New Stuff This Week…5/11/15

Heavy groovin’ throwback 70’s stoner metal. Just a great groove, catchy and laid-back vibe.

Lorna Shore
“Grimoire” (single)
I guess I would call this brutal core.  a bit math metal in parts, proggy, sludgey, metalcore-ish, but all really cool stuff.

Sentinel Apocalypse
Unique Leader
Techy metalcore… more on the melodic death side of things, but enough of that “core” sound with the chugga chugga/meedly meedly stuff a breakdown type thing here and there.

Secret Garden
Always been one of the better power metal bands… and probably the best from South America, right?   Now that their guitar player has been recruited in Megadeth, I’m sure the spotlight will be on them a little bit more.  Haven’t really had too much good power metal coming in lately, and to have this and the Kamelot as a decent one two punch is nice.

The Seventh Life path
Napalm Records
Kind of epic fe-metal, along the lines of Epica… but not quite as leaning into the melodic death.  It gets deathy in parts, but mainly keeps it a bit more gothy… maybe a little more Lacuna Coil-ish… but yeah, it stays heavy enough to keep it worthy of the Mosh Pit! hah.

Civil War
Gods & Generals
Napalm Records
Seemingly standard power metal featuring former members of Astral Doors and Sabaton.  So it’s got a bit of an epic metal feel, but still a bit of some raw metal power going on too.  Definitely ripe for singing along.

Last Great Nation
The New American
New American Records
This is a bit like a Five Finger Death Punch muscially… (not in a bad way – just something to compare) catchy accessible metal, but this seems a bit more complex with proggy elements.

Secrets of the Sky
Metal Blade Records
Some long doomy stuff, some stuff that sounds like Down, and some melodic stoner metal type stuff too.

Sic Lvceat Lvx
Prosthetic Records
Kind of a blackened death metal with some doomy stuff too.

Gutter Instinct
The Insurrection
Prosthetic Records
Some cool basic thrashy death metal.  Only 4 tracks, but they are rippin’.

Journey to the Depths TAPE
Blood Harvest
Classic black metal… fast, evil, brutal and catchy too.

Luciferian Rites
When the Light Dies
Creepy Old school black metal, vocals are screamed like they are coming from the pits of hell… so yeah, good and evil… brutal too.

In The Fields They Bled
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Blackened death metal, fast, brutal, in your face and maaaybe a bit catchy… did I mention brutal?  yeah.  good stuff.

On one hand, it’s thrashy, on the other hand, it’s stoner/doomy in some parts, and then sounds like Obituary too.  cool stuff.

Demo ’87 / Reh. ’88 DLP
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Old school thrashy black metal… demo from 1987 and it sounds like they dug out the old tape.  Meh.  (sounds like there’s something cool in there, but modern me can’t get past crappy old production)

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Classic grooving black metal.

Svart Records
Not quite metal… sounds like some 70’s tv theme music.  Groovin’ Finnish(?) lyrics/vocals and hammond organs with basic rock stuff.  definitely not mosh pit material.

Drifting Towards the Ancients
Doomy/deathy depressing stuff.

Sole Freedom
Scarlet Records
Proggy power metal, reminds me a bit of some older Dream Theater.

Doom Snake Cult
Love Sorrow Doom LP/CD
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Guess what?  This band is doom metal!   (with seemingly black metal style vocals)

Decent black metal, those classic cold sounding guitars, abrasive vocals, melodic and catchy in parts, and evil/brutal too… yeah, even a bit proggy technical as well.

Dunkelheit Produktionen
Fast, deathy black metal from Indonesia!  Music has decent production, the vocals are a bit raw and harsh… Cool brutal metal here.

