New stuff this week… 12/1/08

Becoming the Archetype
10 Tracks
A good mix of brutal, prog and thrash… This almost gets to be like Dream Theater in some parts (the heavier stuff of course), yet all out euro-melodic death metal sounding, kind of like the good, heavier In Flames stuff.  Songs are technical, catchy and have a lot of stuff going on.  It’d be nice if this were released earlier in the year, or early next year to give it some good proper time to play on the air!

Yngwie Malmsteen
Perpetual Flame
Rising Force
12 Tracks
The first Yngwie album with Ripper Owens behind the mic…. it’s a typical Yngwie album, lots of wanking, some good rest of the band music.  Having a more well known vocalist does help this out a bit.  The Production is a little muddy in parts, but overall, it’s a decent addition to the Yngwie catalog.  Everyone knows what he sounds like, so it actually works out well to have a rotating band around him to mix things up once in a while.

Red Right Return
Glass Bottom Boat
35:13 – 10 Tracks
This was to have been here a couple weeks ago, but it just arrived in the mail today.   Mostly hard rock type stuff, it really hits me as an overall sound similar to the “emo” parts of the newer stuff from In Flames.   A bit heavy, melodic and that same Anders “clean” vocal style.  The songs are kind of catchy, I found myself not reaching for the eject button, yet I don’t know if this will measure up to much of the heavier stuff we play on the Mosh Pit lately!

Order of Ennead
Order of Ennead
40:19 – 11 Tracks
Some black metal sounding stuff… I guess it’s “Blackened Death Metal” as they call it… or as I think they should call this.  It’s brutal, yet, still has that fast black metal type sound.  Of course I think it’s catchy, and has some great dynamics to it, so every song doesn’t sound the same… great stuff!