Mar 012021

Timo Ellis
Death Is Everywhere
Self Released
Release date: Friday, February 26th 2021
A sort of cool grooving stoner metal and even into some prog metal/rock

Underground Activists
26 February 2021
Pretty easy to describe this one… doomy black metal.

Black Sabbath
Heaven And Hell And Mob Rules
Rhino Entertainment
The reissues continue… headed into the Dio era of Sabbath. Some great classic albums that deserve a re-listen!

Skull Soldiers
Napalm Records
Good meaty groovin’ death metal… can’t go wrong.

Curse of Autumn
Century Media Records
Heavy and melodic progressive metal, great vox as always, just about the next best thing to Nevermore these days… great stuff as always

“Wild North West” (Radio Single)
Season of Mist
Great stuff, some black and roll. Catchy and groovin’ black metal. Can’t wait for more

The Path Of Wrath
Prosthetic Records
Meaty classic death metal.

Order of Nosferat
Purity Through Fire
28 February 2021
Old school fast black metal

Xibalba (Mexico)
Ancients LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
28 February 2021
Harsh old school black metal with in your face production

Purity Through Fire
28 February 2021
brual and heavy blackened death metal… cool stuff with a bit of melodic meeedling of guitars

Wÿntër Ärv?
1 March 2021
Mostly acoustic folky type stuff.

Reaper (Sweden)
The Atonality of Flesh LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
5 March 2021
Classic black metal with some noise metal happening too there are some neat grooves going on too

Nadsvest / Necrobode
Split 12″ MLP
Iron Bonehead
5 March 2021
Nadsvest is pretty good classic black metal with that thrashy sound. Necrobode is very raw deathy black metal

The Birth of the Beginning Before the Inception of the End
Personal Records
5 March 2021
Fast, brutal heavy and in your face pissed off death metal. Even a good underlying groove to keep you headbangin’

Demon Hunter
Songs Of Death And Resurrection
Solid State
5 March 2021
Reworked and new versions mostly acoustic and stripped down versions of classic DH songs

Sporae Autem Yuggoth
The Plague of the Aeons
Personal Records
5 March 2021
Raw old school melodic/doomy black metal

Heidens Hart
5 March 2021
Classic black metal with a bit of a melodic death metal thing going on.

Throats Productions
Release date: Tuesday, January 26th 2021
Black metal more on the melodic side of things, almost a bit prog in some parts, and full on brutality in others.

Chamber of Bones
Warmth of Life
Release date: Monday, December 21st 2020
Wall of chaotic black metal? noise? had to really discern anything here.

Methods Of Human Disposal
20 Buck SPin
Release date: Friday, February 19th 2021
Kind of thrashy death metal, a bit raw and grindy with some sludgey noise with shorter tracks

Apocalyptic Retribution
MDD Records
Release date: Friday, February 19th 2021
oh yeah! Fast and brutal death metal, over the top heaviness and headbanging head crushing goodness.

United In Chaos
Prosthetic Records
26 February 2021
Fast and heavy technical death metal, brutal, yet, an almost blackened sound, but not quite getting into “black metal” territory… great stuff!!

The Harvest Trail
Release date: Friday, March 5th 2021
Extreme thrash/death metal, and yeah pretty technical too, full on brutal speed too and even some melodic guitar solos. cool stuff!

Lee Macey
Dr John’s Surgery Records
Release date: Thursday, December 3rd 2020
Instrumental hard rock/metal, a bit prog, even a little surf guitar sounds, but keeping with a good grit too

Time To Kill
Feb 26
With a band name like this, what do you expect? Brutal death metal? check. A bit of a grindy death feel? Check. Harsh and grooving at the same time? check.

Thanatos (single)
Indie Recordings worldwide | Hells Headbangers USA
24 February 2021
On the surface this song sounds like some really fast and furious thrash, then the vox kick in, we’re more into a black/death category here, but yeah I’d still throw this in the extreme heavy thrash pile. cool stuff.

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