Apr 262021

Season of Mist Underground Activists
23 April 2021
A kind of wall of blackened death noise metal… they do get into some heavy doomy grooves

Body Void
Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth
Prosthetic Records
23 April 2021
A sludgey doomy blackened thing… harsh vox, super downtempo… long songs (13+ mins each)

4 ? Death
Release date: Friday, April 23rd 2021
Electronic/industrial with a little hardcore and noise/death metal thing happening too.

Pretty straightforward classic hard rock AOR type stuff.

Poverty’s No Crime
A Secret To Hide
Metalville Records
Prog metal from Germany… I guess this band has been around for quite a while… it’s pretty standard prog metal / power metal

Napalm Records
A sort of groovin’ metalcore, a bit of a modern metal sound and some catchy headbanging grooves

Hell Unleashed
Napalm Records
Great to have new material from this band, heavy thrash with a modern sound yet a throwback to classic thrash great stuff.

Meridian Dawn
The Pagan Poetry EP
Seeing Red Records
30 April 2021
melodic death/goth metal sound and a bit of a doomy melodic sound

Macabre Demise / Sucking Leech
Observation / Damned to…
Self Released
Release date: Saturday, April 24th 2021
Sucking Leech is some heavy death metal with a little blackened grind. Macabre Demise has a classic brutal death metal thing going on.

Self Released
28 April 2021
Melodic death, harsh deathy vox, a catchy thrashy brutal musical assault. Cool stuff!

The Plague (Australia)
Within Death
Bitter Loss
30 April 2021
Cool stuff here. Extreme thrashy death metal, nice grit and heaviness, songs don’t fuck around and it’s good and heavy.

Caledonian Black Magick
The Sinister Flame
30 April 2021
Classic old school black metal, heavy, longer cold songs with a nice full heaviness to it while still having that melodic chill.

Infernal Power
Dying Victims Productions
April 30
A nod to some black metal, there’s a cold and harsh quickness here along with some thrashy grooves. Vox have the black metal coldness, but i’m hearing a black n roll sound too.

Bunker 66
Beond the Help of Prayers
Dying Victims Productions
April 30
mostly Classic thrashy metal musically with black metal style vox…. interesting stuff!

Personal Records
30 April 2021
Doomy death metal, dark, slow, depressing.

Perilaxe Occlusion
Exponential Decay 12″ MLP
Blood Harvest
30 April 2021
Grindy death metal on this 3 song EP.

Bloody Hell
The Bloodening – Out April 30th
Rockshots Records
30 April 2021
good ol just classic metal. a little bit of an iron maiden sound

Dying Victims Productions
April 30
Gritty blackened thrash, edgy, catchy, fast and technical a bit too.

As We Suffer
The Fallen Pillars – Out April 30th
30 April 2021
Melodic thrash, cool stuff, catchy, heavy with a crunchy riffage whle keeping a melodic meedly guitar thing going on too.

Homo Homini Brutus
Everlasting Spew Records
30 April 2021
BRUTAL death metal… technical and heavy… great stuff.

Arsenic Addiction
Fire (Music Video) + XIX (Album)
23 September 2019
A couple years old, but new to us… a prog hard rock / blackened melodic death…

The Burning Illusion
Orchestrated Misery Recordings
30 April 2021
Groovin’ melodic death type stuff, a little stoner groove/classic metal going on but with harsh vox

Our Victory is Eternal
Eternal Death
30 April 2021
Raw blackened metal, cold, harsh and in your face, but a bit laid back.

Band: Aschenvater
Album (EP): Landungsfeldmassaker
Label: Dead Center productions
Release date: April 30, 2021
Classic death metal with a little bit of German Grit. good brutal stuff.

The Visions of Trismegistos
Indie Recordings worldwide | Hells Headbangers USA
30 April 2021
Thrashed up extreme metal, heavy fast and furiouss… great stuff!

Osmose Productions
30 April 2021
Black metal with a deathy brutality element… and of course it’s cold and evil!

Death Is OK
April 30th
A punky death metal… pretty raw with short songs

Animal Schoolbus
Going to Grammy’s House 2021
Lawnmowerjetpack Records
30 April 2021
Grindy death metal with a father/daughter team… 9 year old girl doing all of the screams… pretty impressive actually… why didn’t I think of this? \m/

Universally Estranged
Reared Up in Spectral Predation CD/LP/TAPE
Blood Harvest
30 April 2021
Technical black metal, a lot of stuff going on, brutal, cold, dark and yeah groovin’ too.

Vritrahn-Werwolf (CD, LP)
Groovin’ blackend doom in some, full on regular ol black metal in other parts…

Misanthropik Torment
Murder Is My Remedy
Self Released
Brutal blackened death metal from Kentucky! Raw, harsh and brutal with some techy grooves

Halas Z Pekla
Duplicate Records
Punky blackened death metal, raw, dark and evil sounding with a bit of a punky beat

Steel Bearing Hand
Slay In Hell
Release date: Friday, April 2nd 2021
Extreme blackened thrashy metal, cool stuff!

Creator Destructor
Release date: Friday, April 23rd 2021
Gritty hardcore deathy metal

Songs of Petrichor
Nomad (single / music video)
Wall of Sound Records
24 March 2021
Prog metal, a bit of a Tool vibe

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