New Stuff This Week… 9/25/2023

Cannibal Corpse
Chaos Horrific
Metal Blade
Release date: Friday, September 22nd 2023
Brutal, technical death metal, they just never let up do they!? great stuff

Crux Simplex
Season of Mist
22 September 2023
Doomy-ish black metal, raw and dark

All female extreme thrash… heavy and just good stuff… a little melodic deathy

The Hirsch Effekt
(Long Branch)
Kind of a progressive metalcore thing… lots going on, heavy, soft, brutal, light.

Wishbone Ash
Live Dates Live
Live album from these (usually instrumental) veterans… decent stuff and a probably good release to get an idea of what they’re about if you haven’t already

Season of Mist
15 September 2023
Technical and progressive death metal, great stuff

Sacred Dawn
“The Lake of the Dismal Swamp”
Dismal Swamp
Friday Sept 29th.
Nice groovin’ classic metal with a bit of a prog metal edge. this single is a bit longer and wanders more into some middle eastern prog stuff. Looking forward to the full album

Tomb Mold
The Enduring Spirit
20 Buck Spin
Release date: Friday, September 15th 2023
Brutal death metal, nice grooves

KK’s Priest
The Sinner Rides Again
Napalm Records
KK and Ripper? Classic old priest sounding stuff… you can’t go wrong!

Gross Reality
Return To Ruin
Mike was telling me about this band a few weeks ago… I reached out to the band and they sent us the album… great stuff, kind of a technical thrash, maybe taking a little Nevermore with some Wrathchild America and Slayer. Great stuff!

Artificial Insanity
Moribund Records
This is kind of an extreme thrashy sound, a cool heavy gritty sound

Nuclear Blast
29 September 2023
a laid back doomy stoner thing… pretty cool and chill.

Haunt the Woods
29 September 2023
Progressive rock/hard rock type stuff, a bit low key and chill

Síntesis Silenciosa
විරෑපී (VIRŪPI)
23 September 2023
Punky thrash and a bit hardcore, also a bit of a post metal/experimental thing happening

Album: Sanansaattaja
Label: Sliptrick Records
Release date: September 26th, 2023
A pretty raw thrashy death metal with a nice basic groove too

Album Title: Deserted Realms
Label: Xtreem Music
Release Date: September 26, 2023
Brutal death metal, guttural vox, a little bit of a gritty death groove

Album: Cold and Stiff
Label: Archaic Sound
Release date: September 30th, 2023
Classic black metal with some good deathy grooves too

Album: Whirlwind Hymns
Self Released
Release date: September 30th, 2023
Doomy and stoned out post metal-ish.

Album: 4 10
Label: Argonauta Records
Release date: September 29th, 2023
“Psychedelic Doom” a real chill vibe, but some really cool guitar tone/riffs to fill out the slow grooves

Album: The Morbidious One
Label: Argonauta Records
Release date: September 29th, 2023
Deathy doom. Big meaty full sound with death vox, enormous riffs and groooovin’

Infernal Throne
Label: Theogonia Records
Release Date: September 29, 2023
A technical-ish blackened/death witha melodic death thing too.

Dark The Suns
Raven And The Nightsky
Release Date: September 29th 2023
This is kind of a melodic death with a little doom sound and groove

Inverse Records
Release Date: September 29th 2023
Technical Death Metal with a little blackened death slant. And a bit of atmosphere/melodies too. cool stuff.

Release Title: Pacify the Parasite
Label: Self-Released
Release Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 08-09-2023
They say it’s “Progressive Melodic Death Metal ” which ticks all my boxes! haha just a single, but some good catchy techy death stuff. Nothing new or groundbreaking, but good solid stuff.

Subway Anthem
Indie Recordings
29 September 2023
A kind of modern groovin’ death/metalcore catchy and some good breakdowns and melodic breaks.

Release Title: The Fifth Sun (Part II)
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 29-09-2023
Good ol hard rockin’ classic metal… catchy and groovin’

Wilting Within
Small Stone Recordings
Release date: Friday, September 22nd 2023
Female fronted, kind of old chilled doom.. melodic clean ethereal-ish vox

Release Title: Trollveggen
Label: A Production
Release Date: September 14, 2023
They call it “Metal/Hardcore/Metalcore/Alt-metal crossover” and yeah, of course it’s accurate and am I lazy at these reviews? sure. It’s neat and catchy, and the songs are short. Has a nice head bobbin’ groove.

Diamond Dogs
About the Toughest Nut to Crack
Wild Kingdom/Sound Pollution
29 September 2023
This is kind of an alt-rock, bluesy classic rock thing, almost oldies sounding!

Mothman and The Thunderbirds
Song: The Simpsons = Real Footage (2023 Redux)
Release Date: September 22, 2023
Single of some melodic thrashy-ish classic metal

Nefarious Industries
Release date: Friday, September 22nd 2023
Overall I’d call this melodic death. A pinch of a blackened death, some thrashy, and just melodic prog metal too.

The Moth
Exile On Mainstream
Release date: Friday, September 22nd 2023
sludgey doomy stoner metal

Axis of Tortures
Aesthetic Death
Sept 22
Doom/black/post death metal with some really long songs