Site update for 9/8/08

I (Matt) won’t be on the air Monday night…  I’ll be at the Packer Game!!   Mike will be handing the show duties with his special album, and 2 other hours of awesome “picks!”

Due to this, I won’t do the full “new stuff this week” update, so here’s a quickie…

All That Remains (good stuff, heavy, yet melodic)
Metal Church (sounds great, not super heavy, but reminds me a lot of Iron Maiden)
Amon Amarth (it’s just a single, but it’s awesome… you gotta love Amon Amarth)
Better Left Unsead (pretty good metal-core, catchy and melodic)
Exmortus (Great death/trash/blackened metal…heavy AND catchy… guitars are sick!)

In other news… I have been going through pictures from recent shows… Most recently, I put up more bands from Summer Slaughter… Check out pix from The Faceless, Cryptopsy, Black Dahlia Murder and Vader!   Just click on “Photos” above.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 9/1/08

Soulfly  —  Paranoia  —  Conquer  —  Roadrunner  —  Y  —  N
All Shall Perish  —  When Life Meant More…  —  Awaken The Dreamers  —  Nuclear Blast  —  Y  —  N
Soulfly  —  Sulfur  —  All Hope Is Gone  —  Roadrunner  —  Y  —  N
Overcast  —  Seven Ft. Grin  —  Reborn To Kill Again  —  Metal Blade  —  Y  —  N
Motorhead  —  When The Eagle Screams  —  Motorizer  —  SPV  —  Y  —  N
Flatline  —  Generations Fall  —  Generations Fall  —  Stand and Deliver  —  Y  —  Y
Walls of Jericho  —  Feeding Frenzy  —  The American Dream  —  Trustkill  —  Y  —  N
Norma Jean  —  Birth of the Anti Mother  —  The Anti Mother  —  Solidstate  —  Y  —  N
The Human Abstract  —  Metanoia  —  Midheaven  —  Hopeless  —  Y  —  N
Toxic Holocaust  —  Nuke The Cross  —  An Overdose of Death  —  Relapse  —  Y  —  N
Hexen  —  Bedlam Walls  —  State of Insurgency  —  Old School Metal  —  Y  —  N
Fuck The Facts  —  No Place For Failure  —  Disgorge Mexico  —  Relapse  —  Y  —  N
Neuraxis  —  Darkness Prevails  —  The Thin Line Between  —  Prosthetic  —  Y  —  N
Iced Earth  —  Behold The Wicked Child  —  The Crucible of Man  —  SPV  —  Y  —  N
Pyramaze  —  Shadow of the Beast  —  Immortal  —  Locomotive  —  Y  —  N
Dragonforce  —  Reasons To Live  —  Ultra Beatdown  —  Roadrunner  —  Y  —  N
Clutch  —  The Soapmakers  —  Live at the Googleplex  —  River Road  —  N  —  Y
Clutch  —  Texan Book of the Dead  —  Full Fathom Five  —  Weathermaker  —  Y  —  N
Chrome Division  —  The Devil Walks Proud  —  Booze, Broads and Beelzebub  —  Nuclear Blast  —  Y  —  N
Testament  —  Henchmen Ride  —  The Formation of Damnation  —  Nuclear Blast  —  Y  —  N
Slayer  —  War Ensemble  —  Seasons in the Abyss  —  American  —  N  —  Y
Metallica  —  Blitzkreig  —  Garage Inc.  —  Elektra  —  N  —  Y
Austrian Death Machine  —  So Far, So Good, So Let’s Talk About It  —  Total Brutal  —  Metal Blade  —  Y  —  N
Austrian Death Machine  —  Screw You (Benny)  —  Total Brutal  —  Metal Blade  —  Y  —  N
Anima  —  Behind The Mask  —  The Daily Grind  —  Metal Blade  —  Y  —  N
A Breath Before Surfacing  —  Writhing  —  Death Is Swallowed In Victory  —  Mediaskare  —  Y  —  N
The Showdown  —  Hephaestus-The Hammer of the Gods  —  Back Breaker  —  Solidstate  —  Y  —  N
Left To Vanish  —  Long Live This Heresy  —  Versus The Throne  —  Lifeforce  —  Y  —  N
Into Eternity  —  Tides Of Blood  —  The Incurable Tragedy  —  Century Media  —  Y  —  N
Stormlord  —  Neon Karma  —  Mare Nostrum  —  Locomotive  —  Y  —  N
Hackneyed  —  Gut Candy  —  Death Prevails  —  Nuclear Blast  —  Y  —  N
Children of Bodom  —  Banned From Heaven  —  Blooddrunk  —  Spinefarm  —  N  —  Y
Aborted  —  I35  —  Strychnine.213  —  Century Media  —  Y  —  N
Aborted  —  Threading On Vermillion Deception  —  The Archaic Abattoir  —  Century Media  —  N  —  Y
Necrophagist  —  Mutilate the Stillborn  —  Onset of Putrefaction  —  Willowtip  —  N  —  Y
Brain Drill  —  Bury The Living  —  Apocalyptic Feasting  —  Metal Blade  —  N  —  Y
Krisiun  —  Bleeding Offers  —  Southern Storm  —  Century Media  —  Y  —  N
Illdisposed  —  Working Class Zero  —  The Prestige  —  Locomotive  —  Y  —  N
Deicide  —  In Hell I Burn  —  Legion  —  Roadrunner  —  N  —  Y
In Flames  —  Suburban Me  —  Clayman  —  Nuclear Blast  —  N  —  Y