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 5/4/15

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2015-05-04 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Book (Mike)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Nekrogoblikon / Full Body Xplosion / Single / Mystery Box
The Bloodline / We Are One / We are one / Century Media
Anomaly (MKE) / Terms Of The Saw Doctor / Terms Of The Saw Doctor / Self Released
Spine Crown / Empty Vessel / The Evil Next Door – Single / Self Released
InsaniteR / Ancient Believed / Initium – EP / Self Released
Delirium X Tremens / The Legend of Càzha Selvàrega / Belo Dunum – Echoes from the Past / Self Released
Gruesome / Demonized / Savage Land (Deluxe Version) / Relapse Records
Apophys / The Sentient / Prime Incursion / Metal Blade Records
Percussor / Caved in Skull / Proclamation Of Hate / Horror Pain Gore Death
Morgoth / God Is Evil / Ungod / Century Media Records
Six Feet Under / Open Coffin Orgy / Crypt of the Devil / Metal Blade Records
Satan’s Wrath / Raised on Sabbaths / Die Evil / Metal Blade Records
Unleashed / A New Day Will Rise / Dawn of the Nine / Nuclear Blast / ???? ??????
Mercy Brown / Birds / Mercy Brown / Self Released
Sigh / The Tombfiller / Graveward / Candlelight Records
Perdition / Spectral Deviant (The Road to Timnah) / Perdition (Deluxe Edition) / Imminence Records
Satyricon / The Pentagram Burns (Live) / Live At the Opera / Napalm Records
Dys Inbunden / Opus Misanthropy / One With Morbidity, The Opus Misanthropy / Liflatinn Productions
Funerary Bell / Afterlife On Earth / Graveyard Seance / Saturnal Records
Tribulation / Winds / The Children of the Night / Century Media
Korpiklaani / Pilli On Pajusta Tehty / Noita / Nuclear Blast
Paganland / Through the Winter Coldness / Fatherland / Svarga Music
Heidevolk / De Vervloekte Jacht / Velua / Napalm Records
Seagrave / Pistanthrophobia / Stabwound / Art Of Propaganda
CONTINUUM / Wasps in the History of the Weak / The Hypothesis / Unique Leader
War of Ages / Lost in Apathy / Supreme Chaos / Facedown Records
Abiotic / Nightmares of Your Conception / Casuistry / Metal Blade Records
My Grimace / Grim Serenade / Grim Serenades / Inverse
Agnostic Front / Test of Time / The American Dream Died / Nuclear Blast Records
AnAkA / Ominous Visions / The Unwavering / Godsend Records
Raven / Tomorrow / Extermination / Steamhammer
Acrassicauda / Quest For Eternity / Gilgamesh / Independent
Prong / Don’t Wanna Know If You Are Lonley / Songs From the Black Hole / Eone
Kamelot / Veil of Elysium / Haven / Napalm Records
Nightwish / Endless Forms Most Beautiful / Endless Forms Most Beautiful / Nuclear Blast Records
The Fine Constant / Foregone and Forgotten / Woven in Light / The Fine Constant
Soto / Final say / Inside the Vertigo / EarMusic

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 5/3/15

WORT-FM Loud Rock Top 20 and Adds for the Week of 5/3/15

Artist  —  Album  —  Label
1) Abiotic  —  Casuistry  —  Metal Blade
2) Agnostic Front  —  The American Dream Died  —  Nuclear Blast
3) Prong  —  Songs from the Black Hole  —  eOne
4) Gruesome  —  Savage Land  —  Relapse
5) Morgoth  —  Ungod  —  Century Media
6) Apophys  —  Prime Incursion  —  Metal Blade
7) Continuum  —  The Hypothesis  —  Unique Leader
8) Heidevolk  —  Velua  —  Napalm
9) Six Feet Under  —  Crypt of the Devil  —  Metal Blade
10) Nightwish  —  Endless Forms Most Beautiful  —  Nuclear Blast
11) Tribulation  —  The Children Of The Night  —  Century Media
12) Anaka  —  The Unwavering  —  Godsend
13) Satyricon  —  Live At The Opera  —  Napalm
14) Sigh  —  Graveward  —  Candlelight
15) Raven  —  Extermination  —  SPV
16) War of Ages  —  Supreme Chaos  —  Independent
17) Paganland  —  Fatherland  —  Svarga
18) The Fine Constant  —  Woven In Light  —  LOCAL (Self)
19) Percussor  —  Proclamation of Hate  —  Horror Pain Gore Death
20) Seagrave  —  Stabwound  —  Art of Propaganda

