Apr 122021

Mason Hill
Against The Wall
7Hz Productions
Fairly straight forward rock/hard rock, probably not quite “metal” enough for the Mosh Pit, but it does have a good commerical hard rockin’ sound.

Melodic death metalcore type stuff these guys have always seemed to keep their music a bit closer to the gothenburg sound than some other american metalcore type bands… great stuff.

Act Of Denial
Slave [New Single & Video]
Crusader Records (Golden Robot Global Entertainment)
2 April 2021
Melodic death sort of super group featuring Speed from Soilwork on main vox… and speaking of soilwork… sounds just like older (not super old) soilwork… Great stuff!

Sludgey stoner metal, with some good catchy grooves and riffage

Witness [Advance Tracks]
A kind of laid back rock/prog rock. melodic, some good emotion with a little push into a little heavier djent, leading to more of an atmospheric porcupine tree sound

Marty Friedman
Tokyo Jukebox 3
The Players Club/MLG
Classic melodic metal, obviously good guitar playing and on this track, some pretty cool female vox.

August Burns Red
Guardians Sessions (EP)
Fearless Records
Selection of some previous sessions including an xmas song, SOAD track and some other melodic metalcore that they’re good at

To The Grave
Unique Leader Records
Brutal deathcore… cool stuff!!

The Vintage Caravan
Napalm Records
Groovin’ melodic stoner metal sounding stuff. laid back neat stuff

While She Sleeps
Sleeps Society
Spinefarm Records
This falls under more of a melodic metalcore, a bit of a commerical new wave of nu-metal type sound

Curse Be They Kingdom
Century Media Records
Melodic death… with more of a melodic laid back doomy thing happening too. pretty cool stuff

Liquid Tension Experiment
Release date: Friday, March 26, 2021 moved to april 16
As a self professed fan of Dream Theater and in particular Mike Portnoy, this is quite the welcome treat. First album in over 20 years and it sounds like it could have been recorded after a year… Signature LTE Sound. Instant favorite froml this fan boy.

Severed Within
Willowtip Records
16 April 2021
Death metal of the good ol brutal kind. Heavy, and headbang worthy… (song lengths are up there)

Future Shock
16 April 2021
Thrashed up classic metal pushing a bit in to a little prog metal, catchy cool stuff here.

Malum (Finland)
Devil’s Creation
Purity Through Fire
16 April 2021
Classic grooving harsh black metal

Band: Pathfinders
Album: Ares Vallis
Label: Music-Records
Release date: April 16th 2021
A groovin’ metal, a little progressive, a little melodic death with clean/harsh vox… catchy cool stuff.

Odradek Room
Painted Mind
Solitude Productions
February 25th, 2021
A bit doom and dark, but throwing down some melodic/progressive death type stuff, mostly clean vox.

Self Released
Raw and fast and heavy blackened death… production is a bit raw, music is in your face

Band: Fragmentum
Album: Masters Of Perplexity
Self Released
Release date: April 16, 2021
Another from the melodic death department… this isn’t quite as heavy musically… more of a prog metal feel that way, but throw in some harsh growly vox… bingo… cool stuff!

Pride & Joy Music
26 March 2021
Classic metal with a power metal slant

Seven Doors
The Gates of Hell
Redefining Darkness Records
16 April 2021
4 song ep of some good catchy and brutal death metal, great grooves

Master Dy
Unknown Sound
Self Released
Release date: Friday, February 26th 2021
Classic metal, pushing a bit in to a melodic death/prog metal area. vox are atmoshperic, clean melodic.

Forged Entropy
On Parole Productions
Release date: Friday, March 19th 2021
A bit on the melodic death side, but a bit on the prog metal side too, a tiny black metal feel too.

Les Chants du Hasard
Livre Troisième
Release date: Friday, April 9th 2021
Opera meets black metal, pretty crazy!

Title: Ready For Death
Release date: 06.04.2021

Devil Sold His Soul
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 9 April 2021
Modern metalcore type stuff, some black metal hints, some melodic peaceful rock stuff… and some grooves

Call The Doctor/Nightgarden
Self Released
Release date: Friday, April 2nd 2021
Electronic and ambient type sounds

Prophecy Productions
16 April 2021
Primarily electronic goth with a little push into industrial…

Hellryder (New Single & Video)
Rock Of Angels Records
9 April 2021
Kind of a groovin’ metal, a little basic pantera meets motorhead

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