WORT Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for 9/1/08

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 for the Week of 9/1/08

Artist  —  Album  —  Label
1) Austrian Death Machine  —  Total Brutal  —  Metal Blade
2) Krisiun  —  Southern Storm  —  Century Media
3) Clutch  —  Full Fathom Five  —  Weathermaker
4) Motörhead  —  Motörizer  —  SPV
5) Walls of Jericho  —  The American Dream  —  Trustkill
6) Left To Vanish  —  Versus The Throne  —  Lifeforce
7) Aborted  —  Strychnine.213  —  Century Media
8) Chrome Division  —  Booze, Broads & Beelzebub  —  Nuclear Blast
9) Neuraxis  —  The Thin Line Between  —  Prosthetic
10) Slipknot  —  All Hope Is Gone  —  Roadrunner
11) HeXen  —  State Of Insurgency  —  Old School Metal
12) Fuck The Facts  —  Disgorge Mexico  —  Relapse
13) Illdisposed  —  The Prestige  —  Locomotive
14) Pyramaze  —  Immortal  —  Locomotive
15) Dragonforce  —  Ultra Beatdown  —  Roadrunner
16) The Human Abstract  —  Midheaven  —  Hopeless
17) A Breath Before Surfacing  —  Death Is Swallowed In Victory  —  Mediaskare
18) Soulfly  —  Conquer  —  Roadrunner
19) Norma Jean  —  The Anti-Mother  —  SolidState
20) Overcast  —  Reborn to Kill Again  —  Metal Blade

Top 5 Adds
1) Into Eternity  —  The Incurable Tragedy  —  Century Media
2) Iced Earth  —  The Crucible of Man  —  SPV  —
3) All Shall Perish  —  Awaken The Dreamers  —  Nuclear Blast
4) Stormlord  —  Mare Nostrum  —  Locomotive
5) Toxic Holocaust  —  An Overdose of Death  —  Relapse

