Mosh Pit news for 12/18/06

Well, the “business” end of metal radio is done for the year, so that means more classic fun metal on the Mosh Pit until sometime in January!  Tune in and enjoy the best of the last 30 years or so of metal!  Of course, call in your requests!    Don’t forget, Mike takes over on 12/25 and will bring back the classic album as well as a special encompassing the roots of metal.

New stuff this week 11/27/06

Normally I’d fill this space with what’s new this week, but as with every year, the last few weeks of the year yield no new releases as the record labels and trade magazines kind of shut down.  Therefore, as the shows for the rest of the year go on, you’ll hear more and more fun stuff and metal classics!

Tonight it’s a special Mosh Pit, as we’re taking over “Rolling With Scissors” while Lucas recovers from surgery.  Tune in from 11p-5am for your favorite Metal!!

Playlist for 2/20/06

Thanks to the guys in The Red Chord and Still Remains for coming in and hanging out with the Mosh Pit. Also, thanks to those who pledged to the Station!

Songs played on the Mosh Pit from 11p-2a on February 20th, 2006…

Throwdown — We Will Rise — Vendetta — Trustkill — Y — N
Himsa — Seminal — Hail Horror — Prosthetic — Y — N
Bleeding Through — Line In The Sand — The Truth — Trustkill — Y — N
Burst — Where The Wave Broke — Origo — Relapse — Y — N
The Red Chord — Upper Decker — Clients — Metal Blade — Y — N
Still Remains — White Walls — Of Love And Lunacy — Roadrunner — Y — N
Dark Funeral — 666 Voices Inside — Attera Totus Sanctus — Candlelight — Y — N
Roadrunner United — Army Of The Sun — The All Star Sessions — Roadrunner — Y — N
Dozen Furies — Awake And Lifeless — A Concept From Fire — Divine — Y — N
The Red Chord — Fixation on Plastics — Clients — Metal Blade — Y — N
Demiricous — Cheat The Leader — One — Metal Blade — Y — N
Still Remains — Stare And Wonder — Of Love And Lunacy — Roadrunner — Y — N
Celtic Frost — Circle Of The Tyrants — Morbid Tales — — N — Y
Black Dahlia Murder — I’m Charming — Miasma — Metal Blade — Y — N
In Flames — Scream — Come Clarity — Ferret — Y — N
Sworn Enemy — All I Have — The Beginning Of The End — Abacus — Y — N
Chimaira — Severed — Chimaira — Roadrunner — Y — N
Scarlet — On Fire — This Was Always Meant To Fall Apart — Ferret — Y — N
Waterdown — My Hopelessness And Me — All Riot — Victory — Y — N
Dryline — Last Day To Forget — Reach For The Surface — Zero Sun — Y — N
Clawfinger — Hate Yourself With Style — Hate Yourself With Style — Nuclear Blast — Y — N
Down Factor — Gods Of War — Murder The World — Scourge — Y — N
Mercyful Fate — A Dangerous Meeting — Don’t Break The Oath — Roadracer — N — Y
Iron Maiden — Sun And Steel — Piece of Mind — Sanctuary — N — Y
Iced Earth — Last December — The Blessed And The Damned — Century Media — Y — Y
Sanctuary — Future Tense — Into The Mirror Black — Epic — N — Y
Dimmu Borgir — Vinder Fra En Enson Grau — Stormblast — Nuclear Blast — Y — N
Callenish Circle — Ignorant — Pitch Black Effects — Metal Blade — Y — N
Kataklysm — Let Them Burn — In The Arms Of Devastation — Nuclear Blast — Y — N
Malignancy — Intestinal Sodomy — Intrauterine Cannibalism — United Gutteral — N — Y
Searing I — The Gift/Curse — Bloodshred — Black Lotus — Y — N
Slayer — War Ensemble — Seasons In The Abyss — American — N — Y

Special Events

WORT’s Winter Pledge drive kicked off on February 19th and will run until March 4th. This means that The Mosh Pit will have Pledge drive nights on Feb. 20th and Feb. 27th. Please call during the show and pledge! (608 256-2001 or listen to the show for the Toll Free number too.)

Phone pledges can be with a credit card, check, auto-give (payroll deduction through Community Shares) or we can bill you. Any tickets that you receive as a thank you give must have the pledge paid before the event date.

If you’d rather just donate online, you can do so by following this link: It is a secure web site and perfectly safe to donate online.
If you’ve ever listened to the Mosh Pit before, especually during a pledge drive, you’ll know that we have some special incentives that other shows on WORT do not have. Of course these cater specifically to you, the metal loving audience.

In additon to the Pledge Drive on February 20th, Roadrunner recording artists, Still Remains will be coming into the WORT studio for some live interview/fun. They’ll hang out in the studio for part of the show. Joining them will be members from Metal Blade’s The Red Chord. These bands are playing along with A Dozen Furies and Throwdown at The Loft on East Washington earlier in the evening.

Mike's 2005 Year In Review

Here are Mike’s (The Book’s) top lists of 2005….

Overall Top 10 (in no particular order)
Arch Enemy — Doomsday Machine
Soilwork — Stabbing The Drama
Dew Scented — Issue VI
Sentenced — Funeral Album
Byzantine — …And They Shall Take Up Serpents
System of a Down — Mezmerize/Hypnotize
Watch Them Die — Bastard Son
Dream Theater — Octavarium
Soulfly — Dark Ages
Exodus — Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Death and Black Metal List (in no particular order)
Summon — Fallen
Behemoth — Demigod
Dark Tranquillity — Character
Children of Bodom — Are We Dead Yet?
Opeth — Ghost Reveries
Old Man’s Child — Vermin
Cryptopsy — Once Was Not
Nile — Annihilation of the Wicked
Obituary — Frozen In Time
Bloodbath — Nightmares Made Flesh

Best Metalcore (in no particular order)
Between The Buried And Me — Alaska
Still Remains — Love And Lunacy
Agony Scene — Darkest Red
Madball — Legacy
Throwdown — Vendetta

Best Prog/Power Metal (in no particular order)
Kamelot — Black Halo
Nevermore — This Godless Endeavor
Brainstorm — Liquid Monster
Judas Priest — Angel of Retribution
Helloween — Keeper of the Seven Keys III

Best Live Performances
Strapping Young Lad
Iron Maiden
Arch Enemy
Dream Theater
Children of Bodom
Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Worst Live Performances
Fear Before The March Of Flames (Sounds of the Underground)
It Dies Today (opened for Fear Factory)
Robert Fripp (opened for Porcupine Tree)

Honorable Mentions
Apocalyptica — Reflections
Porcupine Tree — Deadwing
Chimaira — Chimaira
God Forbid — IV: Constitution of Treason
Avenged Sevenfold — City of Evil
Candlemass — Candlemass