New stuff this week… 8/31/09

3 Inches of Blood
Here Waits Thy Doom
Century Media
48:31 – 11 Tracks
I’ve you’ve heard these guys before, then you know what this new album sounds like.   More catchy riffs, thrashin’ metal and over the top screamy vocals mixed with a more traditional thrashy metal voice along with it.

Digital Sampler (2 Song)
2 Tracks
Well, it’s Hatebreed… only two tracks from the album it’s tough to really judge… “In Ashes They Shall Reap” seems a bit more dark and emotional.  Not quite a bit jump up and down anthem like they usually have.  This has some good depth and good build-up through the song.  The other track is “Merciless Tide”  and is of typical Hatebreed fare…. although with a pretty cool guitar solo.   Heavy thick meaty riffs and pit inducing hardcore metal going on.

Street Legal
Bite The Bullet
49:33 – 11 Tracks
How many times can this label release the same album?   This is yet another “Whitesnake” band.   Classic hard rock with blues rock influence… if you’ve read any of these posts the last few weeks I’ve already described this sound.  meh.

Hidden Truth
Dark Star
39:46 – 11 Tracks
Some decent sounding thrashy metal.    A bit commercial in spots, but it has a raw-ish sound.  Nothing really new… has some cool music and guitar work

Oh, Sleeper
Son Of The Morning
33:59 – 10 Tracks
Another screamo metal core band from Solidstate.  The thing is, most of their bands are pretty good… This is just more of the same of this genre… good catchy guitars, meedly guitar parts, screamo vocals, some emo vocal parts, good chugga chugga stuff and of course, the breakdown.

Black Anvil
Time Insults The Mind
35:58 – 9 Tracks
Some pretty cool blackened thrash metal… music has a bit of a groove, but the vocals are definitely the blackened part.   Actually this whole thing reminds me a bit of Carcass… vocals have a Jeff Walker edge to them, the music, is a bit more sludgey than Swansong or Heartwork, but like I mentioned… has this cool groove to it.

Dirge Within
Force Fed Lies
50:39 – 12 Tracks
Being from Chicago, these guys are almost a “local” band… they play a big wide area, and have scored some opening gigs on some pretty big area tours… Catchy-ish metalcore… The “emo” parts, are actually not sooo singy, they are melodic, but not all out whiney singy like many metal core bands.  The music has a heavy metallic edge.   Some great catchy riffs all over the place… mixing into cool melodic parts with a great chugga chugga metal base.

“Cut Throat” Single
2:57 – 1 Track
Starts off with some almost black metal vocals… music is dirty, grungy and heavy… clean vox work well, it wouldn’t be Kittie without them… the dark vox come in and the music just kicks to a new level of metalness.   Best stuff from them in a while… can’t wait to hear more!