New Stuff This Week… 1/4/21

Frozen Soul
Crypt Of Ice
Century Media Records
Meaty heavy brutal and catchy death metal from Fort Worth, TX. They have a sort of Bolt Thrower thing going on… great stuff to kick off the new year!

George Lynch & Jeff Pilson
Heavy Hitters
Deadline/Cleopatra Records
A covers album from these two vets… covering a wide variety of stuff from Prince to Madonna, to Carole King and REM…putting a classic hard rock sound to it. Since I’m a sucker for covers, especially of songs that aren’t metal to begin with… I think it’s cool.

Band: Dusk
Album: The Hermit
Self Released
Release date: January 1st, 2021
three easy words to describe this… Industrial Black Metal.

Mons Veneris 10″ EP
Harvest of Death
1 January 2021
A couple of longer tracks of plodding sludgy blackend death.

Transilvania (Austria)
Of Sleep and Death
Invictus Productions
1 January 2021
Mostly classic black metal

Unbounded Terror
Infernal Judgment
Self Released (Xtreem PR)
Release date: Saturday, January 2nd 2021
Just cool meat and potatoes brutal death metal, a pinch of grind, a tiny bit of black metal, all good.

Caligari Records
7 January 2021
Sludgey doom/death

Theion LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
8 January 2021
Classic black metal with doomy dark death

Stellar Death
Fragments of Light
8 January 2021
There’s some prog, doom, atmospheric stuff and post metal all in this instrumental album. Pretty chilled and laid back… might be good for some mosh pit music bed!