Top 5 Adds
1) Satan’s Wrath  —  Die Evil  —  Metal Blade
2) Unleashed  —  Dawn of the Nine  —  Nuclear Blast
3) Kamelot  —  Haven  —  Napalm
4) Korpiklaani  —  Noita  —  Nuclear Blast
5) Nekrogoblikon  —  Full Body Xplosion (single)  —  Mystery Box

Other Adds:  Acrassicauda, Soto, Nashville Pussy, Spectrus, The Bloodline, Perdition, Dys Inbunden, Hammer King, Castrator, My Grimace, Cave of Swimmers, Mercy Brown, Funerary Bell, Feanor Omega

New Stuff This Week…5/4/15

I have to say, as power metal bands go, these guys might be at one of the top spots.  They got the epic metal thing going on, it’s proggy, their new singer is still killing it, songs are catchy, heavy enough, but yet still power metal/proggy enough for the discerning metal nerd (like me) to enjoy.

“Full Body Xplosion” (single)
Mystery Box
Heyyyy I remember these guys, well, I remember the name, and that I liked it, but nothing else.  haha… so listening… it reminds me a bit of Skeletonwitch, heavy, thrash, catchy stuff.

Nashville Pussy
Ten Years of Pussy
Basically a “best of” compilation with a bonus live cd. Don’t know where to start with Nashville Pussy?  Start here.  Already a fan?  well, here’s a good car stereo jam with a bonus disc.

Nuclear Blast USA
Fun bouncy folk metal with a little bit of attitude.

Dawn Of The Nine
Nuclear Blast USA
Long time Swedes are back with some viking death metal goodness.  Great melodic death, heavy, evil-ish sounding and fist-pumping fun.

No Name
Mafer Records
Traditional metal with a bit of an edge, production is a bit raw… some catchy groove metal going on too.

Inside The Vertigo
Jeff Scott Soto’s new solo project/band… pretty solid classic metal going on here.  Catchy groovin’ metal going on too.  Kind of some solid rock anthem type stuff.

Melodic a bit thrashy and maybe even a lil bit proggy too.  A bit more mature than their EP from 5 years ago.

The Bloodline
We Are One
Century Media Records
This is basically the band Dirge Within with a new name.  Heavy groove metal… singer is from Divine Heresy.  A bit on the Solid Rock side of things, but I think they lean a bit heavier with some melodic stuff too.

Satan’s Wrath
Die Evil
Metal Blade Records
Blackened thrash… a bit raw, some melodic stuff, yet fuckin evil.

Graveyard Séance (EP)
Saturnal Records
Only two tracks, but some old school doomy black metal stuff.  Decent production, some groove, evilness and stuff.

The Lidocaine
Chicken Cage of HORROR
Traditional melodic metal with a little bit of a folk feel (vocally) and just pinch of thrashy stuff going on.

This Terrible Burden
Argonauta Records
Drone Doom Noise.  The title says it all on how it felt for me to have to listen to it.  sorry guys.

Cave of Swimmers
Stoner metal with some pretty long songs, vocals are almost a little bit like some System of a Down Serj type stuff.  Or maybe a 70’s version of it?

Feanor Omega
Black metal, a bit atmospheric but old school melodic type stuff.

Perdition (Deluxe Edition)
Imminence Records
Melodic death metal leaning more on the brutal side of things… this is one of the better “other” picks lately.  Some proggy death stuff going on too.

Hammer King
Kingdom of the Hammer King
Cruz Del Sur Music
Power metal, sounds a little bit like Accept, but maybe with more stadium rock hits?

No Victim CD
Horror Pain Gore Death
Fast, brutal in your face death metal.  BOOM.

My Grimace
Grim Serenades
inverse Records.
A bit of a classic death metal thing, but also a little bit of black metal all with a lil bit of melodic stuff.

Svart Records
Psychedelic hard rock with a 70’s stoner metal feel.

Domovoyd CD / 2LP
Svart Records
Drony doomy meh.

