May 302021

Churches Without Saints
Metal Blade Records
4 June 2021
Extreme thrash from a band that’s been around a long time. A bit of a deathy thrash. great stuff.

Self Released
A modern groove metal thing… a bit melodic vocally.. with shouty growls and clean… Pretty cool.

All Occupied by Sole Death
Season of Mist Underground Activists
28 May 2021
Brutal black metal, cold, but heavy and a death metal attitude too…

HOODED MENACE (Radio Single)
“Blood Ornaments”
Season of Mist
27 August 2021
A longer track, but some melodic doomy death. A bit proggy and almost a bit like Ghost, then the cookie monster vox come in… pretty cool stuff.

Spinefarm Records
Metalcore… a bit of a modern sound, but mostly straightforward and catchy like they’re known for.

Van Canto
To The Power Of Eight
Napalm Records
All a-capella metal, (with the exception of a drummer)… a bit laid back for the most part on these singles, else, it’s more of a power metal feel… unique and interesting…it’d be cool to see them live.

Thanatos Rising
Starscape Records
This has a proggy melodic death thing going on… definitely under the prog metal umbrella with clean and harsh vox with a melodic music sound getting a bit heavier and thrashy/heavy too. Cool stuff.

Black Sabbath
Sabotage Super Deluxe
Rhino Entertainment
Another in the reissue chain… remastered… and a good excuse to revisit some Sabbath you forgot, or never really got into in the first place because it was before your time (guilty!)

Flotsam And Jetsam
Blood In The Water
AFM Records
4 June 2021
I’ve always been a fan… their last album was pretty damn good… this one follows a similar formula of catchy melodic thrashy classic metal… good stuff as always!

Goats of Doom
Purity Through Fire
31 May 2021
Classic black metal, shrieky vox, cold guitars

Starlight Ritual (Canada)
Sealed in Starlight
Temple of Mystery
2 June 2021
Good ol classic metal with a tiny thrashy groove going on cool stuff.

Land of Darkness (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
4 June 2021
Harsh, deathy black metal, a melodic and techincal groove too… cool stuff!

“Some Things Should Stay Underground”
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
June 4
Brutal death metal with a monster groove and more of a black metal style vocal mixed with the cookie monster style… great stuff.

Killing Addiction
Mind of a New God
Xtreem Music
1 June 2021
Brutal death metal with a little dark black metal sound… but don’t mistake that… it’s meaty brutal death metal with a little sludge too.

There Goes The Neighborhood
Sliptrick Records
Released on May 18th, 2021
You know, here is what words the promo had to describe this… hard to argue…”Instrumental Rock/Metal/Blues | Melodic Instrumental Rock | Guitar Showcase”

Die Almosen der Wunde
Narcoleptica Productions
15 April 2021
Primarily black metal but with a goth thing going on too.

Messier 16
28 May 2021
Blackened death, with a melodic metalcore element which makes it a bit more interesting.

End You
Aimless Dread
Pax Aeternum
Release date: Friday, May 21st 2021
A bit of a doom, stoner groove/riffage, with some harsher vox.

Soldiers of the New World Order
Progresive metal, a long the lines of you know, a Dream Theater style.. with technicality, a bit longer songs, good metal crunchiness… but without all the keyboard booopy boopy stuff.

Veneration of the Black Light
Personal Records
21 May 2021
Melodic death kind of style with a more black metal vocal and tech doomy ethereal sounding music. Interesting and creepy at the same time

Unidad Trauma
Arte Médica Siniestra
Release date: Friday, May 28th 2021
Here is some technical death with a little extreme thrash going on with a pinch of a black metal vox sound.

Cold Night For Alligators
The Hindsight Notes
Arising Empire
Release date: Friday, May 21st 2021
At first it’s some laid back progressive rock, modern metal… as it gets deeper in, thre’s some heavier prog metal stuff with harsh vox too.. reminds me a bit of Fair to Midland… pretty good.

Mega Metal
28 May 2021
Classic metal/hard rock with some groovin’ female vox.

The Human Legacy
Release date: Friday, May 28th 2021
Brutal meat and potatoes death metal… grooving cookie monsters!

Release date: Friday, May 28th 2021
Thrashy death metal with a pinch of black metal darkness and yeah, some doomy grooves too

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