New stuff this week…. 4/13/09

Well, after a week off last week… it’s good to be back… Thanks to Mike for filling in last week with his 3 hours of awesomeness.   New stuff last week that I probably won’t write up just because I don’t have time right now…
Heaven and Hell Single, Live Ministry album, Gollum (on Rotten Records), Agoraphobic Nosebleed (on Relapse), Tardy Brothers (yes, from Obituary), David Chastain and Bulletmonks.

So, for new stuff this week…

The Concealers
Century Media
41:20 – 11 Tracks
Pretty good american deathrash going on for their 2nd release.   You can tell there’s more time put into this one, a bit more melodic and not quite as heavy and in-your-face as the first one. …allthough it does go all out heavy in some parts.   Just a good solid metal album… can’t wait to see them live again!

Burning Human
Resurrection Through Fire
38:09 – 10 Tracks
Jason Bittner from Shadow’s Fall side project of a straightforward death metal band.   It’s good and heavy, kind of a classic Cannibal Corpse, Obituary type of metal genre thing happening.   Always good to have a good classic death metal band, especially headed up by someone who sort of helped pioneer the metalcore scene.  Great playing, great production, brutal, metal, but nothing really new… still worthy of getting some airplay!

The Flood
11:51 – 3 Tracks
Kind of a hard rock sort of thing… they’re the only unsigned band on the Static-X “Snocore” tour.   I’d have to compare them to Tool.  Musically and vocally… that’s the closest thing that I can come up with. It’s a bit borderline for the Mosh Pit… but I think it’s worth squeezin in!

Sacred Oath
Sacred Oath
Angel Thorne
50:13 – 10 Tracks
A pretty decent thrash/power/prog metal sounding band.   They have a bit of an Iron Maiden thing going on, sounds decent too.   We’ll try n get it on the air!

Brutal Truth
Evolution Through Revolution
31:41 – 20 Tracks
Long time coming reunion of Brutal Truth… heck, so many bands getting back together, why not these guys too?   New stuff sounds pretty g0ood… very grindcore, very in your face and that’s just how it should be!

Trigger The Bloodshed
The Great Depression
Metal Blade
32:57 – 11 Tracks
Brutal metal… fast, relentless, British… there’s lots of this type of music out there these days… just all out brutal, fast, in your face metal… it’s getting to be where it’s hard to tell them apart… but we love heavy and brutal on the Mosh Pit… we’ll give it a whirl!

Resurrection Macabre
54:40 – 14 Tracks
Whoa… another comeback album!  One of the few brutal bands from the Netherlands… after a 14 year break, they’re back.   Along with Believer and Cynic, Pestilence was one of a few metal bands that added a lil Jazz/fusion stuff into their metal.  Ironic how all three of these bands reformed right around now… eh?   These guys were always the most brutal of the three, and this new album is just all out brutal… awesome stuff!

My Dying Bride
For Lies I Sire
59:54 – 9 Tracks
These guys used to be pretty decent in my opinion, and for the last few albums, they’ve just been to slow and doomy for me to really want to play or listen to for that matter.   This new CD starts off that same way, slow, dark and depressing.   Some of the songs step it up a bit, getting a little abrasive with some vocals, but for the most part, stay pretty dark, slow  and gloomy.   I’m sure as a whole this album is pretty decent, but one track at a time might not cut it.  However, I will be playing some of this on the Mosh Pit… track 4 in particular “Bring Me Victory” gets a bit more “metal”

My Own Army
38:51 – 13 Tracks
This is kind of a solid-rock…”nu-metal” meets Otep… music is a lil heavy, female vox, but mostly a hard rock, semi-chunky metal album.  Not bad, just not really for the Mosh Pit… you should hear this on another station… it’d go great there!!