Old school wall of grindy sound black metal with some decent evil melodies

Mercy Brown
Mercy Brown
Blackened Death metal with a big fat brutal groove going on… but then some fe-metal vocals!?  whoa,  wasn’t expecting that… but I guess it’s not tooo bad.  It’s differnet and adds a certain dynamic to it.

Visions of Speed and Thunder compilation
Self REleased (Online metal promo)
Classic metal with great guitar work… a compilation of some “hits”

Spuren Der Vergangenheit (Re-Issue)
Gothy hard rock

Dys Inbunden
One with morbidity, the opus misanthropy
Liflätinn Productions
Good modern black metal, heavy, catchy, evil… all that cool good stuff you want from black metal, right?

WORT Mosh Pit Playlist for 4/27/15

Playlist Date / On Air / Off Air / Show Name / Category / DJ Name
2015-04-27 / 23:00:00 / 02:00:00 / Mosh Pit / Music / The Pit Boss (Matt)
Artist / Song / Disk / Label
Sigh / Graveward / Graveward / Candlelight Records
War of Ages / From Ashes / Supreme Chaos / Facedown Records
Annisokay / carry Me Away / Enigmatic Smile / Long Branch Records
Tribulation / In the Dreams of the Dead / The Children of the Night / Century Media
Killer Bee / Step into my world / Rock Another Day / Self Released
Byzantine / A Curious Lot / To Release Is to Resolve / Self Released
Godsized / Welcome to hell / Heavy Lies the Crown / Metalville
White Empress / Darkness Encroaching / Rise of the Empress / Peaceville Records
VERMILLION / Mass Extinction / Demo / Self Released
The Faith Hills Have Eyes / Flash Gordon…Your Giblets / Faith Hill Have Eyes /
Shattered Sun / The Ultimatum / Hope Within Hatred / Victory
Nightwish / Yours is an Empty Hope / Endless Forms Most Beautiful / Nuclear Blast / ???? ??????
Heidevolk / Urth / Velua / Napalm Records
Paganland / The Voice of the Carpathians / Fatherland / Svarga Music
Elderoth / Black and Blue / Mystic / Elderoth Entertainment
Satyricon / Now, Diabolical (Live) / Live At the Opera / Napalm Records
Abhor / Wine of Sabbath / Ritualia Stramonium / Moribund
Spite / Trapped In The Pentagram / Trapped In The Pentagram / Iron Bonehead
Hybrid Nightmares / What It Means To Die / The Second Age / Self Released
Seagrave / Pillage De Tombe / Stabwound / Art Of Propaganda
Six Feet Under / Gruesome / Crypt of the Devil / Metal Blade Records
Gruesome / Trapped in Hell / Savage Land (Deluxe Version) / Relapse Records
Apophys / ego / Prime Incursion / Metal Blade Records
Morgoth / nemesis / Ungod / Century Media Records
Abominator / The Devil’s Pandemonium / Evil Proclaimed / Hell’s Headbanger’s
Amidst the Withering / Auri Sacra Fames / The Dying of the Light / Top o’ the Mournin’ Records
Abiotic / Violent Scriptures / Casuistry / Metal Blade Records
Theories / Swimming in Mud / Regression / Metal Blade Records
CONTINUUM / absolute zero / The Hypothesis / Unique Leader
AnAkA / Deathborn / The Unwavering / Godsend Records
Bio-Cancer / Think! / Tormenting the Innocent / Candlelight Records
Blackning / Thy Will be Done / Order of Chaos / Hecatombe Records
Prong / Seeing Red / Songs From the Black Hole / Steamhammer
Agnostic Front / Only in America / The American Dream Died / Nuclear Blast Records
Kings Destroy / Smokey Robinson / Kings Destroy / War Crime Recordings
Leave the Living / Let Go / Pacifist / Self Released
Raven / Intro/Destroy All Monsters / Extermination / Steamhammer
Where Evil Follows / Oppressive Grey / Portable Darkness / Moribund
Mystic Prophecy / Savage Souls / Savage Souls / Massacre Records
Nevermore / Seed Awakening / Enemies of Reality (Remastered) / Century Media