Jun 072021

Down tempo stoner / noise metal. Monster riffs, some good grooves too.

Nefarious Wave
Blues Funeral
A bit of a progressive doom/extreme sound. Some harsh vox, overall musically fairly laid back with a little grit… cool stuff.

I think these have been out of print for a bit, and now reissued… some great heavy stuff put out by Dino Cazares while he wasn’t in Fear Factory… I liked both of these albums when they came out and still like them. Heavy and catchy too.

King Of Lies
Nomad Eel Records
25 May 2021
Classic metal/hard rock… a catchy heavy edge while remaining grooving and accessible.

Aeons Of Oblivion
Unique Leader Records
Harsh brutal death metal, with a freight train of drums and riffs with pissed off vox makes you wonder “what’s their problem?” I don’t care, but I like their music! haha

Echoes Of The Soul
Napalm Records
Death metal with a hint of some technical/melodic/thrashy stuff going on… great stuff.

Go Ahead And Die
Go Ahead And Die
Nuclear Blast USA
Grooving and brutal death metal, great stuff… almost an extreme thrash

Hammer King
Hammer King
Napalm Records
Classic metal with a touch of power metal goodness

Timo Tolkkis Avalon
The Enigma Birth
Frontiers Music SRL
Timo is back with some of his fast and catchy power metal anthemic type stuff.

Rhapsody Of Fire
I’ll Be Your Hero EP
AFM Records
4 June 2021
An EP with some live, re-recordings and others… it’s always good to have a reson to play this over the top proggy epic power metal.

Crimson Dimension
Crimson Dimension
Spread Evil
4 June 2021
Four pretty long songs of some proggy blackened death metal. Pretty cool.

Spread Evil
4 June 2021
Three longer songs (10 min +) of post black metal type stuff.

Not Dark Yet (CD, LP)
Hells Headbangers
4 June 2021
Brutal death metal with a little sludge, machine gun drums, more guttural than cookie monster vox…

Soul Grinder
Lifeless Obsession
MDD Records
4 June 2021
Good solid death metal. metaty riffs, catchy grooves, good production

Band: Intentional Trainwreck
Album: Smokestack of Souls
Self Released
Release date: June 5th, 2021
General “metal” with a little progressive element, melodic with a little groove

Mark of The Wolf – Out June 4th
Alone Records
4 June 2021
not quite power metal, but some melodic classic metal type stuff. Solid grooves, an almost prog metal sound.

Liber Secondus – Exégèse
Malpermesita Records
5 June 2020
Black metal, doom metal, melodic death, noise, a little of all

Band: Vincent Crowley
Album: Beyond Acheron
Label: Odium Records
Release date: June 10, 2021
Death metal with a little black metal thing going on with some great solid grooves.

Band: Vulture Lord
Album: Desecration Rite
Label: Odium Records
Release date: June 10th, 2021
HEre’s some cool stuff… extreme thrash… with black and death metal elements… heavy and brutal and catchy too.. great stuff.

RADIO: Wristmeetrazor
Replica of a Strange Love
Prosthetic Records
11 June 2021
This has a modern metalcore melodic sound

GORGON (France)
Traditio Satanae
Osmose Productions
11 June 2021
Blackened death metal, extreme but with some heavy grooves and evil harshness too.. great stuff.

Phobia (Norway)
Slaughterhouse Tapes CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
14 June 2021
lo-fi (demo tape type stuff) old school deathy black metal

This Ending
Needles of Rust
Black Lion Records
11 June 2021
Blackened death metal with hint of a melodic death groove. cool stuff!

Fury of Ages
Qumran Records
June 11th, 2021
Thrashy melodic classic metal with clean vox and the occasional harshness to give it a cool edge.

Mother of All
Age of the Solipsist
Black Lion Records
11 June 2021
Technical melodic death, a little thrashy, harsh vox, some groovin’ parts too. Cool stuff.

The Descension EP
self released
Released on April 30th, 2021
Blackened Deathcore, solid grooves, and quick to the point tracks…

Rise Of The Witch
Sleaszy Rider
classic metal sounding stuff, decent amount of heaviness and catchy grooves too.

7 May 2021
Fast and heavy black/death metal, Pretty good stuff… but in my opinion, ruined by lo-fi recording. :(

ThronDom des Bösen
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Release date: June 7, 2021
Throneum is some basic black metal with a little bit of lo-fi in the production. Kingdom is more of a blackeded death with a harsh brutality

Release: Progeny Of Sun
Dark Wanderer
Release Date: May 28th 2021
Record label: Inverse Records
I would have to say this fits under a blackened melodic death, heavier sound with some harsh and growly vox, cool grooves… goood stuff.

Liminal Spaces Distribution
21 March 2021
Heavier progressive metal, a nice gritty edge to it, with clean vox, almost a little bit like older Powermad (vocally)

Godless Throne
Damnation Through Design (single)
Self Released
Symphonic blackened death metal, a nice epic and technical sound, while still keeping dark and harsh and cold.

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