Nov 072021

“The Chapeltown Rag”
New single… and they have their own sound… has a good mix of melody and catchy heaviness that they’ve gone to more lately… a bit more clean vox than the OLD stuff, but still great, I like Slipknot and not afraid to say it.

Ozzy Osbourne
Diary Of A Madman
40th anniversary edition! A great album, but it’s almost all “hits” so I don’t want to be the classic rock station and play a lot, but it’s worthy of a mention and some music bed…

Vomit The Soul
Unique Leader Records
Brutal death metal with a little deathcore

A Dream Of Wilderness
Napalm Records
Melodic death with an epic symphonic sound… great stuff.

No Sign Of Life
Napalm Records
An epic melodic death with a brutal element… cool stuff from these guys again

Der Weg Einer Freiheit
Season Of Mist
Here’s a bit of a doomy post-metal thing which bursts into black metal

Everlasting Plague
Nuclear Blast USA
Ooo great stuff… brutal technical death metal!

Darkwoods My Betrothed
Angel of Carnage Unleashed
Napalm Records
Classic black metal with good production and heavy melodic harshness

All Hail The Yeti
Within The Hollow Earth
Minus Head Records
Groovin’ metal, a bit of a metalcore feel and a melodic hardcore thing too

Funeral Chant
Dawn Of Annihilation
Nov 1
Harsh old school black metal with a pinch of Slayer-like guitar solos

Shotgun Facelift
Dakota Blood Stampede
Eclipse Records
17 December 2021 (add nov 8)
Funny band name alert! hah. This is a bit of a thrashy and melodic metalcore. Cool stuff.

Hideous Entity
Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records / Desiccated Productions
11 November 2021
Brutal blackened death metal… more on the brutal side.

Bleed The Future
Season Of Mist
Brutal, technical, heavy… catchy too.. great stuff!!

Fighter Records
Nov 9
Big, epic thrashy power metal, more on the power metal thing, epic anthemic vocals. Cool stuff.

Demonic Temple
Through the Stars into the Abyss
Putrid Cult / Dark Horizon
11 November 2021
Black metal, wall of sound classic type stuff.

Eyes Wide Open
Through Life And Death
Arisng Empire
Release date: Friday, November 12th 2021
Metalcore, a melodic modern sound

Somnambulant Foregoer
12 November 2021
Groovin’ thrashin’ brutal death metal. Melodic, catchy, heavy, pretty darn cool stuff!!

Blood Sport
Hot Blood and Cold Steel
Gates of Hell Records
12 November 2021
Raw blackened thrash, more on the thrashy side, but with some meh production

Melodic straightforward prog rock… definitely not for a metalhead!

Band: Intaglio
Album: II
Label: Solitude Productions
Release date: November 12, 2021
Doom with orchestral strings, giving it a dark gloomy folk-ish sound. Very dark and depressing.

Redefining Darkness Records & Caligari
12 November 2021
Old school death metal with some groovin’ and catchy guitar solos! cool stuff

Light Bends
SharpTone Records
12 November 2021
Modern melodic metalcore, clean and harsh vox, some heavier catchier stuff, some down tempo more moody tracks

Predictor (Germany)
…thus spoke death CD/TAPE
Iron Bonehead / Knekelput Recordings
12 November 2021
Brutal blackened death/thrash. Mostly cold and harsh, but a full dark raw brutality too it.

Nova Spei
Sequentis – Out Nov 12
Bam&Co. Heavy
12 November 2021
Overall this is some catchy cool melodic death. A heavy meaty groove, with harsh vox and some clean stuff too

For Once My Name
Scarlet Records
21 October 2021
A single of melodic metal, a bit of a melodic death feel, but not quite as heavy in most of this single, but getting its black metal on in the last chunk

The Reckoning
Redefining Darkness Records
12 November 2021
Good catchy and meaty brutal death metal with a smidge of thrash… great stuff!

When The Day Yearns For Light
Oct 29
Overall, it’s in that metalcore pile, a bit more melody in the melodic parts, and a bit more epic blackened death metal in the heavier parts.

Within The Mind Records
12 November 2021
I’d have to throw this into a progressive death metal, a catchy cool edge with harsh vox, a bit of a thrashy heavy sound getting into some heaver brutal stuff while keeping a technical heaviness

The Last Magic in Practice
Inverse Records
Release Date: October 29th 2021
Melodic Death Metal with some big meaty grooves… great stuff

Artist: Primordial Ooze
Release title: Parasitic Intoxicant
Label: Sound of the Northwoods
Release Date: 29-10-2021
A bit of a lower-fi wall of sound blackened death metal. it all kind of mushes together, but seems alright

Nocturnal Wanderer
Gift of the Night
Nameless Grave Records
18 November 2021
Classic old school black metal

Artist: Demonologist
Release title: I curse, I dance
Label: Kvtl und Kaos Productions
Release Date: 31-10-2021
Blackened Thrash Metal, pretty cool stuff.

Self Titled
Self Released
Catchy and groovin’ Thrash Metal.

Gaahls WYRD
The Humming Mountain
Season of Mist
5 November 2021
Doomy melodic black metal, some interesting old school sounds, longer tracks, clean vox, it gets heavier as the tracks go through… not too bad

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