Dec 282020

Since the music charts shut down in December, there’s still a lot of new stuff that still came in… we’ll try and get some of it on the air in the weeks ahead…

Project Alcazar
Lost in Centralia
Guitar One Records
Release date: Wednesday, September 30th 2020
Proggy shreddy instrumental guitar music… I foresee this being some backround music soon!

Self Released
Release date: Saturday, May 2nd 2020
Black metal with a bit of a good deathy groove under the cold meedly guitars

Demo II
Self Released
Release date: Monday, November 30th 2020
Raw old school death metal with some black metal leanings

Twisted Path To Mutilation
Self Released
Release date: Saturday, December 5th 2020
Brutal death metal with pinches of black metal evilness in there… Cool stuff!

Arise (single)
11 December 2020
Some straightforward groovin’ rock

Beyond The Grey
Skyfire Media
Pretty straightforward classic hard rock/ metal… melodic, a little bluesy in parts too.

Homicidal Experimentations
Larvae Records + Nightfear Records
Release date: Saturday, December 5th 2020
Fast, heavy super brutal death metal, great stuff!

The Space Agency Scam
Cataclysmic Metal Records
Release date: Saturday, October 31st 2020
Kind of a melodic death/death metal and this one has seom very topical themes, for instance, track 2 is called “Covid 1984 Realm Wide Plandemic” heh.. decent stuff.

Theatre Of Tragedy
Musique (20th Anniversary Edition)
AFM Records
4 December 2020
Of course a new version of an older album… some grooving ish prog rock/metal.

Kind of a melodic death, gothy type metal, reminds me a bit of Lacuna Coil.

Republik Rakyat Jelata
Brutal Mind
13 December 2020
Death metal with a little fast thrashy and some black metal stuff going on … cool stuff!

Release: Return To Void
Infinite Silence
Release Date: December 18th 2020
Record label: Inverse Records
Progressive hard rock/metal, with a bit of a power metal thing going on.

Album: Shadows Of A Dark Heart
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: December 22nd, 2020
Symphonic hard rock/power metal with female vox

Insect Politics
Sewer Mouth Records
23 December 2020
Gritty and catchy thrash. Great stuff!

Album: Dead Life
Self Released
Release date: December 23, 2020
A kind of grooving metal with a bit of a death metal feel. Some catchier parts, then getting a bit heavier and kicking into more monster groove and breakdown-ish things

Vis Mystica
Lux Et Veritas
24 December 2020
A full on epic movie metal type thing, a bit like Rhapsody, full choruses, symphonic/keyboard and fast heavy prog/power metal riffage and playing.

Odkazy doby
Slovak Metal Army
24 December 2020
Thrashy death metal, pretty cool and catchy stuff!

Corrupted Saint
Mutilated Before the Masses
Redefining Darkness Records ( N. America) | Raw Skull Recordz (Europe)
25 December 2020
A band called Corrupted Saint with an album release on Xmas… doood, sooo metal! This is extreme fast and wicked thrash

Here, The World Falls…
Purodium Rekords
25 December 2020
Raw, lo-fi wall of sound black metal.

Hour of the Centaur
Osmose Productions
25 December 2020
With a band name like this, I’d say you’d expect some raw black metal, cold dark an evil from a band that was left hating in the forest.. I’d say I was right and this is what it is. :)

Empyrean Fire
Heavy Gloom Productions
An epic symphonic black metal type thing

Split (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
30 December 2020
Coffins is some pretty good grooving death metal from Japan. (3 tracks) Depression is a bit of a wall of sound brutal death metal with yeah, some grooves too.

Cemetery Dwell
Cold Visions of Nether
Redefining Darkness Records
30 December 2020
Dark death metal with hallowed growly vox and a black metal feel too.

Split (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
30 December 2020
Coffins is a raw old school death metal. Depression is also some old school death metal, some meaty grooves, and black metal evilness in parts as well.

Edict of iron ascendancy
Inhuman assault productions
Release date: Wednesday, December 30th 2020
This is not the classic rock Triumph, but a black/death metal band from Reno. Black/death metal, harsh, and heavy too. Not too shabby… a bit raw on the production.

Solução Final
Covid 666 – Velhos todos com o caralho
Abutre Rex
31 December 2020
Punked up black metal, quick short songs.

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