Apr 192021

Mount Carcass
Metal Blade Records
16 April 2021
Brutal death metal with a little bit of a black metal groove… great stuff.

Cannibal Corpse
Violence Unimagined (Download)
Metal Blade Records
16 April 2021
Classic Cannibal corpse sound, but now with Eric Rutan in the fold, and a more just mature lineup, they’re firing on all cylinders and one of the best corpsegrinder fronted CC albums yet!

Nuclear Blast
taken from the album “Aggression Continuum” Unmistakenly Fear Factory, Dino’s riffs, Burtons screams (although he already quit the band recently – after recording this album)… and machine gun drumming… clean vox… I’ve always been a fan, so i like it.

Bulletproof Messenger
“The Divide”
Self Released
Modern melodic metal… seems a bit on the commercial side… cool and catchy, maybe not for the Mosh Pit.

Ghost Iris
Long Branch Records
A sort of brutal core thing, harsh vox, big groove, and some cool breakdown

In Transmission
Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records
23 April 2021
Female vox, harsh, clean, music has elements of hardcore, black metal, prog metal, punk, has a different sound and cool stuff.

Into The Storm (single)
They seem to get almost more technical and prog metal as these singles come out. Vox are a bit more on the melodic side… Cool cool cool

A single of groovin’ bluesy hard rock

War Curse
Only – Single
Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records
8 April 2021
New band on Metal Blade from Ohio did a cover song for an online “Slay at Home” for Metal Injection… they picked Anthrax’s instant classic “only”… great solid pretty straightforward version.

Louder Than Noise…Live In Berlin
Silver Lining Music
The title says it all. It’s Motorhead, it’s live… good stuff.

Bodom After Midnight
Paint The Sky With Blood (EP)
Napalm Records
Ahhh Bodom. Alexi is gone, but the music lives on… All recorded before he died, this is what takes over from the Children of Bodom breakup thing and Alexi’s new band… which we all know he was the main writer… this has that same sound without a real prominent keyboard sound and just a heavy blackened melodic death inspired greatness.

Room 7 Records
Groovin’ classic hard rock/metal with a little bluesy thing going on… clean male vox with some soul.

Skin Show
Season of Mist
9 April 2021
A bit of an electronic gothy metal a little into some doomish and blackened metal sounds too

Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth
Prosthetic Records
23 April 2021
Major sludge… big riffs, harsh vox, dooomy and down tempo…long track and post-metal-ish

Unspeakable Axe Records
19 April 2021
Thrashy death metal, heavy and technical, with a bit of melodic death too… great stuff.

Devilz By Definition
The Bitter Remains of Human Consumption – Out April 20th
20 April 2021
Groove metal! 3 song ep, some cool riffage, a bit of a death thrash thing too (lamb of god-ish)

Thrall of Winter’s Majesty
Amor Fati
21 April 2021
Symphonic black metal more on the ambient side…

Far Beyond Insanity
Saturnal Records
23 April 2021
Doomy blackend death/ melodic black metal, longer tracks, pretty solid, kind of like a poor man’s old school opeth?

Artist: AntiModzeBeast
Album: The Ritual EP
Genre: Industrial Metal/Electronic/Experimental
City, Country: Florida, USA
Independent Release
Release date: April 23rd, 2021

Miasma Theory
Miasma Theory
Shadowlit Music
23 April 2021
A bit doomy and stoner metal feeling. Cool melodic grooves

I, Voidhanger Records
23 April 2021
Brutal and blackened death with a wall of in your face fast and furious black metal

Solar Drone Ceremony
I, Voidhanger Records
23 April 2021
One 52 minute track of doomy death/black post metal.

Self Titled Split
Helldprod Records
20 April 2021
Whipstriker has a NWOBHM thrashy sound, maybe a Venom thing going on. Ice War is a bit similar, NWOBHM but with a little punk and thrashy thing

When Good Men Go To War
Scarlet Records
23 April 2021
Power metal with a bit of a folk metal thing going on, some just normal stuff, getting into some fast dragonforce type metal and standard folk metal with anthemic epic choruses.

Monumental Ruin
Unspeakable Axe Records
19 April 2021
Good ol meaty brutal death metal. Good stuff.

Phantom Fire
Return of the Goat
Edged Circle
23 April 2021
A bit black metal, some classic metal to make this 2 song ep into a black n roll thing… reminds me of old satyricon a bit.

Band: Witch Hunt
Album: Rock n´Roll Possession
Label: Dead Center Productions
Release date: April 23, 2021
Speed metal! Thrashy classic metal, really defining “speed metal” good stuff

Band: Death Chamber
Album: Experiments in Warfare
Label: Dead Center productions
Release date: April 23, 2021
Classic death metal from Germany, so there’s a bit of an extra grit… good.

To the Dogs
To the Dogs
Edged Circle
23 April 2021
Punky/thrashy death metal type stuff…

Primordium of Sinister Butchery
Self Released
Release date: Friday, April 23rd 2021
Good ol brutal meaty death metal.

April 23rd
Short tracks, fast and frenzied blackened death, with a bit of a grindy harshness. Wall of intense brutality in your face. good stuff!

Bloodtide Rising – Released Feb 12th
Pavement Entertainment
12 February 2021
Melodic death with a little bit of an epic black metal thing going on cool stuff

Golden Crown (single)
19 March 2021
Groovin’ stoner metal type stuff.

Dark The Suns
Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä
Release Date: April 9th 2021
Record label: Inverse Records
Melodic death type stuff… harsh vox, have a amon amarth type epic groove

Alexandra Zerner
Self released
Release date:Saturday, March 20th 2021
Melodic and instrumental guitar based stuff, pretty laid back and kind of prog rock based… jeff loomis on a track or two

Gilby Clarke
The Gospel Truth
Golden Robot Records
23 April 2021
hard rock veteran with a solo album… pretty much straightforward hard rockin’ type stuff

Purity Through Fire
I’d say this would fall onto the black metal pile, but with a laid back, slower tempo melodic darkness

Mister Misery
A Brighter Side Of Death
Arising Empire
Release date: Friday, April 23rd 2021
modern metalcore with an epic heavy sound… technical, harsh vox along with modern melodic stuff too

The Curse Of Sabda Palon
Vrykoblast Productions
Date Of Release: 30/04/21
Brutal death metal from Indonesia with a little bit of a groove and thrashy bounce

Album: Garden Of Eden
Label: Sliptrick records
Release date: April 20th, 2021
Brutal thrashy death metal, catchy, meaty hooks and catchy grooves too

Av Sublim Natur
Duplicate Records
Old school black metal, a bit dark and gloomy, a little lo-fi

Scarlet Records
23 April 2021
Classic metal with a power metal thing going on… good powerful female vox add to its punch

Death is Death
Death Is Hardest Thing To Do
Release Date: Arpil 16th 2021
Record label: Concorde Music Company
Thrashy punky metal with the word “death” in every title. hah good fun stuff. fast and heavy

Roots Rock Riot (Reissue)
Hassle Hindsight
23 April 2021
Reissue of their album from 2007… a good mix of heavy nu-metal reggae hardcore!

Belle Morte
Crime of Passion
Symphonic epic proggy female fronted power metal stuff.

Kenny McCormick
Self Released
apr 4
Straightforward proggy guitar instrumental metal.

Morticula Rex
Autumnal Rites
Immortal Souls Productions / Satanath Records
19 April 2021
Death metal with a melodic bit to it, but I’d say it’s a bit short of “melodic death”… as it slays pretty brutal throughout… just few interludes where it chills a bit.

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