May 092021

“You’re The One That I Want”
Metal/punky covers of cheesey disco tracks… this is a greatest hits and first single of Olivia Newton John’s classic. Has a black sabbath and thrash vibe

“De Evenmens”
A down tempo doomy and gloom black metal sort of thing.

Ghost Iris
Long Branch Records
Heavy groovin’ deathcore, thrashy, brutal and catchy.

“These Black Claws (Feat. SHAHMEN)”
A bit of an atmospheric proggish rock, melodic and electronic in some parts too.

Dawn Ray’d
Wild Fire
Prosthetic Records
7 May 2021
Old school black metal with the cold meedly evil guitars and pissed off harsh vox…

Prosthetic Records
7 May 2021
Here’s a doomy black metal, a low doomy melodic thing with some harsh vox and death vox and some clean atmospheric type vox too… pretty dynamic.

Scar of The Sun
Napalm Records
Catchy melodic death metal

Evil And Divine
Frontiers Music SRL
Michael Sweet (Stryper) and Tracii Guns (LA Guns) with a doomy classic metal project… pretty cool stuff, major big vox and catchy music.

Hildr Valkyrie
Revealing the Heathen Sun
Moribund Records
14 May 2021
Folky melodic death, harsh and clean female vox… a little epic coolness

Day And Age
Release date: Friday, May 14, 2021
Good ol modern prog hard rock type stuff.

Before & Apace
The Denisovan – Out May 11th
11 May 2021
Long tracks of some progressive metal type stuff, with a bit of a Tool vibe going on but being a bit heavier I’d say.

Prosthetic Records
14 May 2021
Blackened death, a little thrashy and a bit of a metalcore chunk all with a bit of an epic black metal atmosphere. great stuff.

Grind to Death Records / Leviaphonic Records / Corrupted Flesh Records
12 May 2021
Classic black metal with a bit of brutality in amongst the harsh coldness

Mokvání V Okovech CD/LP
Blood Harvest
14 May 2021
Brutal death metal, a bit doomy but with some solid headbanging grooves

Crucifixion Ritual
Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity
Invictus Productions
14 May 2021
Raw old school death metal with some very “meh” production.

Judas Iscariot
Of Great Eternity
Moribund Records
14 May 2021
Old school black metal.

Nether Hollow of No Return
Inhuman Assault Productions
Release date: Saturday, May 15th 2021
Good ol meaty brutal death metal with some grooves

Oriflamme (Canada)
L’égide ardente
Sepulchral Productions
15 May 2021
Classic old school black metal… cold, melodic, laid back in the parts that aren’t full on evil. Decent stuff.

Grave Miasma
Abyss of Wrathful Deities
Dark Descent Records (US) / Sepulchral Voice (Europoe)
14 May 2021
Good ol meaty death metal, with a bit of a technicality to it that keeps it interesting, and yeah it’s brutal too. good stuff!

Kingsbane: Deluxe Edition
14 May 2021
Here we have some prog metal, clean vox, a little on the power metal side of things

Nightmare Necropolis (CD, LP, TAPE)
Hells Headbangers
14 May 2021
Brutal grooving death metal

Ruled By The Cruel
May 14th
Horror Pain Gore Death
Fast and heavy thrashy metal, a little of a Slayer style of thrashy/extreme metal. cool stuff.

20 Years of Human Termination
14 May 2021
Sounds like a live album… brutal melodic death metal… makes me want to dig deeper, as I’m not familiar with this band… good stuff.

Gastric Phantasm
Gastric Phantasm TAPE
Blood Harvest
14 May 2021
Brutal gore/grind death metal

Awakening (Single)
Indie Recordings
28 April 2021
A single of thrashy metalcore… short and sweet with a little bit of a modern metalcore thing going on too

King Zebra
Wall Of Confusion [New-Single]
Golden Robot Records
18 May 2021
Hard rockin’ classic stuff here, catchy and melodic

Lethal Tender (EP)
Nightstrike Records
12 March 2021
Thrashy proggish metal, a little like some way older Queensryche

Liminal Light
Transylvanian Recordings
Release date: Friday, May 7th 2021
Doomy and heavier with a black metal thing going on… interesting melodies, vox are kind of sung/shouted… decent stuff here.

Mesradh Machae (The Heads of the Men Who Have Been Slaughtered)
Invictus Productions
7 May 2021
I’d say classic black metal, but this has a more modern full sound with a lot of the things that make classic black metal its thing

Release: Hedonihil
II – Symptomatic
Release Date: May 14th 2021
Record label: Inverse Records
A sort of blackened death with some technical / progressive elements

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