
Release date: Friday, September 11, 2020
Neal Morse is back with some more prog, while this is a religious album, it’s basically the lyrical content and follow up to the Sola Scriptura album, it’s still full on prog with my man, Portnoy on drums. Some of the stuff on here is more just prog rock, but some pushing into the metal realm. As a fan boy, i’m down with this…

Empire Of The Blind
Nuclear Blast USA
A mix of thrash and power metal from these veterans, great stuff.

Napalm Death
Throes In The Joy Of Defeatism
Century Media Records
This has a bit of a straightforward death metal with a little grind going on… Pretty good stuff!

Napalm Records
Melodic blackened death metal, catchy melodic parts, harsh black metal parts, and some grooving doomy stuff all in one track! cool stuff.

Plague Years
Circle Of Darkness
Entertainment One
Death metal with some vox that are a bit more hardcore/shouted, good grooves, a bit thrashy too

Century Media Records
Catchy melodic death/folk metal from one of the bands that really pioneered this sound. Great stuff

Oceans of Slumber
Oceans Of Slumber
Century Media Records
Melodic death, clean female vox, grooving death metal and harsh vox too, some is pretty mellow, almost like an Opeth with some quite slow, melodic stuff, leading in to full on heaviness

Abyss /Besna
Splitrelease Abyss/Besna
Wolfmond Prduction
Release date: Saturday, September 12th 2020
Both bands are pretty classic melodic black metal, Abyss has a more full sound, Besna is a bit more raw (2 tracks from each)

Þar sem skepnur reika
Goathorned Productions
15 September 2020
Black/death metal sounding a bit raw with a melodic thing going on

Sæti Sálarinnar
Goathorned Productions
15 September 2020
Old school black metal, with more of a growly vox than the shreiky vox… cold, and dark music

Novae Militiae
Goathorned Productions
15 September 2020
Harsh sounding black metal, cold, angry vox

Dark And Desolated March
Moribund Records
18 September 2020
Old school black metal, a bit lo-fi

Sermon of the Dead
Redefining Darkness Records
18 September 2020
Brutal grindy death metal, 2 song EP

Deity Demise
Redefining Darkness Records
18 September 2020
Brutal death metal, with a little bit of a raw sound/production. Good headbanging grooves.

Summits Of Despondency
Sept 18
Blackened deathy/thrash. Catchy, raw, heavy. Great stuff

Lord Matzigkeitus
Moribund Records
18 September 2020
Old school black metal, shrieky scary vox, blast beats and cold lo-fi sound

Circles – Out Sept 18th
Rockshots Records
18 September 2020
This has a kind of modern-nu-metal thing happening.

Sadistic Embodiment
Blood Spell
CDN Records
18 September 2020
Good ol death metal, solid grooves, good production, and Brutal!

Alfonso Corace
Fo’s Room
Self Released
Sept 18
Here’s some kind of prog rock with maybe a little nu-metal groove

Aural Music
18 September 2020
This has a bit of a gothy epic proggy symphonic thing going on… almost sounds like a movie soundtrack… and a bit of a post metal thing too

Album: Enter the Gates
Label: Pitch Black Records
Release date: September 18th, 2020
This has a bit of a classic metal thing, a little folky and heavier in parts too

Band: Mynskh
Album: Chapter 01: Obliterating Perfection
Label: Atmaah Records
Release date: September 18th, 2020
Dark and extreme yet, grooving metal, like, maybe a melodic death, just a heavy tone and maybe progressive metal too. neat stuff.

Band: Hostia
Album: Carnivore Carnival
Label: Deformeathing Production (Grand Sounds PR)
Release date: September 18th, 2020
Polish death/grind metal.. short songs, heavy and brutal
Band: Entorx
Album: Faceless Insanity
Self Released (Grand Sounds PR)
Release date: May 29th, 2020
Extreme thrash/death metal. a little black metal pushing in, but this is pretty good heavy stuff

Derek Sherinian
The Phoenix
Release date: Friday, September 18, 2020
Good rockin’ prog metal instrumentals Some songs get a little jazzy, and obviously it’s more keyboard based. Good stuff

Album: Done Counting My Scars
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: September 15th, 2020
Classic metal with some cool organ and clean vox, cool stuff.

Blood Red Fog
Fields of Sorrow
Deviant Records
Clasic black metal, a bit dark and depressing and gloomy too

Release: Hiidenhauta
Record label: Inverse Records
Release Date: September 18th 2020
An epic feeling black metal with folk metal things happening

Serpent Omega
Icons Creating Evil Art
Release date: Friday, September 4th 2020
A little sludgey a little black metal and some doom

Massacre Records
18 September 2020
Here’s some cool thrashy progressive power metal. Take about half of each, and just let ‘er rip. Great stuff!

Goblins Blade
Of Angels And Snakes
Massacre Records
31 July 2020
Power metal with a bit more of a heavy edge, along like a Metal Church/Just Priest thing, big vox, catchy riffs, cool stuff.

Don’t Sleep
Turn The Tide
Mission Two Entertainment
4 September 2020
Music is a bit of a hardcore/thrashy/melodic, some groove and vox have a hardcore/punk feel to them

Nuclear Warfare
MDD Records
Release date: 28/08/2020
Heavier thrash, catchy, aggressive, harsh vox, cool classic sound

Self Released (metal devastation pr)
With a band name like this, you can probably guess it’ll be heavy… this is actually a bit more catchy/melodic and not full on brutal murder metal. It’s got a heavy thrash thing going on…. cool stuff.

The Hawkins
Silence is a Bomb
The Sign Records
Release date: Friday, September 4th 2020
kind of poppy hard rock

Dead Games (Against PR)
Release date: Friday, September 4th 2020
almost folky, acoustic rock… nope.

Idiot Robot
Idiot Robot
Dead Games Records
Described as “Death Pop/Indie Rock from US” Usually when something says “pop” I don’t even bother downloading, but this “death pop” had piqued my curiousity… It does have a hard grungy quality to it, but it is pretty much just alt/pop rock with an occasional growly going on

Album: Strike Hard
Label: Pitch Black Records
Release date: September 4th, 2020
Classic metal from the UK… I had to double check that the singer was not Bruce Dickinson, sounds JUST LIKE him.

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