Aug 022021

”Army of Me”
Self Released
A cover of the Bjork song, done in a pretty straightforward modern groove metal style…

The Five Hundred
A World On Fire
Long Branch Records
Melodic modern metal with a harsh vox edge

Coheed and Cambria
New single, melodic, catchy, and a bit of a noisy prog sound. neat stuff.

Axel Rudi Pell
Diamonds Unlocked II
SPV/ Steamhammer
Covers album of some classics from Abba to Sammy Hagar

Rivers of Nihil
Clean – radio single
Metal Blade Records
24 September 2021
Technical, proggish, brutal, melodic… yeah!

Nytt Land
Napalm Records
Mainly chanting and tribal folky sounds… not quite really metal at all…

Temptation (Single)
Arising Empire Records
Metalcore, heavy djenty brutal parts, breakdown, and a bit of an atmospheric melodic chorus spot too

Pistols At Dawn
Nocturnal Youth
JFL Entertainment
Straight up modern “solid rock” type new metal. Melodic with a little edge

I The Nihilist
Wonderlust (Single)
Nihilist Entertainment
Metacore with a djent thing going on. A modern melodic and emo-type vox clean sound mixed in with the shouts

The Obsidian Gate
July 31
A sort of brutal blackened death leaning more towards black metal

Teyacanilitztli Nahualli LP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
1 August 2021
Old school black metal, a little lo-fi, but a bit of a down tempo thing too

Kevin Parallax
Perplexing Emotions
1 August 2021
Instrumental metal with a deathy heavy groove… heavy prog metal, great stuff on this single.

Vassago (Sweden)
Storm of Satan
Nuclear War Now! Productions
1 August 2021
Brutal melodic blackened death. And, each song title has “Satan” in it.

April 21st
Courage Is Born from Fear
August 2, 2021
Technical metalcore type stuff. Mostly on the heavy side, but a bit of a melodic clean “modern metal” sound for the choruses.

Artist: Mothman and The Thunderbirds
Album: Into the Instrumentals (EP)
Self Released
Release Date: August 3rd, 2021
Mostly instrumental prog rock/metal. Catchy straightforward songs… cool stuff.

Salting the Earth
Xtreem Records
3 August 2021
The name says it all, a groovin’ death metal with a grisly gritty tone. Brutal doomy grooves too

Graveyard Shifters
Head Turns First, Eyes Follow…
5 August 2021
Punked up groovin’ hard rock/metal

Crypt Crawler
Future Usurper
Bitter Loss
6 August 2021
Here’s some good thrashy death metal, solid production, grooves and heaviness all around. Cool stuff!!

Perilaxe Occlusion
Raytraces of Death 12″ MLP
Blood Harvest
6 August 2021
A good mix of classic death metal and black metal cold brutally. Cool stuff

Ashen (Australia)
Godless Oath
Bitter Loss
6 August 2021
Brutal death metal with a bit of technicality… good stuff !!

Emetic Communion
Chaos Records / Life After Death / Seed of Doom
6 August 2021
Gritty and brutal death metal with a pinch of black metal evilness.

Destructive Machine’s Chilling Time 3:27
Eclipse Records
6 August 2021
Deathing groove metal with a hardcore/metalcore thing going on too.

Wald Krypta
Possessed by Nothingness
Eternal Death
6 August 2021
Extreme lo-fi black metal.

XENOKORP Militia Series
6 August 2021
Straight up blackened death metal, harsh vox, fast and furious playing. good stuff.

Catacomb Cult
The Sinister Flame
6 August 2021
Old school black metal, with some doomy grooves, good melodies and production make it not just cold meedly blast beats… good stuff.

March In Arms
Pulse Of The Daring
RFL Records
July 2, 2021
Fairly straighforward Power Metal, more leaning towards a standard classic metal type thing

Planet Of The Dead
23 July 2021
Doomy, stoner metal, where when it does get heavier, pushing into some Entombed-like stuff.

Marta Gabriel
Metal Queens
Listenable Records
30 July 2021
This is the front woman from Crystal Viper with a solo album now of classic metal doing covers of female fronted metal bands… cool stuff.

Dragons Kiss
Barbarians of the Wasteland
Firecum Records
26 July 2021
Fairly straightforward “metal” with a bit of an edge vocally. decent stuff.

Self Released
Technical blackened death with a dose of prog… pretty cool stuff.

Time to Pass Away
Mostly a classic black metal sound, some meedly guitars and harsh evil vox. Not too bad!

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