New Stuff This Week… 8/28/2023

Album: Evolvement
Label: M-Theory Audio
Release date: August 25, 2023
Technical and progressive melodic death type stuff… clean and harsh vox, great stuff!!

West Coast Hard Rock
Majestic Mountain Records (Vinyl) | Electric Talon Records (CD)
25 August 2023
Kind of a nice catchy groovin’ stoner metal

“Aura” ft. Howard Jones & Josh Gilbert
The Silver Line
Wall of sound modern metal with some guests..

Unholy Deification
Release date: Friday, August 25th 2023
Old school brutal death metal.

Gypsy Pistoleros
Come On Eileen (single – cover)
Criminal Records
Kind of a poppy hard rock version of this 80s classic

Harms Way
Devour – radio single
Metal Blade Records
29 September 2023
Gritty groovin’ thrashy death metal…

Lizzy Borden
Death of Me (single)
Metal Blade Records
23 August 2023
Classic metal!

From the Wound Spilled Forth Fire
Prosthetic Records
25 August 2023
Kind of raw black metal with a bit of an experimental tint to it

Release date: Friday, August 18th 2023
Trash metal, catchy cool stuff

Velvet Viper
Nothing Compares To Metal
Massacre Records
25 August 2023
Classic metal, female vocals, borderline power metal or a little thrashy in either direction… so it falls in classic metal!

Velvet Insane
High Heeled Monster
Sound Pollution / Wild Kingdom
25 August 2023
kind of some old school sounding party rock.

Island of Dead Men & Fall of the Loyal Warrior – radio singles
Metal Blade Records
29 September 2023
This is that death metal band with the frontman from Volbeat… another single, good solid meaty death metal!

Battle Maximus 10th Anniversary Edition
Pit Records
1 September 2023
Yeah, anniversary album! good to hear oderus again

Here For None
Reaper Entertainment
Release date: Friday, August 18th 2023
First Warmen album since Children of Bodom sort of disbanded… And the first with Vocals! This is the keyboardists side project, which probably is now a main thing.. but has a similar to CoB sound, catchy keyboard heavy melodic death. Great stuff!

“Cold” (Radio Single)
Century Media Records
20 October 2023
YES! Great thrash band, and new stuff… a bit of a melody going on, but then going back to some full on thrash

The Fall Of The Shires
Atomic Fire Records
18 August 2023
Kind of a laid back prog… maybe a light porcupine tree sound

Within Temptation
Bleed Out (Single)
Force Music
power metally type stuff, with a bit of a nu-metal feel this time around (on this single) and of course powerful female vox.

Stitched Up Heart
To The Wolves
Another Century Records
Modern metal/core type stuff… harsh, clean vox, a nu-metal electronic thing going on

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons
Kings Of The Asylum
Nuclear Blast USA
Classic metal from the ol Motorhead alum.

Memento Mori
Century Media Records
Classic old school black metal with a gritty edge

Album: The Speed Of Dreams
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: August 29th, 2023
Prog metal with a bit of a ripper owens meets Iron Maiden thing… decent stuff

Reverence to Paroxysm
Lux Morte
Me Saco Un Ojo / Dark Descent
31 August 2023
Brutal gore metal sound

Time To Kill Records
September 1st, 2023
Kind of a punked up hardcore… short quick in your face tracks

Demoniac (Chile)
Nube Negra
Edged Circle
1 September 2023
A kind of basic classic metal, but then it just kicks it into a thrashy old school black metal gear. cool stuff.

Belial’s Throne
Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls
Spread Evil
1 September 2023
A bit of a doomy old school black metal

Triumphant Fall of the Malignant Christ LP/CD
Iron Bonehead
1 September 2023
Old school lo-fi black metal

Chaos as a New World
Amor Fati
1 September 2023
Classic black metal with a kind of deathy groove

De syv stadier af fordærv
Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records
1 September 2023
Brutal death metal with a bit of a laid back groove

Still Raging
AFM Records
1 September 2023
20th anniversary live concert recording from 2022 in Greerce

The Islands
Indie Recordings
1 September 2023
A kind of stoner metal meets some progressive stuff and noise, interesting

Sleaszy Rider
This is a bit of a classic metal thing, solid grooves

The Weight Of Sleep
Sleaszy Rider
Laid back stoner doomy grooves

Dripping Decay
Festering Grotesqueries
Satanik Royalty
Release date: Friday, August 18th 2023
Brutal grindy/gore-ish death metal, neat stuff.

The Primordial Blues
Nefarious Industries
Release date: Friday, August 18th 2023
Kind of a wall of sound sludge/noise groove thing with some prog elements

Album: Rise Up Clan
Self Released
Release date: September 1st
Classic swedish death metal with a little bit of a melodic air and some big grooves. Cool stuff

Colony Drop
Brace For Impact
Nameless Grave
Release date: Friday, August 25th 2023
This is a little thrashy, a bit melodic and classic metal too.

Malmorta Records (Malpermesita Records)
18 June 2023
Meaty and groovin’ death metal… great stuff

EP Title: “Dreamerie: The Prelude”
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: August 23, 2024
Melodic symphonic power metal stuff… big epic sound

Galundo Tenvulance
Album Title: Lunar Eclipture
Label: Spiritual Beast
Release Date: 23-08-2023
Symphonic epic melodic death metal, nice big full sound, harsh, catchy and