New Stuff This Week…

Cast In Fire
Self Released
Madison’s own… kind of a progressive thrashy death metal, guttural vocals, shrieks and a catchy sometimes melodic and always heavy base of grooving goodness! Great stuff!

Imperium Dekadenz
Into Sorrow Evermore
This is kind of a doomy post black metal type thing, a bit depressing and cold

Sky Void of Stars
Melodic, a bit doom-ish and progressive, I’ve always thought of them of an Opeth light, cool stuff.

“Breaking Point”
Boom! A new Prong song, written while on tour with BLS, guess what? Pinch Harmonics! But the good thing about Prong is they (well, Tommy Victor) has his own catchy cool sound that’s unmistakeably Prong… and I love prong!

Release title: Sanansaattaja
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 06-01-2023
Pretty basic meaty groovin’ death metal

Dark Princess
Out Of Line Music
Classic metal, clean female vocals

In The Blind
Evolve & Escape
Razor To Wrist Records
This is a bit classic metal, maybe a little into power/prog metal a bit, and yeah a bit modern metal sound too.

Dying of Everything
13 January 2023
Classic Obituary, thich heavy grooves, just good ol catchy headbanging death metal. Great stuff.

Twilight Force
At The Heart Of Wintervale
Genre: Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 20 January 2023
Here’s some epic power metal, soaring vocals, sing-a-long choruses

Album: Mental Truancy
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: January 17th, 2023
Prog metal meets a little thrash and melodic death…cool stuff!

Okkult III
Massacre Records
20 January 2023
Classic brutal death metal! Great stuff.

Release title: Dominate to Exterminate
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 20-01-2023
This is a kind of thrashy melodic death, catchy cool stuff

Driftwood EP
A kind of doomy groove metal with harsh vox,

Winds of the Cosmos
Scarlet Records
20 January 2023
We originally got this middle of 2022 as a self released album and it even hit the Mosh Pit top 10, now it’s reissued on Scarlet records.. worth another play! here’s the review from then..
This is pretty cool, it’s a bit power metal, it’s thrashy, it’s got a bit of a fun catchy thing going on but with some cool harsh stuff too… lots of great stuff converging… Great stuff!

Everlasting Spew Records
20 January 2023
A mix of meat and potatoes death metal, a bit of a doomy grooving darkness and blackened death extremes. Cool

Contempt for a Failed Dimension
Redefining Darkness Records
20 January 2023
Heavy and gritty brutal death metal, catchy clean production too… Good stuff!

Ashen Tomb
Ashen Tomb
Personal Records
20 January 2023
a blackened death with a little thrashy vibe underneath the full on brutality

Extremely Rotten Productions / Night Shroud Records
20 January 2023
Good ol brutal death metal!

Inside Out Music
Jan 20
Progressive rock/hard rock. The first track is like almost all electronic and had me scared for a second! Has a very 80’s sound. The rest of it picks up a little bit… still has an electronica (drum/keyboard) feel, but still very much prog rock.

Album: Break the Oath
Label: Argonauta Records
Release date: January 20th, 2023
Doomy stoner metal with a sludge factor.

Release title: Carnival of Flesh
Label: Xtreem Music
Release Date (d/m/y): 20-12-2022
Brutal and fast death metal. Cool stuff!

Artist: Intrepid
Release title: Slaying of Sanity/Murder of Mind
Label: Knife Fight Media
Release Date (dd/mm/yy): 05-01-2023
Brutal and technical death metal. Cool stuff.