Other Adds:  Anima, The Showdown, Hackneyed, Testament, AC/DC, Dignity

New stuff this week… 9/1/08

Into Eternity
The Incurable Tragedy
Century Media
38:57 – 12 Tracks
It seems like these guys just put out an album, toured like 400 times on a bunch of different tours, and now here they are with a new album already!   Apparently, they have a pseudo-studio in their RV/Bus and have been working on songs the whole time.   Also, a lot of crappy stuff happened (friends/family dying, etc) to Tim Roth, the main force in this band over that same course of time which he transferred that into music and lyrics.  This album has all of those catchy hooks, over the top screamy vocals mixed in with some super death metal growls… All of the elements that you expect from Into Eternity are here.  The production is clean and songs are diverse, while still staying with that “Into Eternity” sound.  Great stuff, you’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Iced Earth
The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked Pt. 2)
59:15 – 15 Tracks
This album marks the return of Matt Barlow… and more in depth telling of “Something Wicked”  I was hoping for a return to the heavier more concise metal stuff, but this album is more of one of those “epic masterpieces…”  with all the symphonic/operatic stuff building up tracks.  To me, it seems a little over produced with out much “raw-ness” to it that the older stuff had.   I’m sure if I sat down with some lyric sheets and listened along this would be that masterpiece, but as a casual listener, you’d hear some good crunchy riffs every so often, but nothing that you haven’t already heard in other Iced Earth albums.   I guess I’m a little biased when I write, I like the fast crunchy in-your-face Iced Earth stuff, and apparently that’s a thing of the past.   Still a great album though…. Matt Barlow is the man!

The Daily Grind
Metal Blade
33:22 – 9 Tracks
Another metal-death-core band that draws the comparisons to Black Dahlia Murder… They appear to  have the intense fast metal assault building up to a slower breakdown type thing in some songs,  others have some melodic parts, not emo, but melodic catchy type stuff in the mix.  Drumming is intense, vocals vary between screamy growls and death growls.  I’d have to say it’s pretty brutal overall!  You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

All Shall Perish
Awaken The Dreamers
Nuclear Blast
35:55 – 12 Tracks
These guys put out an album that’s brutal, yet melodic and not so much “Core”  I’d have to say it’s almost sounding like something from Sweden!   Borrowing a word from their bio sheet which rings true… Diverse.  Brutal, melodic, chunky, catchy, all sorts of cool metal things going on in this album.  You’ll hear it on the Mosh Pit!

Mare Nostrum
46:55 – 9 Tracks
“Extreme Epic Metal”  I’d say mix some Dream Theater or other prog-metal with black metal!   These songs do have that “epic” sound to it, meaning a classical/symphonic feel.  However, there are not screamy power metal vocals, it’s pretty much all black metal vocals.  The songs stay pretty heavy and catchy too!  You’ll hear this on the Mosh Pit!

Death Prevails
Nuclear Blast
31:00 – 9 Tracks
Gimmick?  No bands don’t need gimmicks… These guys are good on their own, okay, I’ll tell you what some may call a gimmick…  14-18 year olds from Bavaria!  This is some good quality death metal.  Brutal, catchy heavy and even melodic!.  It’s fast, but nothing really too complicated… which is great, some stuff these days is just getting TOO over the top, these guys keep it to the basics.   How kids this young can make stuff this cool is beyond me!

The Sound of Nightwish Reborn
58:48 – 9 Tracks
Thisis a coolection of Demos and B-sides from Dark Passion Play (their album from 2007)  It appears as though this is a release to promote their tour which started last week.  Overall there isn’t much “metal” on here.  Unless there’s overwhelming requests for this, I think it might be a pass.

Toxic Holocaust
An Overdose of Death
13 Tracks
A blackened-thrash album here… Did I just term a new genre?  Probably not, but it is generally thrash, but with some more abrasive vocals.   Actually all vocals and instruments are performed by one guy!  Joel Grind didn’t want to deal with the full time band thing, so just hires session folks for tours and stuff.   The music is classic thrash sounding with a little bit of an edge, it’s quality stuff, and you will hear it on the Mosh Pit!

The Showdown
Back Breaker
11 Tracks
Some melodic thrashy-core type stuff here, actually sounds kind of Shadows Fall-ish.  There are some good chugga chugga guitars, a good mix of metal, thrash, and “core.”  It’s a good solid metal album and you’ll probably hear something from it on the Mosh Pit!